Latest Info on Flights to Costa Rica

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Flights in Covid times are something else. Airlines are changing their schedules almost on weekly basis, trying to cope with regulations, and market demand.

Find out which companies are currently flying to Costa Rica, where to find the easiest and most convenient connections for your travel dates.

Direct Commercial Flights to Costa Rica from USA, Flying Right Now

United Airlines

EWR (New Jersey) or IAH (Houston) to SJO, daily (IAH to SJO three times a day)
ORD (Chicago) or DEN (Denver) to SJO, on Saturdays (return on Sundays)

LAX (Los Angeles) to SJO daily and to LIR, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

IAH to LIR, on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
EWR or DEN to LIR, on Fridays, and Saturdays

American Airlines

MIA (Miami) to SJO, twice daily, except Tuesdays (one flight)
DFW (Dallas) to SJO, twice daily
CLT (Charlotte) to SJO, daily

MIA to LIR, daily, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
DFW to LIR, twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays, daily starting March 4th, 2021
CLT (Charlotte) to LIR, once a week on Saturdays, adding Sunday departure on Feb 14, 2021, daily starting March 4th, 2021

Delta Airlines

ATL (Atlanta) to both SJO and LIR, daily, and a second flight on Thursday-Monday departures
LAX (Los Angeles) to SJO daily
LAX to LIR on Saturdays and Sundays

Spirit Airlines

FLL (Fort Lauderdale)  or  MCO (Orlando) to SJO, daily


JFK to SJO, on Tuesdays, and Fridays
FLL or MCO to SJO, daily

Alaska Airlines

LAX to SJO, daily

LAX to LIR, four times a week (Thursday-Sunday), daily starting Feb 10th, 2021

Who Else Is Flying to Costa Rica in the Americas?


Aero Mexico

MEX to SJO, daily

Copa Airlines

PTY (Panama City) to SJO, three flights daily
Copa also flies to SJO via PTY from various cities in Central and Latin America, as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles.


JFK (New York) and MIA to SJO daily, and  IAH (Houston) on Tuesdays, via SAL (San Salvador).
YYZ (Toronto) to SJO, on Tuesdays and Fridays, daily starting Feb 1st, 2021

Air Canada

YYZ (Toronto) to SJO, on Thursdays and Saturdays, adding a Friday departure starting Feb 12th, 2021
YYZ (Toronto) to LIR, on Fridays and Sundays, adding a Wednesday departure starting Feb 18th, 2021

Both routes are temporarily suspended from February 1 until April 30, 2021 as per new requirement from the Canadian government.

Direct Flights to Costa Rica from Europe: Who Is Flying Right Now?



MAD (Madrid) to SJO on Mondays. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday departures are announced for March 21, 2021.


FRA (Frankfurt) to SJO on Wednesdays and Saturdays


AMS (Amsterdam) to SJO daily (stopping at LIR on return)

Air France

CDG (Paris) to SJO, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Announced Direct Flights from Europe to SJO

British Airways

LGW (London) to SJO, on  Saturdays, starting March 27, 2021. One stop flights via US are available daily.


Zurich to SJO on Thursdays, starting in March 2021.

Passengers should contact their airline for the most up-to-date information, as flights and routes are subject to change. 

Domestic Flights

Two of Costa Rica’s domestic airlines, Skyway and Sansa Regional, have their main hubs in San Jose at the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Skyway also has another in Liberia, Guanacaste.

They both also have connections in different parts of the country, running “puddle jumpers”, small single or double engine propeller planes holding 16-19 passengers, with the purpose of landing at small, remote airstrips.

Latest Costa Rica Flight Information for Domestic Traffic

Sansa has resumed domestic flights, and is offering routes from the San José area (SJO) to Liberia, Tamarindo, Quepos, Tambor, Puerto Jiménez, Golfito and Limón.

Aerobell and Costa Rica Green Airways are available for charter flights.

Skyway is still not operating.

More about Sansa and Skyways

Costa Rica prides itself on the diversity of its natural resources, and conservation is one of the government’s top priorities. This commitment to the environment is shared by Sansa, as the carrier is carbon-neutral. Sansa has also won the award for best airline in Central America and the Caribbean in two occasions, as per the Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Sansa’s rates are highly competitive, and the carrier also provides special pricing for children, and can also accommodate pets, cargo, and other unique travel needs. Sansa also operates a frequent flier program with a points system shared by major carriers like United and Lufthansa.

Skyway offers daily flights to at least 10 destinations across the country, including Drake Bay, Manuel Antonio, and Tamarindo. It’s the only company in the country that ploys two-engine planes, which can mean slightly faster trips in the air.

Skyway also provides chartered flights, making it an excellent choice for larger parties who want the freedom and flexibility to set their own departure schedule.  Similarly to Sansa, Skyway can also accommodate pets, and in addition, it can provide services to people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Pros & Cons of Traveling by Plane in Costa Rica

Flying in Costa Rica has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is speed. Getting to another part of the country in 30-45 minutes certainly beats hours on Costa Rica’s windy, potholed roads. Prices are reasonable and the views spectacular. There is definitely some Graham Greene-like romance about waiting at the side of a remote jungle airstrip for the plane to come in!

The disadvantage of traveling by plane in Costa Rica is the small luggage allowance per person. These are small planes, and as such there is a limit of between 25 and 50 pounds per person (depending on airline and type of ticket). If you are the type of traveler who brings the kitchen sink with you, flying is not going to work.

You can pay extra to bring more luggage, but unfortunately, these planes sell tickets right up to the last minute, and if your plane is full, and each passenger has their full luggage allowance, then your extra gear will, more likely than not, not be allowed on the plane. Best to travel light!

Luckily Costa Rica is tailor-made for traveling light – all the tourist really needs are shorts and T-shirt. A great compromise is to split your transportation between land and air in order to see the best of this beautiful country.

Finally, keep in mind when booking an internal flight that most are routed through San Jose. This means if you are going from one remote airstrip to another you will likely have at least one stop in the capital—sometimes more along the way—before heading to your final destination.

With this in mind, flying—depending on your departure and destination location—may not be much faster than ground transportation. Be sure to ask your Travel Consultant about this when planning your vacation.

Airports: Airport Map & Tips

View International and Regional Airports in Costa Rica in a larger map

For a relatively small country, Costa Rica can be tricky to navigate. Reaching remote regions like the Osa Peninsula by car can take many hours, and while the scenery along Costa Rica’s rural roads can be spectacular, sometimes such long journeys just aren’t practical. Fortunately, domestic flights in Costa Rica are both convenient and affordable, making them the ideal alternative to ground transportation.

There are two domestic airlines which offer flights all over the country: SANSA and Skyway. The first one is a division of a larger airline called TACA which flies all over Latin American and the USA, while Skyway is exclusively for Costa Rica, and it also offers a destination in Panama. There are also a series of local private companies that charter planes all over the country as well.

The local airports in Costa Rica are usually small airstrips without any facilities for the passenger. None of them are real “terminals” but hangars. Since both SANSA and Skyway use small aircrafts, these flights rarely have flight attendants.

Passengers have to wait for their flight at the hangar, and once the aircraft lands, the pilot or co-pilot himself helps the passengers with their luggage. Only three of the airports listed below offer real terminals – those are: San Jose Intl. Airport, Liberia Intl. Airport and Pavas Intl. Airport.

Here is a list of the most popular airports / airstrips in Costa Rica, and which airline or charter flight company services them.

Airport / Airstrip

Airlines / Companies available


San Jose Intl. Airport


Liberia Intl. Airport

SANSA / Skyway

Tamarindo Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway

Tambor Airstrip


Islita Airstrip


Nosara Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway Charters

Carrillo / Samara Airstrip


Limon Intl. Airport


Tortuguero Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway Charters

Pavas Intl. Airport (SYQ)


Palmar Sur Airstrip

SANSA / Charters

Drake Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway

Carate Airstrip


Cañas/Taboga Airstrip


Chacarita Airstrip


Golfito Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway Charters

Arenal / El Tanque Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway

Quepos / La Managua Airstrip

SANSA / Skyway


* The frequency to these destinations varies depending on the season

** Even though Limon is considered to be an International Airport, it’s not really used / serviced by any local airline

Both SANSA and Skyway have their main offices in San Jose, and there are a few destination towns that have a small office to issue tickets. Reservations are mostly made via internet.

The Costa Rican Government has a plan to develop another larger international airport in Palmar, but this is only in its initial stages.

Cheap Flights to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the second most popular airport in Central America (after Panama City) and many people who travel on vacation to Costa Rica start their journey here.

As a result of the large number of flights landing in San Jose every day, it’s more likely that you will find discounts and special offers on your plane tickets. Predicting airfare is practically impossible, given that prices fluctuate almost daily, although it’s safe to say that depending on the season, you might be able to find some truly great deals.

As with plane tickets to anywhere in the world, it’s always recommended that you start researching at least two months before your trip, given that prices increase as the flight date approaches.

Several discount airlines like Spirit and JetBlue often have low prices on tickets to and from San Jose (although their departure and arrival times aren’t especially accommodating). With some luck you might even find some great deals with American Airlines or US Airways.

We recommend that, when possible, you explore online resources like or Google Flights and create email alerts letting you know when the prices increase or decrease.

Of course, sometimes you might be extremely lucky and find a one in a lifetime kind of deal; back in 2011 for one day only, round trip airfare from Toronto to San Jose hit an all-time low at $250! Don’t rely on such specials to occur all the time though.

Limited-time deals are becoming more common. Avianca and Copa Airlines have been known to have blow-out offers occasionally with flights from LAX to SJO getting as low as $230. However, with these deals, time is of the essence because once they’re gone you’re out of luck.

A more reliable, albeit less exciting, way to score a cheaper flight is by looking for weekday flights. Time of year will also play a role. High season in Costa Rica runs from December 15 to April 30; airline tickets usually become more expensive during this time, specifically over Christmas week, when Costa Rica hits its peak vacations season. Low season is between May 1 and December 14th, and even though tickets are considerably less expensive, the frequency of the flights also decreases.

Convenient and Affordable In-Country Travel

A journey that can take many hours by road, such as San Jose to Manuel Antonio, can take as little as half an hour by air, making domestic flights an attractive proposition for tourists with a limited amount of time to spend traveling. Another advantage of regional flights in Costa Rica are the rates, as some trips can cost as little as $100 one way.

Charter flights are also a very popular option, especially for large groups. Chartering an aircraft costs a little more than a scheduled domestic flight, but the ease and convenience it offers can make a trip to Costa Rica all the more enjoyable.

Prices vary depending on the time of year, number of passengers and destination, so if you’re thinking of chartering a plane during your visit, be sure to leave plenty of time, as some flights may not be available during peak tourist season, between December and April.

Many charters are also subject to fees such as fuel and airport charges, and there may be restrictions on the number of passengers per flight between certain routes, so contact the carrier to check whether a charter is right for your party before traveling.