Spring Break in Costa Rica

The Perfect Spring Break Destination: Costa Rica

Those cold winter months of January to April in the Northern Hemisphere are the perfect time to head out somewhere warm to soak up some sun and enjoy great summer activities. In Costa Rica, this period is known as Dry Season, and is extremely popular among groups and families, who book our spring break vacation packages as far in advance as possible, while the best hotels still have space.

Semana Santa, One of the Busiest Times of Year to Travel to Costa Rica

One of the busiest travel weeks of the year is the week preceding the Easter holiday, Holy Week or Semana Santa, as it is called here. As one of the most important weeks on the Catholic Calendar, Semana Santa is full of rich cultural celebrations, parades, rodeos, fireworks and food! Everyone takes a week off from work, banks close and public transportation comes to a halt. With all the local travelers and their families heading out to the coast or the mountains, hotels have very little space left for the flux of international travelers hoping to visit that week.
At this time of year all the hotels, bars and restaurants are open for business and many offer special entertainment or activities. The atmosphere is light and full of care-free fiestas, perfect for families, couples, school groups and pretty much anyone looking for some fun in the sun. It pays if you can be a little flexible with your travel dates. If you have the freedom to travel into the week following Semana Santa, many hotels drop to low season rates!

Is it better to visit Costa Rica in March or April?

The weather is virtually identical, with a slight chance of rain toward the end of April and early May.  But a much larger deciding factor is Easter Week. We suggest avoiding travel during the height of it, as that is one of the busiest domestic travel days of the year for Costa Ricans. 
If you are looking to enhance your children’s learning experience while on the spring break, just check with our travel consultants; they'll incorporate your child’s curriculum into your Costa Rica vacation with tours to the rainforest, volcanoes, and local cultural centers for a truly enriching stay that brings the classroom to life!
You cannot book too early when it comes to escaping the winter cold during Costa Rica’s busiest season. If you are able to, then get in early! Leaving it to the last minute is likely to leave you disappointed—don't wait to get in touch with our experienced travel consultants and they will be able to help tailor your vacation well ahead of time leaving you to relax and look forward to your upcoming trip.

What places are less safe in Costa Rica for Spring Break?

Most on-path tourist destinations are quite safe, statistically.  The higher crime areas of Costa Rica are concentrated in its larger metro areas: downtown San Jose, Alajuela, Limon, and Puntarenas.
If for any reason you cannot escape the cold this year, you may wish to lock-in your reservations early, for next year, with an interest-free payment plan. That way you can solidify your reservations on all the best hotels and tours with just 10% down.


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