Luxury Vacation Packages to Costa Rica

Luxury Trips to Costa Rica

Since the 1990s, Costa Rica has come into its own as a luxury travel destination. Central America traditionally always attracted more budget travelers and backpackers, but it's fair to say Costa Rica has turned that assumption around on its head. Sure, Costa Rica still offers bargains for travelers and tourists to enjoy. It's still great for a mid-range or budget vacation.
But the plethora of upscale hotels and resorts springing up around Costa Rica in recent years has made the luxury market sit up and take notice.
Some Costa Rica hotel wins some prestigious award or another every year, as the best hoteliers arrive to set up shop. 
It began in the early 2000s with the opening of the Four Seasons Resort, and Costa Rica has never looked back.
So, if you're looking for an unforgettable luxury destination, where prices still come in less than more established locations like the Caribbean or Cabo despite the growth in upscale accommodations, then take a look at Costa Rica. We hope we can tickle your luxury travel taste buds when you read on below.
Costa Rica luxury travel is about gourmet meals, midday massages, and the finest in upscale and boutique accommodations. But it's also about a lot more than that (as if that isn't enough!). 
It’s about taking time time out to relax and disconnect from the stress of your day-to-day routine. This is a luxury in itself. A chance to wake up to crashing waves and share your terrace with mischievous monkeys.
There's no better place to do this than on an escape to paradise. And there's no better way to do this than with a personalized, luxury stay in Costa Rica.
We design our luxury vacation packages to go above and beyond a traditional getaway. Of course, they include the best in world-class resorts and boutique hotels, but they also have something more valuable… they have you and your travel companions.
Because, in our opinion, a luxury vacation to Costa Rica is not defined by only one criteria. What's luxurious to one person might not be to another. We want to know how you, personally, experience and define luxury. What indulgences do you seek? Where do you like to stay—a 5-star beach resort or glamped-out rainforest treehouse? (Or both?) 
We ask these questions because we customize every itinerary to suit our travelers’ personalities. Your unique personality.
Spoil yourself, as you experience the rainforest, sun, and sand on a custom-designed luxury vacation package. Challenge yourself to adventure and practice sustainable ecotourism — something now at the forefront of the luxury Costa Rica vacation experience.
Our tiny country has award-winning resorts with world-recognized spas and highly personalized service. Get the Costa Rica luxury travel experience you deserve while exploring everything this tropical paradise offers. 

Luxury Costa Rica Travel: Ultimate Comfort in the Jungle

Costa Rica is the kind of place where “best” can mean almost anything. 
From the most upscale and high-end resort to an off-the-beaten-path retreat surrounded by nothing but nature. There are many “bests” to experience, and we’ll help you find your favorite.
At Costa Rica Vacations, we don't define “luxury” by destination or by how much something costs. To us, a luxurious vacation is more akin to an experience, a way of life. 
Something where attention to detail, the best in amenities, and a curated approach to hospitality define the vacation a traveler experiences.
Enjoy the diversity of Costa Rica’s different locations and many styles of luxury accommodations. Stay in private bungalows, chalets, tree houses, and hotel rooms designed for comfort, tranquility and the ultimate tropical experience. 
You can go for family-friendly, adult-only, or anything in between. It's your choice.
Take in breathtaking views of tropical gardens, active volcanoes, expansive oceans, and peaceful, jungle-clad mountains. 
Relax, as wherever you are, attentive staff cater to your every need, and each exclusive ambiance surpasses your expectations.

Luxury Vacation With Adventure in Nature

You might now be seeing that luxury Costa Rica vacations are about so much more than staying in a world-class hotel (although that’s on our list, too!). 
This curated experience is also about enjoying the myriad of options Costa Rica has to offer: adventure, flora, fauna, and culture.
Find secret hideaways and explore quiet corners in every destination. Let the stress melt away while relaxing in natural hot springs or treating yourself to a spa treatment. Step into your private oasis and listen to the sounds of the rainforest from your private plunge pool. 
Enjoy downtime on a private balcony, soak in the scenery, and watch wildlife. This is the stuff luxury Costa Rica vacations are made of.
Take a guided nature walk and experience the awesomeness of Costa Rica’s wild diversity. Our knowledgeable guides provide vast amounts of information to expand your understanding of the flora and fauna that make this destination so special.
After a full day in the great outdoors, lounge by the pool or take a siesta in a hammock. Book a pedicure or relax with a massage. Play golf or tennis.
Indulge in candlelit dinners, a gourmet lunch on the beach, or breakfast in your room. Savor a diversity of flavors as internationally renowned chefs play with local and international flavors—a true treat for the taste-buds.

Personalized Service & Attention in Costa Rica

As experts in Costa Rica luxury travel, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best upscale treatment.
Your luxury Costa Rica vacation experience begins when you get off the plane. Once you arrive, your rep will greet you and welcome you to Costa Rica. Then, you'll whisk through customs in the VIP line and head directly outside to your private driver, who's ready to take you to your first destination.
This exclusive Meet and Greet service is only the start of what you can expect, service-wise, on your luxury Costa Rica vacation. 
VIP treatment and personalized service escort you everywhere, traveling in style from beginning to end. All transportation is pre-arranged, private, and air-conditioned vans with English-speaking drivers.
Experience the best in service while watching Costa Rica's stunning scenery pass outside the window. Your driver is always happy to answer any questions about the country, and if you want to stop along the way for photos, just ask! Not only photos - stop for something to eat or anything else you might like. We're at your service.
All our packages include access to our 24/7 concierge service while in-country for your convenience. Contact our locally-based team for anything you need, including booking tours, setting up dinner reservations, or requesting last-minute recommendations.
Contact us and start planning your dream vacation today. Enjoy peace of mind, a seamless experience, and the luxury vacation you deserve! 

FAQs About Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Packages


How many days are enough to visit Costa Rica? 

The longer, the better! Who wants to think about going home again while enjoying a luxury Costa Rican vacation? But in all seriousness, we recommend at least a week (seven nights) in Costa Rica to get the best of the country. Is it possible to come for less than that and have a wonderful time? Yes, of course. But you'll be doing yourself a massive favor if you can come for at least seven nights.

Is Costa Rica luxurious? 

It certainly can be. Costa Rica is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and vacation rental homes in Central America.

Which part of Costa Rica is the best?

It depends on what you're looking for. Costa Rica offers the best in beaches, rainforests, adventure, and luxury resorts and hotels.

What is Costa Rica best known for? 

Costa Rica is best known for its peaceful people, nature, biodiversity, and amazing tropical beaches.


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