Best Places to Stay in a Costa Rican Jungle

Welcome to the Jungles of Costa Rica

What's the first thing you think about when someone mentions Costa Rica?
Assuming, of course, you've heard of Costa Rica and have a rough idea about where it's located. Some people will say beaches and surfing; others might mention that Costa Rica doesn't have an army. But most people - in our experience - will say they think about ecotourism, nature, and the rainforest.
Costa Rica is that kind of place.
Much like people travel to Kenya or South Africa for the sweeping savannas full of lions and elephants, people come to Costa Rica to experience the natural wonders of the rainforests and their biodiversity. After all, Costa Rica and its rainforests are far easier to reach than most other tropical rainforests worldwide. And they're - for the most part - far more protected, too.
But here's the thing. Can you stay in the rainforest? Are there hotels and resorts within the jungles of Costa Rica? Or do you have to stay away from the rainforests and visit them on a day trip or hike? 
The answers to these three questions are a resounding yes, yes, and no. You can stay in the rainforest, Costa Rica jungle resorts exist, and you don't need to visit only on a day trip to a national park.
After all, Costa Rica is naturally filled with rainforest. If you were to arrive in Costa Rica at the same time as the Spanish did in the 16th century, it would be pretty much all rainforest apart from higher elevations where you'd find cloud forest, and the northwest part of the country where it's dry forest. Rainforest everywhere else. Lush, verdant jungle.
Of course, humans have cleared a lot of rainforest over the past 500 years or so, but still there's a lot around. And what's left is protected and cherished by Costa Ricans, who are proud of their natural wonders and keen to share them with visitors.
So, yes, you can stay in the rainforest in Costa Rica. You can surround yourself within a Costa Rican rainforest for the duration of your trip if you want. It's totally possible to do. And many travelers do exactly that.
Once upon a time, staying in the rainforest meant roughing it, either camping or sleeping in rudimentary huts or ranchos. But those days are gone (unless that's what you seek, of course). 
Nowadays you can stay in the Costa Rican rainforest in anything from those rudimentary conditions all the way through to absolute luxury. There's a place in the rainforest for everyone.

On both Pacific and Caribbean Coasts

From meal-inclusive eco lodges of the Osa Peninsula and Tortuguero National Park, to the luxurious rental homes and boutique hotels of Manuel Antonio and the Costa Ballena, you'll find a place surrounded by rainforest to explore. 
Or inland, around the rainforests surrounding the Arenal Volcano where some of Costa Rica's best spas can be found, exquisite bungalows surrounded by jungle await you.
Over on the Caribbean side or in Costa Rica's southern zone, the rainforest meets the ocean, and you'll find beach hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. 
Even the Nicoya Peninsula - home of communities like Montezuma and Santa Teresa - has jungle-like attributes, although they're more associated with the beach. In Costa Rica, beaches and rainforests needn't be separate entities.

Rustic Luxury in the Jungle

Don't worry about the lack of amenities or being isolated while staying in the rainforests of Costa Rica. As already mentioned, the best jungle resorts in Costa Rica come with all mod cons, from air conditioning to keep you cool to high-speed wifi.
Many hotels in the rainforests won't come with TVs, though. The idea is to save on electricity and encourage guests to immerse themselves in their jungle environment. And that's harder to do when you have CNN blasting in the background. 
But the rule of thumb is that the more remote and eco-conscious a hotel is, the less chance of a TV. Which is all well and good - speak to our travel consultants about this if having a TV is essential.
If you're interested in staying in the Costa Rican rainforests, chances are you're interested in nature and wildlife, which brings you to the right place. 
Many rainforest hotels and eco-lodges sit on their private reserves with trails to hike and explore. Often they run guided hikes with naturalist guides to help you see plants and animals you'd miss on your own.
These hotels aren't just about providing a bed and a meal; they're about showing you the natural treasures surrounding them. 
Talk to our expert travel advisors for a learning experience in the rainforest, where you get to explore and check out the massive range of biodiversity.

A Stay in the Jungle with the Family

Costa Rica has rainforest hotels for families, where children can experience the jungle, and rainforest hotels for couples seeking privacy and romance. 
There are places for activity seekers who want to zip line through rainforest canopies or whitewater raft down jungle rivers. There are places for people who want to relax on a balcony or a pool and listen to the sounds of monkeys and parrots around them. You'll find a place in the rainforest for everyone in Costa Rica.
So what are you waiting for? If you're interested in a vacation to Costa Rica, why not spend some of your time in the rainforest? 
Our travel consultants can offer various accommodation options based on your unique specifications. Get in touch with them and ask about some of our Costa Rica rainforest hotels and vacation packages. 
They'll be happy to help you create the perfect jungle experience.

FAQs Best Places to Stay in a Jungle or a Rainforest

Can you stay in the rainforest in Costa Rica?

Yes, you can certainly stay in the rainforest in Costa Rica. An incredible range of rainforest accommodations is available, from the most basic to ultra-luxurious and everything in between. Ask our travel experts for help.

Where do celebrities stay in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has become a magnet for celebrities in recent years. Many stay out on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the Santa Teresa area, while some also visit the Arenal Volcano.

Where should I stay in Costa Rica, beach and jungle?

Suppose you're looking for a beach and jungle experience in Costa Rica, where the rainforest meets the ocean. In that case, you should look at the southern Pacific zone, from Manuel Antonio to the Osa Peninsula. You'll find lush rainforest meeting empty Pacific beaches. The Caribbean side of the country is also great for an all-in-one beach and jungle vacation.

What part of Costa Rica is a rainforest?

Costa Rica has rainforests all over its territory. Anywhere except for the highlands of the Central Valley and the mountainous cloud forests are, essentially, rainforests.

Where is the best place to see the rainforest in Costa Rica?

The best place to see the rainforest is probably Manuel Antonio, where the national park is super easy to visit and explore. More adventurous travelers can check out the Osa Peninsula or Tortuguero.
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