Special Offers

for Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica Special Offers

Are you looking for a super deal on your Costa Rica vacation? These special offers and package deals are the very best we have to offer.

Package Deals to Costa Rica

With its beautiful landscapes, abundant flora and fauna, and world-class attention, Costa Rica is an ideal vacation place for those who want to experience the tropics. If you want the best bang for your buck, these Costa Rica vacation deals are what you’re looking for.

Travel with these limited-time specials to some of the best properties in Costa Rica for a fraction of the posted rates.

How to Get the Best Vacation Deals to Costa Rica

Getting a deal for your vacation is the only thing that beats travel to Costa Rica in the first place.

To make the best of your money and time, analyze the pros and cons of traveling during high or low season, and the benefits of booking with a travel agency.

The deals we offer for these Costa Rica vacation packages change frequently, so call us directly to make sure you get the latest scope. A Travel Consultant will gladly provide the information on all the promos that adjust to what you’re looking for.

There is ample opportunity to choose from different kinds of hotels and packages to suit your needs.

There are free nights, discounts for staying in certain rooms, discounts for booking early, and even meal or drink credit, depending on when you book.

If a particular hotel resonates with you, make sure to ask the Travel Consultant if a similar hotel type has a better deal. If what you want is to focus your vacation in a particular experience like adventure or relaxation, ask them how to get the most out of the areas that offer them.

It might even be possible to combine different locations with offers to maximize your vacation, and get a night free in two locations! With proper insight into Costa Rica’s travel business, arranging these packages takes no time at all.

Seasonal Offers & Last-Minute Travel Deals

Most hotels arrange their offers considering seasonality.

There are periods of the year when guests are less frequent, so there are more promos to encourage their visit. Being aware of these seasons makes Costa Rica deals even easier to get.

Low Season in Costa Rica

Most offers run during the low season, which starts in earnest from late Summer (August) and goes all the way through Fall, and even early Winter (December).

This is the period to find the best deals for your Costa Rican vacation, as discounted rates are up to 30% lower than in the high season.

Some offers are available also from late Spring and throughout Summer, but these are way scarcer. July and early August are the ‘peak’ of the lower season. During the Summer break more visitors come and, accordingly, there are fewer offers on the table.

However, it’s possible to find some hotels offering deals of the ‘5 nights for the price of 4’ type, or Spa and dining credits. During May and June hotels also offer discounted nights, especially for particular rooms. If you’re interested in these dates, make sure to ask the Travel Consultant which offers are available.

During Summer and Fall time frames for promos can vary greatly, so make sure to jot down the conditions and booking windows carefully as the Travel Consultant explains them.

Time is of the essence with offers, so make sure to book as soon as possible once you’ve found what suits you best.

Keeping in mind these suggestions eventually allows you to enjoy the pool and the hotel’s detailed-oriented attention all by yourself. The best of it all is there are no crowds in the way.

The only thing to consider during this period, particularly during Fall, is that it might rain in the afternoon. Rain patterns also change depending on your location, so ask a Travel Consultant when it’s more likely you’ll need a poncho.

However, these showers make everything greener and more lively, and Costa Rica all the more enjoyable.

Christmas, Holidays & the High Season

Winter and early Spring are white and cold with snow, and most travelers run away from it to enjoy a warmer Holiday season in the tropics. Costa Rica is no exception to the rule, and its white-sanded beaches and calm oceans are a major highlight during this period.

Since most USA visitors come during this time, hotels tend to take advantage of this and rise their prices. Demand is high particularly at Christmas, but there might even be a deal to be found.

Call your Travel Consultant to see if perhaps there is a newly opened hotel of the type you want offering an opening sale, or even one with a last-minute promotion due to cancellation.

With proper inside knowledge, getting Costa Rica vacation deal can be done!

Last-Minute Deals

With that said, there are often last-minute deals, even during peak periods. Our close relationships with hotels and tour operators help us achieve this.

These last-minute deals are scarce, so keep in mind that not all special offers are published. Be sure to contact one of our Travel Consultants to see if there might be a discounted rate available for a product or service that suits your particular needs.

Costa Rica Vacation Deals with a Travel Agency

Most travel agencies charge for their services, but Costa Rica Vacation doesn’t. Our partners share a percentage of their rates with us, so you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation with in-country assistance.

We are not a deep discounter at the core, so you may be able to find other deals on flash sale sites or giant dot-com travel websites.

However, they do not combine their offers with deep local knowledge and 24/7 in-country service. Packages from Costa Rica Vacations are customizable at great length, suited just for you. In addition, certain hotels provide offers or discounts exclusively for us.

So, if you are looking for the best VALUE vacation for your money, while still enjoying an outstanding vacation experience, guaranteed, you’ve come to the right place.

Tips for Special Offers

To get the latest scoop, it’s better to speak directly with the travel agency. Not all promos are advertised, and some are exclusive to our clients! Traveling during the low season provides more opportunities for offers.


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