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All-inclusive Costa Rica options

Although still a budding resort destination, the number of larger Costa Rica hotel properties with all inclusive service is steadily growing, as more visitors seek a worry-free or family friendly getaway.

Resorts in Costa Rica with all inclusive service options allow guests to worry less about a daily schedule and focus on having a relaxing and fun getaway. Many families prefer these types of hotels, as their kids cannot easily wander off or get into trouble, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Facilities tend to be secure with plenty of on-site activities and services to keep the entire clan entertained. Couples like these hotels, as they can be extremely relaxing and worry-free….to the point of encouraging no-guilt “laziness”, thanks to a carefree and pleasure-filled environment.

Location, location, location

One of the biggest advantages of Costa Rican resort properties is their prime location. The larger all inclusive hotels enjoy some of the finest beachfront locations in the country. Smaller hotels can rarely afford the maintenance required at such grandiose facilities nearby the corrosive, salty air. As a result, many spectacular beachfront locations in the country are occupied by these larger hotels.

Not all resorts are the same

And that is particularly true in regard to their ambiance and the clientele they attract. In addition, the food quality and the service levels vary greatly. Some of the all inclusive resorts in Costa Rica have a more laid-back and carefree vibe, while others emphasize “white glove” service and elegant facilities.

Certain properties have complete, all-inclusive plans where rates include meals, snacks and alcoholic drinks. Other properties offer meals-only or flexible meal plans. At a few of these hotels, a meal plan is a necessity, as the properties are not nearby local towns.

Costa Rica special: Meal-inclusive, boutique properties

Before you go about selecting hotels for your vacation, it is important that you understand the purpose of your trip and the type of experience you desire. For example, the adults only hotel, Villa Buena Onda offers an incredible setting for romance and relaxation, but might be better avoided by a group of young singles. There are other properties whose mood changes dramatically depending on the season, as the type of traveler they attract varies during specific periods.

This is where a local expert at our travel agency can guide you in the right direction. In our experience, often a negative hotel review is the result of a client who stayed at a property that was not right for their needs. Travel with us and we’ll be sure you avoid that mistake!

Pros and cons of all-inclusive hotels in Costa Rica: Webinar

What is the best option for you? Our Costa Rica expert, Rodo Alvarez, invited one of our Travel Consultants, Theresa Parent to share her experiences of matching the travelers interested in coming to Costa Rica with the right destinations and hotels.

Find out why Costa Rica all inclusive vacation packages are sometimes a great option, and when you may want to look at other accommodation styles. Theresa talks about often overlooked details, that can have a big impact on your travel planning, take a look here.

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