Adults-Only Hotels and Resorts in Costa Rica

Plan Your Romantic Getaway to Adult-Only Resorts in Costa Rica

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Feel like some romance in your life? Planning that couple's getaway or honeymoon? Or, and this is no crime, do you simply seek some time away from your kids, or children in general? A break from the norm? Sometimes an adults-only vacation is just what we need. It doesn't have to be romantic, or couple-orientated, either. Maybe you're a group of friends who want to hang out in a poolside without screaming children running around. This is perfectly possible, and even family-friendly Costa Rica can accommodate you. Let's dig deeper into the world of adult-only resorts and hotels in Costa Rica to see what works for you.

Why Choose an Adult-Only Resort in Costa Rica?

There are many reasons to seek an adults-only hotel. Romance is usually the prime reason, but maybe you just want a break. Maybe you need some "me time" or "us time," it could be as simple as that. Maybe you're planning a corporate break for a group of work colleagues or a bachelor/bachelorette getaway. There are plenty who want some time away from the noises of kids. We get it, most of us are parents ourselves, but understand the need sometimes for something different.
Here are five good reasons to seek an adult-only resort in Costa Rica:
  • A more romantic atmosphere. Adult-only resorts and hotels are often designed with couples in mind, with features including private pools, romantic dining options, and couples-only spa treatments. This can create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere for honeymooners or couples looking for a getaway.
  • A more peaceful and relaxing environment. Without children running around, adult-only hotels can be much more peaceful and relaxing. This is ideal for couples or groups of adults who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some quality time together.
  • More sophisticated amenities and activities. Adult-only resorts often offer more sophisticated amenities and activities than all-age or family resorts. This could include things like fine dining restaurants, world-class spas, and exclusive nightlife options.
  • A better opportunity to meet people. Adults-only hotels can be a great place to meet other adults, whether you're single or traveling with friends. Many adults-only hotels offer social events and activities that are designed to foster new friendships and connections.
  • A more affordable vacation. Adults-only hotels can often be more affordable. This is because they don't have to cater to families, which can save them money on things like childcare and family-friendly activities.
Other benefits of staying in an adult-only resort include the chance of getting more spacious and luxurious accommodations, better dining options, and services more amenable to what you're looking for.

Top Luxury Adult-Only Resorts in Costa Rica for the Ultimate Indulgence

Family-friendly or adults-only, boutique or resort, large or small, Costa Rica is famous for the quality of its hotels. Over the years, travelers have come to expect a luxury Costa Rican vacation to mean just that: luxury. While most high-end hotels and resorts in Costa Rica cater to all ages, there are a handful of adult-only, child-free places at the top of the luxury tree. If you're seeking some serious adult-only indulgence, ask your travel consultant about the following hotels:
  • Nayara Springs. Located in the Arenal Volcano area, Nayara Springs offers exceptional personalized service and 5-star resort amenities. It consistently ranks among the top hotels in the world in all the famous travel mag awards. That alone marks it as one of Costa Rica's best and most luxurious adult-only hotels. Each villa sits amid lush tropical gardens and features private, volcano-view terraces with personal plunge pools. Perfect for couples seeking kid-free romance and privacy.
  • Kura Boutique Hotel. A modern, minimalist boutique adult-only retreat in the hills above Uvita on Costa Rica's southern Pacific coast. Kura offers eight luxury suites seamlessly integrated into the tropical rainforest. Among these suites, six are standalone villas, known for their exceptional privacy, luxury, and thoughtful design. Each villa includes a king-sized bed, a terrace with a spacious hammock, double rain showers with stunning views, and various amenities to enhance your romantic getaway. Kura Boutique Hotel has earned recognition as the most romantic hotel in Costa Rica, according to Forbes.
  • Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas. Casa Chameleon is a boutique adults-only hotel in the unique beach community of Las Catalinas in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It sits on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and offers stunning ocean views from each of its 21 private villas. Every villa also has its own infinity pool and private terrace, making it perfect for a romantic break. Casa Chameleon is a perfect spot for couples or groups of adults looking for a relaxing and luxurious beach vacation in Costa Rica.
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Stress-Free Perfection: All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resorts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica doesn't have many all-inclusive resorts, especially adult-only ones. Unlike Jamaica (for example), there are no hedonist-style resorts for non-stop partying. That scene simply doesn't exist in Costa Rica.
All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica, including the adult-only ones, have a more relaxed atmosphere, and they're more about sitting back to unwind than about the wild experiences you might find elsewhere. When seeking an adult-only all-inclusive in Costa Rica, think more about getting away from the kids and focusing on romance, privacy, scream-and-splash-free pools, and upscale dining.
There are three dedicated adult-only all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica: Secrets Papagayo, the Occidental Grand Papagayo, and the Azura Beach Resort. Secrets and the Occidental are in the Papagayo area of Costa Rica and close to the Guanacaste International Airport, about 20 minutes away. Secrets offers an exclusive, high-end, and romantic experience, making it ideal for honeymooners and couples. The Occidental Grand Papagayo also offers a romantic setting but is more geared toward group entertainment. Over on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the beach community of Samara, the Azura Beach Resort is an affordable and fun place for a beachfront adult-only stay.
If none of these resorts appeal, there's an honorable mention: The Westin Playa Conchal, also in Guanacaste. While not entirely adult-only, it does provide access to an exclusive pool area and club for adults. You might still encounter children in other parts of the hotel, but if that's not a concern, this is an excellent choice for adults seeking an all-inclusive.

Secluded Resorts: Romance in Costa Rica’s Hidden Paradises

When we talk about secluded resorts, we're not necessarily talking about location. There are, of course, remote hotels perfect for adult-only vacationing (although not necessarily "adult-only). Places like Origins Lodge up in the far northern plains of Costa Rica, in rainforests where nobody goes. Origins isn't, actually, adult-only. Kids are allowed there, but the place is so far off the beaten track that you wouldn't really bring them. So it's technically adult-only and seekers of privacy amid pristine nature will love this seven-room luxury eco-lodge.
There are other remote areas in Costa Rica, places like the Osa Peninsula or the Pacuare River, which aren't really conducive for small kids, meaning the hotels are all couples, friends, and single travelers rather than families. If you're looking for a romantic, child-free stay, you could do worse than the eco-lodges of the Osa Peninsula and the Piedras Blancas National Park on the mainland across the Golfo Dulce.
But location aside, when we talk about seclusion, we're referring to the hotels themselves and the privacy they offer. Our top three adult-only resorts we mentioned above, Nayara Springs, Kura, and Casa Chameleon all excel at offering privacy for their guests. We're talking tiny places, stand-alone rooms or villas, and private pools.
It's not only these three hotels, though. Many of the suites at the Westin Playa Conchal offer privacy and seclusion, especially when you request their adult-only package. Two more Uvita hotels, Oxygen Jungle Villas and Golden Pineapple Villas, could well be the last word in privacy and seclusion. They are both tiny, surrounded by rainforest, and offer guests a particularly out-of-the-way experience for couples to enjoy in a part of Costa Rica that remains less-visited than other Pacific coast destinations.
And then there’s the Gaia Hotel & Reserve in Manuel Antonio, another adult-only boutique resort. Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica's most-visited areas—and for good reason, it's beautiful—but you won't feel that way at Gaia. This hotel does a wonderful job of making its guests feel welcome, at ease, and pampered in a private atmosphere. Gaia is particularly welcoming of same-sex couples as well.
If you seek privacy and seclusion for your adult-only vacation, talk to your Travel Consultant who can expand on the places we've mentioned here, and also provide a few more suggestions for you.

Sensational Spa Retreats for Couples

Most of the adult-only resorts or hotels that we've mentioned so far offer amazing spa services. The spa at Nayara Springs, for example, provides exceptional treatments for couples in a secluded open-air setting surrounded by rainforest. The villas here all have their own thermally-heated plunge pools. The healing waters that the Arenal Volcano area is famous for are accessible directly from your own room at this adult-only hotel.
Elsewhere in Arenal, the adult-only Amor Arenal also offers an outstanding spa and three natural, spring-fed pools of varying temperatures. At their Rainforest Spa, you'll find an array of treatments for you and your partner to enjoy, again, like Arenal Springs, surrounded by rainforest. The pools here range from the volcano-heated swim-up bar to the refreshingly cool main pool for post-activity dips. The spa at the Royal Corin, also in Arenal, only caters to adults. Guests can enjoy various treatments at the Royal Corin's Loto Spa, located right above the resort's own hot springs. The spa features three treatment rooms, including spaces for couples and outdoor treatments.
Leaving Arenal behind (we could go on forever about the amount of spas and spring-fed services here), another notable spa catering to couples are at the aforementioned Oxygen Jungle Villas in the rainforests above Uvita. This could be, location-wise, the most impressive spa in the country, set beside a jungle river and waterfall. They call this place a "spa like no other" and that really isn't just a marketing slogan. Elsewhere, the remote and secluded Origins Lodge is all about its wellness vibe. Here, couples can pick the wellness program to suit them.
Costa Rica overall is increasingly becoming famous as a wellness destination, and that certainly includes adult-only options. Speak to our Travel Consultants to discover more about adult-only wellness options in Costa Rica.

Romantic Activities for Couples in Costa Rica

Couple snuggling in an intimate pool with hot springs
We talk all the time about how great Costa Rica is for activities and things to do. From zip lining and hiking adventures to white water rafting, surfing, fishing, sailing, diving, and more, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for adrenaline seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. If you hold any love for the outdoors and outdoor activities, then Costa Rica is for you.
You could consider any of the adventures that Costa Rica offers to be romantic. After all, there's nothing more romantic than catching that perfect wave with the love of your life or taking on those whitewater rapids as a couple together. Whatever you do, if you're doing it with the person you love, it's special.
But there are also things to do that are geared specifically towards couples and romance. How about the special dinner on the beach or that private sailing and snorkeling tour to partake in together? Many of the spa-friendly hotels we've mentioned also have wellness programs that include couple's yoga and other cozy good-for-you things to do together. Below, we list a few of the most romantic things you can get up to in Costa Rica:
  • Soaking in the hot springs. Costa Rica (particularly the Arenal Volcano area, but other locations, too) is home to many natural hot springs, which are perfect for couples looking for a relaxing and romantic experience.
  • Sunset sailing. A sunset catamaran cruise is a romantic way to end a perfect day in Costa Rica. Ask us about cruises that offer the type of experience you want, whether it's a party vibe, a sunset dinner, or a private cruise for two.
  • Eating out. From cheap-yet-romantic beachfront shacks under romantic palms to high-end fine dining, there's a place to eat with you and your partner's name on it. Costa Rica has a place you'll keep returning to and share precious memories about, the fun is finding that special spot!

Planning a Honeymoon in Costa Rica: Top Couple Resorts to Consider

Costa Rica is the best destination on the planet for honeymooners. That’s not hype—We live here and we know that there is no other country that provides the same experience as Costa Rica as a honeymoon destination. Allow us to explain why.
The tropical climate, where it’s never cold and almost always swimsuit weather, is one factor. There’s nothing more romantic than warm weather and the sun caressing your skin. Then there's the pure natural beauty of Costa Rica. Our clients always tell us that Costa Rica is the most beautiful country they’ve ever seen. They’re not wrong. And there are all those activities for couples we mentioned. Won't any of these be enhanced because it's your honeymoon?
Costa Rica isn’t the only honeymoon destination in the world, and it’s not the only place to offer great weather, scenery, activities, and hotels. But it is one of the only places that offer all this diversity in one compact place. And if you’re coming from North America, it’s not too far to travel, either.
Anyone thinking of a tropical honeymoon should certainly put Costa Rica on their list. But where to stay? Well, all the adult-only resorts and hotels that we've mentioned in this article are perfect for a Costa Rica honeymoon: Nayara Springs, Kura Boutique, Casa Chameleon, and more. If you seek an all-inclusive adult-only resort for ultimate relaxation, then the adult-only package at the Westin is perfect. Any of the hotels we offer will enhance your honeymoon. Here are a few others to consider:
  • Jardin del Eden. Located in the beach and surf community of Tamarindo, this affordable adult-only option offers honeymooners the chance to enjoy nearby beaches, bars, and restaurants while enjoying kid-free romance and privacy back at the hotel. Surrounded by tropical gardens, this hotel more than lives up to its name.
  • Mother Earth Vegan Hotel. Also in Tamarindo, this place is one of the only plant-based hotels in the world and the first one in Costa Rica. For honeymooners seeking a place of peace with a focus on wellness, a stay here could be well worthwhile.
  • Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais. This is the sister resort of the Las Catalinas Casa Chameleon mentioned above. Like Las Catalinas, Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais is strictly adult-only for a more serene experience. Mal Pais is a perfect beach community, famous for its ultra-chill vibe and excellent surfing.
  • Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel. Although not adult-only, Villa Blanca doesn’t lack romance. It's located about an hour out of San Jose, in the cloud forests of San Ramon, and is perfect for nature, birdwatching, and hiking. There’s also something super romantic about cuddling up together on your honeymoon with a nice wine, as the mists roll in and the temperature drops...
  • Villa Caletas. Again, not adult-only (although not really suitable for kids, either) Villa Caletas is an old favorite for romance in Costa Rica. Located close to Jaco, you can be here in a little over an hour from San José. This hotel has one of the best infinity pools you’ll ever swim in and offers a luxurious, high-end experience for honeymooners.
A Costa Rica honeymoon doesn't have to incorporate an adult-only hotel. Most hotels in the country, whether family-friendly or adult-only, are delighted to accommodate honeymooners and will offer something special to celebrate the occasion. Tell our Travel Consultants that it's your honeymoon and we'll ensure you're looked after in a special way, wherever you stay in Costa Rica.
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Tips for Couples Traveling to Costa Rica

Whether it's your honeymoon or not, whether you seek an adult-only experience or not, we're delighted that you're considering Costa Rica for your romantic vacation with your loved one. It doesn't matter if you're on your very first getaway together or celebrating 30 years of marriage. Costa Rica is the perfect place to connect (or reconnect) with each other and have the time of your lives together. Below, we offer some tips on how to enhance your romantic Costa Rican vacation:
  • Choose the right destination for you. Costa Rica has so many different destinations to choose from, each with its own unique charm. Manuel Antonio, Arenal Volcano, the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde, Guanacaste, and other places all offer romance and adventure. Speak to us about what you want from your romantic vacation and we'll create the perfect experience tailor-made for you.
  • Book in advance. Costa Rica is popular, so it's important to book in advance, especially if you're traveling during peak season. You're planning a romantic trip here, so let's make sure you can stay in the hotels that you want, rather than going for second-best because your favorite is full for your dates.
  • Plan romantic activities. Costa Rica offers a variety of different activities for couples to enjoy, including hiking, biking, zip-lining, and surfing. You can also book romantic tours, like sunset catamaran cruises or private couples massages. Let us know what your interests are so we can make whatever you want to see and do happen.
  • Embrace the culture. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a rich culture. Be sure to try the local cuisine and enjoy cultural attractions like coffee plantations and traditional villages.
  • Pack right. Costa Rica is a tropical country, so be sure to pack light, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat. You may also want to pack a raincoat, as it can rain frequently in Costa Rica, depending on the time of year.
  • Disconnect. One of the best ways to relax and connect with your partner is to disconnect from technology. Leave your phones and laptops off as much as you can, and enjoy the present moment.
  • Be spontaneous. Plan, but don't over-plan. Leave some time for spontaneity and adventure. You never know what amazing experiences you'll have when you're open to new possibilities. Whether that's finding that special seafood shack to eat in or taking a last-minute surf lesson, it's those little spontaneous moments together that you'll remember.
  • Savor the moments. Take the time to savor the little moments of your Costa Rican romantic vacation, like watching the sunrise together or enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars.
  • Be present. One of the most important things you can do is to be present with your partner. Put away your worries and distractions, and focus on each other while you're in Costa Rica together.

Rediscover Romance in Costa Rica's Adult-Only Resorts

We hope we've given you some food for thought when considering an adult-only vacation in Costa Rica. While most hotels and resorts are family-friendly, the few adult-only hotels there are ooze seclusion, quality, romance, and good times. Which resort you choose depends on what type of trip you're looking for.
Costa Rica is the perfect destination for romance, whatever the occasion. Speak to us about staying in an adult-only place and what you're looking for, and we'll work with you to create your dream vacation in this beautiful country.
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