Adults-Only Hotels and Resorts in Costa Rica

Discover the Best Adults-Only Hotels & Resorts in Costa Rica

Friends overlooking ocean from pool at Casa Chameleon, Guanacaste
A brilliant sunset, a spectacular view, someone special by your side—it's the siren call (and enduring allure) of the Costa Rica adults-only resort experience. This is the entrance to your much-needed, well-deserved break from the daily grind in a kid-free environment explicitly designed for a grown-up getaway. A romantic retreat or a trip with your best friends, beach or volcano, adventure or relaxation—Costa Rica adults-only locales have it.
This guide's eclectic hotels and resorts are ideal for couples, friends, and groups looking to vacation in a sophisticated atmosphere. Our independent Travel Consultants have personally visited all the options in this guide—and they know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top Costa Rica adults-only resorts and hotels because one size does not fit all on an adults-only vacation.
Whether seeking the best all-inclusive in Costa Rica for adults or simply looking for a kids-free hotel, Costa Rica is a perfect choice for honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, girls' getaways, romantic weekends, or any celebration that needs an adults-only destination.

Guide to Adults-Only Vacation in Costa Rica

On the Rise: Costa Rica’s Adults-Only Scene

Over the past decade, new adults-only resorts and hotels have opened around Costa Rica. The concept of catering to travelers who want a calming experience uninterrupted by the joyful screams of a five-year-old at the pool proved to be a great success. As more hotels adopt the serenity-now, adults-only vacation philosophy, the options have diversified, and the offer has sweetened. Today, Costa Rica's adults-only resort game is strong.
Please note: The top Costa Rica adults-only resorts implement a minimum age policy, usually 12 to 16 years old. This guarantees an exceptional getaway without small children distracting from the stellar natural surroundings and the enchanting ambiance.
If this is not quite what you're looking for, check out our guides to the best all-inclusive resorts, luxury resorts, and five-star hotels, many of which have adult-only sections and offer plenty of amenities.

Adults-Only Costa Rica: Focused on Guest Privacy and Experience

Couple enjoying a luxury bath
It's no secret that Costa Rica's epic adventures and legendary sights attract many families. However, travelers that come to the country without children often seek out the Costa Rica adults-only resort experience. Varied hotel designs, a quieter ambiance, conscientious staff, and curated amenities build an intimate atmosphere focused on guest privacy and adventure.
In Costa Rica, the best adult-only resorts and all-inclusive hotels have less than 30 rooms—and most have fewer, which allows them to focus on providing excellent, individualized services to their guests. This individual service may mean a romantic private dinner or a sensual couple's massage. It could also be a catered feast, a private tour, or anything else you can dream up for friends and family getaways.
Disconnect in the jungle or indulge in beach-style nightlife. Get to know other guests at the swim-up bar or snuggle up in your private plunge pool. Thoughtfully designed, Costa Rica's adults-only hotels, resorts, and luxury properties allow you to be as social or secluded as you wish.
If adventure is more your style, there is plenty to do. Arrange to fly high through the trees while zip-lining. Take an exhilarating ride down frothing rapids while whitewater rafting. Learn to hang ten with your honey (and a surf instructor). Explore the world beneath the waves on a snorkeling tour, or even get PADI-certified and go scuba diving! Costa Rica offers all types of adventures, big and small.

Top Three Adults-Only Hotels in Costa Rica: Boutique Options

These are our favorite adults-only resorts and hotels in Costa Rica. We rank them based on our combined experiences and guests' rave reviews, whether they were here on their honeymoon or sneaking away for a parents-only getaway.

Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas in Guanacaste

Pacific ocean view from terrace at Casa Chameleon, Guanacaste
Casa Chameleon is a boutique hotel featuring 21 private villas, each with the most spectacular views of the Guanacaste coast and private saltwater infinity plunge pools. Guests love the pool and the swim-up bar, and the food is to die for. Casa Chameleon is our go-to hideaway for a kids-free long weekend getaway.

Nayara Springs, La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano

Woman ejoying garden and rainforest views from hanging bridge
Located in the Arenal Volcano area, the boutique Nayara Springs could be the best honeymoon spot in Costa Rica. It radiates class and exclusivity in 35 private villas, each with its own plunge pool. The spa here is outstanding, as is the restaurant. Arenal may be the adventure capital of Costa Rica, but Nayara Springs invites you to side-step the younger set, unwind, and get away from it all.

Kura Boutique Villas, Uvita near Marino Ballena National Park

Couple relaxing at plunge pool in Kura, Uvita
Another adults-only hotel perfect for an escape, Kura knows how to mix the best of Costa Rica with service, décor, and an infinity pool, all perfect for enjoying some quiet time together. Note that Kura has incredible ocean views but is a bit away from the beach. It's perched atop a hill and surrounded by trees and vegetation, making it ideal for when you want an adults-only vacation in perfect seclusion.

The Best Costa Rica All-Inclusive, Adults-Only Resorts

When you think of adult-only in Costa Rica, think more about being free from children running around everywhere than the Jamaica-style, clothes-off, total-Hedonism scene. This guarantees amazing stays. After all, this is a world-class destination for those searching for romance, privacy, and high-end dining without children around (the hedonism is optional).
Costa Rica offers a select set of all-inclusive hotels. And that means that looking for the best all-inclusive in Costa Rica for adults turns up a shorter list than you might expect. 
However, it also means that each resort has its unique atmosphere and perks. Our favorite all-inclusive resort with an adults-only section has direct access to a white-sand beach, many opportunities for relaxation, and an ambiance for every kind of traveler.

The Westin Resort and Spa, Conchal Beach in Guanacaste

Aerial view of pool, gardens, and beach at Westin Resort in Guanacaste
The Westin is located about an hour south of the Papagayo Gulf. It isn't a full-on Costa Rica adults-only resort, but it does offer adults-only options. The Royal Beach service at the Westin is adults-only, with access to an adults-only pool area and club. You'll still see children in other hotel parts, but the Westin is a great option if that doesn't bother you.
Here's the best bit: The Westin is situated on one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Many wouldn't even hedge their opinion: they'd say Conchal is the best beach in Costa Rica.

Boutique or Resorts: What’s the Best for Adults-Only Romance?

The age-old question in travel is to decide between a boutique hotel or an all-inclusive resort. The answer depends on what you want from your adults-only getaway to Costa Rica. If you want an all-inclusive, adults-only, no-holds-barred honeymoon, a resort is your choice. If you prefer a secluded, every-detail-matters, private escapade, then go for a boutique hotel with a highly curated experience.

The Costa Rica All-Inclusive, Adults-Only Resort Experience: Worry-Free Vacations

All-inclusive and resort proponents say an actual vacation is about relaxing and chilling out—about doing nothing but finding a suitable pool lounger to park on every day. They say that the pleasure of a vacation comes from emptying your mind in a tropical place without worrying about where to eat or how to order a beer in a foreign language.
We say there's merit to this argument. If you're on a romantic getaway with your partner, why not dedicate all your precious time to each other without worrying about day-to-day stuff? Just relax and have someone else look after every aspect of your being! That's the beauty of the best all-inclusive in Costa Rica for adults.

Boutique Options for the More Independent Traveler

On the other hand, those on the boutique side see things differently. To them, travel is more about the whole experience than the momentary relaxation. The idea is to get out of your comfort zone and share an authentic experience.
It's about learning and exploring together—about making some memories outside the swimming pool. By staying in a smaller, boutique hotel, you're encouraged to get out more. Also, smaller hotels—and specifically, Costa Rica's adults-only boutique hotels—are often far more intimate and private.

The Solution: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Over the years, travelers have taught us that there is no correct answer. No one way of vacationing is any better or worse than any other. Those who enjoy all-inclusive resorts are not inauthentic, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of boutique independence, either.
The only thing that matters is what you love. That's the meaning of pura vida! There's room in this world for all sorts—and an adults-only retreat for every one of those sorts. If you're undecided, try combining both types of vacation. Costa Rica is perfect for that! You can split your honeymoon, celebration, or romantic getaway between a few days at an adults-only boutique hotel and a few days at a resort.
Stay in the rainforest during the boutique hotel part, exploring the outdoors, getting active, and trying out different restaurants, foods, and experiences. Then, hop over to the beach for some all-inclusive resort for rest and relaxation with nothing to decide apart from beachside or poolside. It's the essence of both worlds in a Costa Rica adults-only vacation.

Most Romantic Hotels in Costa Rica with an Adults-Only Vibe

Costa Rica is a romantic paradise. Swaying palms, green mountains, volcanic hot springs, and tropical sunsets bring out the lover in us all. Picture warm nights bathed in moonlight and the seductive sounds of salsa music... It's all possible.
Whether you're looking for a Costa Rica adults-only resort honeymoon or a personalized experience specializing in intimacy, there is something in every flavor. Here are our favorite hotels that keep perfectly in step with the romance of Costa Rica:

Nayara Tented Camp near La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano

Guest relaxing at private luxury tent in Nayara Tented Camp
The most romantic hotel in Costa Rica, Nayara Tented Camp, offers a perfect mixture of high-end boutique luxury with absolute privacy. Guests here stay in their private, luxurious villa-like tent with a private plunge pool. It's the perfect place to get away from everything and connect with the surrounding rainforest—and each other.

Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel, near San Ramon

Traditional private houses in Villa Blanca
Although not adults-only in name, Villa Blanca doesn't lack romance. About an hour out of San Jose, in the cloud forest of San Ramon, Villa Blanca is where couples come to hike, birdwatch, and get closer to nature (and each other). There's also something super romantic about cuddling up as the temperature drops and the mist rolls in.

Playa Cativo, near Golfito, on the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf)

Ocean and garden views from the secluded Cativo Hotel, Osa Peninsula
Due to its remoteness, the area around the Golfo Dulce is not an overly-visited destination in Costa Rica. However, it's frequently called the most beautiful and perfect destination for couples seeking privacy and romance. Our favorite is Playa Cativo, on the mainland side of the gulf, accessible by boat from Golfito. This beachfront jungle lodge might not be adults-only, but it focuses on quality of service and catering to couples.

Villa Caletas, near Jaco Beach on Central Pacific

Couple enjoying romantic sunset by the pool at Villa Caletas
A perpetual favorite for romance in Costa Rica, Villa Caletas is located at the beach, just an hour from the San Jose airport. Villa Caletas sits over the Pacific Ocean with one of the best infinity pools you'll ever swim in. It offers a luxurious, high-end experience to everyone who visits. Here, it's all about classic, old-world class, and charm.

Why Costa Rica Is Great for Honeymooners

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for honeymooners, including those who want an adults-only experience. Whether you want a Costa Rica all-inclusive adults-only honeymoon or a family gathering at a boutique hotel, this is the perfect backdrop for your celebratory trip.

Beautiful Landscapes Full of Flora and Fauna

Couple walking down the beach on a sunny day
One factor in Costa Rica's favor is the sheer physical beauty of this country. Once they're home from their honeymoon, we hear from clients that Costa Rica is the most beautiful country they've ever seen. We're still blown away by the mountains, jungles, and beaches. Misty cloud forests rising into the sky and palm-fringed beaches make for perfect postcards and a romantic dream come true. An adults-only vacation here always guarantees you'll get some expansive views of some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find in the tropics.

Tropical Weather: Good for All Tastes

Couple resting during Arenal Volcano hike while admiring the volcano
The tropical climate is another perk, as it's never cold and always swimsuit weather. There's nothing more romantic than warm weather and the sun caressing your skin, especially if your villa comes equipped with a private plunge pool. If you want to search for a cooler place, go higher into the mountains, where the wind and mist appear and fireplaces crackle. The lush vegetation changes, but it still follows you everywhere.

Opportunities for Outdoor Adventures

Couple posing with smiles while rappeling down a waterfall
In Costa Rica there's plenty to do! After all, there's no rule that couples need to take it easy when on their honeymoon. But isn't the idea of whitewater rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, and rappelling with your life partner thrilling? There's daring, adventure, and bonding together when jumping into the abyss.

World-Class Relaxation

Couple resting in luxury hot springs
And then there's always the excellent relaxation time afterward! Soak together in thermal hot springs or enjoy world-class spa services to rejuvenate skin and soothe sore muscles.
Anyone thinking of a tropical honeymoon should put Costa Rica on their list. Because while it's not the only place in the world to offer great weather, scenery, activities, and hotels, it is one of the only places that provide all this diversity in one conveniently compact location. And if you're coming from North America, it's not too far to travel.

Getting Married in Costa Rica: A Dream Wedding Come True

Wedding picture of couple at the beach
If a Costa Rican honeymoon is exceptional, what about a wedding here? Costa Rica is also a wonderful place to make a forever-promise to the person you love most. Imagine saying "I do" barefoot on a tropical beach or in front of a towering volcano.
From large and lavish weddings to intimate affairs for the two of you, getting married in Costa Rica will always be a cherished memory. It's a perfect way to start a new life chapter. If you want to book an adults-only hotel for the event, that is also possible.

Coordinating a Hotel Wedding in Costa Rica

You may fear getting married in Costa Rica is a complicated nightmare. Still, if you prepare well and follow the requisites, it's no more complex than showing up in that Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. Many romantic hotels and most of the larger resorts offer wedding packages. They usually have an on-site wedding coordinator to help you with everything.
If you'd rather have someone else do the planning and discussions, we can help arrange everything and you won't have to lift a finger! Just let us know what sort of wedding you want, and we'll provide you with options!

In-Country Legal Support

Getting married in Costa Rica is a case of signing a legal document: all you need is a lawyer. In addition, you need to provide an ID and proof that you're not married to someone else, and that's about it. There are some other details that you can run through with a wedding expert in Costa Rica. Any religious or other ceremonies you might want are also incidental and can be arranged to your taste.

Bringing Guests to Costa Rica

More logistics are involved if you want many guests to attend your wedding. To fit everyone, you'll need to choose a more prominent hotel  or be in an area with many smaller hotels.
There's also a need for transportation, catering, and entertainment if you want it. Finally, you'll have to choose if you want the Costa Rica adults-only experience, a family-friendly location, or both. If you want an adults-only experience, the number of guests will vary depending on the type of hotel you book.
Having your dream wedding in Costa Rica doesn't have to be complicated. Let experts provide support and advice as you plan the most important day of your life!

FAQs for Adults-Only Hotels and Resorts in Costa Rica

What adults-only hotel in Costa Rica would you suggest?

It depends on what type of hotel or resort you are looking for. If you want to chill during your vacation while enjoying beach and pool time, there are options for you. If you want activities, like zip-lining, horseback riding, or ATVs, other locations will work best for you. It can also be a little of both. We recommend you focus on finding the hotel that fits you best instead of looking for a cookie-cutter recommendation, especially on an adults-only trip.

Why is Costa Rica a great honeymoon destination?

Let the testimonial from Rosie from Trip Advisor share why Costa Rica is a great honeymoon destination:
“My husband and I used Costa Rican Vacations for our honeymoon. Jordan was our Travel Consultant and did a fantastic job planning a trip and adjusting aspects of it to fit our budget. It suited us perfectly and we had the right amount of time in each location. We absolutely LOVED our entire honeymoon, each place visited was perfect, the hotels were great and the activities also. All of our transfers went without a hitch, with very lovely drivers who gave us lots of information. We had a mix-up at the last hotel and the support team whilst we were out there fixed it for us straight away, which was very much appreciated! I would recommend this company to anyone visiting Costa Rica, they know how to plan an unforgettable trip! Thank you!”
For honeymooners, Costa Rica provides a perfect balance between quality and beauty, seclusion and adventure. It's the perfect start of the rest of your lives!

Can you get married in Costa Rica?

Yes, you can. It’s like going to Vegas. Plus, some of the bigger hotels have wedding packages. Let us know if this interests you and your partner!
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