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True Costa Rica Relaxation

Are you stressed out with life? Are you feeling burned out? Do you need a break, an escape, a place to focus on yourself and your well-being? Whether physical, mental, or spiritual, maybe a vacation or time away to improve your health is what you need?
You need to consider a wellness package or a relaxation-themed vacation in Costa Rica. And by reading this page, you've found what you're looking for and where you need to be. We can help you!
Costa Rica has many great spots where you can disconnect from the fast-paced frenzy of everyday life and enjoy some of that precious 'me' time. It's that kind of country. And we can help guide you in your quest to reconnect with your well-being by planning a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica for you, surrounded by nature and beauty.
You deserve no less.
In Costa Rica, you'll discover destinations with beaches and mountains, rainforests and cloud forests, where nature abounds.
You'll pamper yourself with world-class spa services, healing hot springs, and natural mud baths. Then, you'll meditate or practice yoga at a tropical retreat in a beautiful place surrounded by like-minded people.
Come with us and leave your stress behind. Come and recharge your batteries with the best wellness vacations that Costa Rica offers.

Why Costa Rica?

Have you heard of "pura vida"? It's a uniquely Costa Rican concept meaning "pure life." But what makes pura vida so pura vida is the Costa Rican twist to the expression. 
There's a vibe to Costa Rica that you notice as soon as you arrive. It's a vibe telling you to calm down and that everything will be alright. That's pura vida.
It's why so many yogis and wellness people come to Costa Rica. This wonderful, beautiful, tropical country has so much going for relaxation and wellness. It's not only the climate or the natural wonders of Costa Rica.
It's the people and the vibe that permeates from them.
Come down and join them, even if only for a little while. Enjoy that spirit of Costa Rica; let it seep into your soul with a wellness-themed or relaxation-themed vacation.

Ultimate Costa Rica Relaxing Vacation

Whether you travel with a significant other, with family or friends, or even on your own (hey, sometimes the best wellness trips happen solo!), the best way to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Costa Rica is by using a travel agency like ours. We'll take out all the stress from planning and organizing the trip.       
When it comes to relaxation and wellness, we put that in play before you've even arrived, making it super easy for you.
With expert local knowledge, it's easier to find the perfect spot in Costa Rica to relax. Call one of our expert travel consultants, who can pinpoint the ideal location to unwind your worries away.
Let us know what you want and who you're doing it with, and we'll be happy to help!

Couple's Getaways and Relaxation Packages

If you can't wait to set off for a relaxing Costa Rica vacation with your chosen one, the love of your life, then this is the right place.
Head to the Papagayo Peninsula or Playa Conchal in Guanacaste for luxurious properties with resort amenities. We work with well-known hotels in the area that are ideal for couples who want to sit back and enjoy world-class attention and on-site amenities. Nothing can be more relaxing than that.
If you prefer secluded boutique hotels with personalized service, look to the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast. Here, you'll find excellent options for wonderful yoga retreats and surf vacations. 
There's something about combining surfing and yoga that is quintessentially pura vida. There's not much more Costa Rican than that. Exercise, ocean breeze, and stunning sunsets are all on the menu, a perfect combination of mental well-being and wellness.
The Arenal Volcano area also boasts several world-famous hotels featuring river-fed hot springs heated by the thermal powers of the volcano itself. Their spas sit amid the lush rainforest, where you can enjoy nature's sights and sounds.
These options are perfect for a couple who wants to disconnect and recharge their energy. Talk to us, and we'll help you develop a plan.

Nature and Peace Lovers

Nature lovers looking for a perfect mix of ocean and rainforest in their Costa Rica relaxation package will want to visit the Osa Peninsula.
The famous Corcovado National Park is Costa Rica's biodiversity crown jewel. The upscale eco-lodges around the park provide unmatched luxury and proximity to nature. They are also very secluded and offer the opportunity to disconnect entirely from the outside world. 
Admire the jungle and all its inhabitants up close, and wake up to the music and chit-chat of birds.
Foodies needn't worry! The meal-inclusive packages (most of these eco-lodges include meals because of their remoteness) will tantalize even the most demanding taste buds by offering three-course a la carte feasts a day. And after exploring the wonders of the rainforest, with your stomachs full of good food, enjoy a massage in an open-air bungalow with an ocean view.
Resting on a secluded beach surrounded by tropical rainforests is a perfect way to relax and wind down. If you want to decompress, then the Osa Peninsula is your area.

Family Relaxation Retreats and All-Inclusive Vacations

Because of their different ages, most families enjoy a mix of adventurous activities and relaxation. Therefore, combining two destinations is ideal for getting the best of both worlds.
Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio National Park are at the top of the list. Both areas are easy to reach from an international airport, and both provide opportunities for all family members to unwind and have fun.
If you're flying to Guanacaste Airport in Liberia, the most convenient Costa Rica vacation packages include staying at an all-inclusive beachfront resort.
Sunbathe in the sand, splash in the sea, and enjoy the on-site amenities without worrying about getting your wallet out. Sample the diverse menus of their restaurants, and rejuvenate yourself at their full-service spas without a care in the world.
And while you're relaxing, the kids can entertain themselves with different activities at the kids' club. After all, they also deserve to blow off some steam while giving the grown-ups some space for rest!

Enjoy a Wellness Retreat

If you're serious about health and wellness, you can take the concept up a notch by checking into a natural retreat. Of course, we already mentioned surf and yoga, but Costa Rica also has plenty of hotels with a heavy focus on healing and personal development.
Check out places like the aptly-named Retreat Hotel or the Kasiiya Retreat. Hotels like this are more than places to relax and enjoy - they're places to truly rejuvenate and learn skills to help your future wellness once you've left Costa Rica's shores.
Ask us about our retreats and wellness centers. We'll be happy to provide details for you and help you plan your trip.

Relaxation Is personal in Costa Rica

Not sure if a specific package is good for you? They are all customizable!
If you want it more extravagant, secluded, close to adventure tours, or on-site activities, there is something to match.
Contact us, take advantage of our local expertise, and create a perfectly relaxing Costa Rica vacation. Remember that you're worth it and you deserve looking after in all aspects. A Costa Rican wellness and relaxation-focussed vacation could be just what the doctor ordered.

FAQs About Best Wellness Retreats and Relaxation Packages


Are wellness retreats worth it? 

It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a place to wind down, meditate, practice yoga, or do whatever you need to relax and find your inner peace, then yes - wellness retreats are well worth it. After all, what price can you put on true well-being?

What do you do at a wellness retreat? 

There's no solid answer here - it depends on the individual retreat. But most of the time, the idea is to relax and take some substantial "me time."

What is a wellness retreat like? 

Most wellness retreats are quiet places, full of people looking to wind down, relax, and improve their outlooks. You'll find activities like meditation, yoga classes, spa services, and things at a wellness retreat.

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