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Costa Rica Real Estate - Let Us Help You!

We know how it is. We live here in Costa Rica and know what it feels like to fall in love with this beautiful country. To fall in love with it enough to consider buying property or a home down here. We know how it is. We've been there and done it.

Why Costa Rican Vacations for Real Estate?

Many of us here at Costa Rican Vacations came here just like you. On a vacation that kickstarted a love affair with Costa Rica, which caused an itch that wasn't satisfied until we'd invested something more into the country than a simple week or two. 
We're living here full-time—some of us, for decades. But we'll never forget that first feeling of wanting something more in Costa Rica. A home. A place to call our own. Somewhere to put down roots.
This is why, alongside all the other types of vacations we offer, from honeymoons to family trips and so much more, we're also able to help you plan your first real estate tour to Costa Rica
If the Costa Rica real estate market is something you're interested in, either as a seasoned traveler to the Land of Pura Vida or as a first-timer, we can help you.
Our Costa Rica real estate consulting trips can be tailored to suit your individual needs and also amended to give you as much fun and adventure added to your itinerary as you want.
Whether you're looking for beachfront real estate on the beaches of Jacó, Manuel Antonio, Guanacaste, or elsewhere, we can add in a real estate tour for you. We'll introduce you to a trusted realtor (half the job in the first place is finding a realtor to trust - we handle that straight away!) to show you around. 
We'll put them in touch with you beforehand to get an idea of what you're looking for so we don't waste your time on the ground.
As someone considering the possibility of investing in Costa Rica, we understand you'll have questions about the market.
"Is Costa Rica real estate a good investment?
"Are the Costa Rica real estate prices dropping or going up?
These are just two of the basics we can help you with, and we know you'll have more before you arrive, which is why you reach out to us to help you with your living in Costa Rica journey. 
Remember, we've done this before. We've been here for years and bought the t-shirt regarding real estate. We could write books about Costa Rica real estate for ex-pats, and one day we might well do so.
But in the meantime, we can help you dip your toe into the world of Costa Rica real estate by offering you trusted real estate tours wherever you are in the country. 
You trusted us with your vacation and had a wonderful time. 
Now, if you want, we can help you turn the same dreams we once had into the realities we now live. We can smooth the way for you and help you navigate the choppy waters of a foreign real estate market.

What's Next?

Look at some of our real estate packages to give you an idea. Know that we can amend them to suit your needs or even add a real estate tour into your standard vacation package.
Start by chatting to our expert travel consultants about what you're looking for, both vacation and real estate-wise. They're here on the ground and will be happy to impart their wisdom to you.
So go ahead, check out some of our real estate packages and get in touch. 
We can make your real estate search something enjoyable for you. Contact us today to see how we can help turn you from someone dreaming of a tropical home in Costa Rica to a full-fledged ex-pat living your best life.

FAQs About Costa Rica Real Estate

What is the average cost of a house in Costa Rica?
Like everywhere, the cost of real estate in Costa Rica fluctuates depending on location, when you're looking to buy, and what you're looking to buy. Contact us to put you in touch with expert realtors who can give you an accurate appraisal based on your budget and needs.
Are real estate prices dropping in Costa Rica?
Real estate prices in Costa Rica have risen substantially over the past two decades, although bargains are out there if you know where to look. Let us help you do exactly that!
Is it reasonable to buy property in Costa Rica?
If you're planning on living long-term in Costa Rica, or wish to create some investment, say, a vacation rental home, condos, or even a hotel, then yes, it's good to buy property in Costa Rica. If, however, you're looking at buying to sell or "flip," then no, Costa Rica is not a good idea. Our realtors will tell you that Costa Rica real estate is for the long term. Let us put you in touch with the experts to help you decide if buying real estate in Costa Rica suits you.

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