Costa Rica Real Estate Consulting

If you're considering buying real estate in Costa Rica, know what you're looking for, or need help defining what you're looking for, our real estate consulting packages are ideal for you.
We take a different outlook to the acquisition of real estate, as we represent YOU, the buyer. 
We use our 20+ years of experience in Costa Rica to help you find the right location and property.
You can rest assured we’re there to offer advice before, during, and after your purchase.

Realtors focus on their commission, so who’s looking out for you?

We are, that's who!​ Our flat-rate fee means we’re working for you with your best interests at heart. We believe it’s the best way to look after our client’s interests and make sure we provide impartial and objective advice.
Contact us today to see how we can help you make the right decision.
We can advise on the following issues (and more):
  • Where are property values appreciating/depreciating?
  • Which area best suits the lifestyle I want?
  • How to go about buying a house you can flip in five years?
  • Where is the demand and growth at the right pricing level for tourist-oriented projects like hotels or resorts?
  • Who can help with due diligence?
With over 20 years as the leaders in Costa Rican tourism and real estate, we believe we're in a unique position. We're not realtors, so we don't earn fees from selling you real estate. 
Instead, we work as consultants and advisors on your behalf.
Realtors look out for their commission, but we look out for you, guiding you through the world of Costa Rican real estate, much like investment advisors or accountants would in their specialties.
We work with you using the following waterfall philosophy:
  • Lifestyle needs or wants
  • Location definition
  • Property selection
  • Real estate filtering and selection
  • Trip planning
  • Negotiation and liaison
  • Support and advice
Unsure? Have concerns? Contact us and we'll explain how we can best help you.
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