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Best Places to Stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

It's fair to say there's probably no other tourist destination in Costa Rica that has attracted more attention in recent years than the southern Nicoya Peninsula, especially the area around the community of Santa Teresa.
A cursory glance at any of the glossy travel magazines and websites since, oh, around 2015 or so - maybe even before that - will show you how famous Santa Teresa is with writers who gush about the pristine beaches, fantastic surf, and laid back lifestyle where a focus on wellness is key.        
Santa Teresa is a firm favorite with Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine, Luxury Travel Magazine, and the New York Times (who called the area "the next Tulum" in 2016 - Santa Teresa is always the "next" someplace). It's the kind of place that has been discovered but feels like it hasn't, at least by the hordes. Santa Teresa, in short, still feels unique and attracts a curious mix of international long-stayers, digital nomads, surfers, yogis, and celebrities.
Did we say celebrities? Yes, Santa Teresa attracts the famous, too. Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon, Chris Martin, Tom and Gisele (now just Gisele), and more have made Santa Teresa their go-to spot in Costa Rica. Some of them even have homes in the area.
And then there's the food. Santa Teresa has an excellent restaurant scene, stemming from the international community of expats who have settled in the area and brought their cuisine. 
That mix of the international and local community placed on a series of stunning Pacific beaches makes Santa Teresa so unique. And although the area isn't the most accessible place in Costa Rica to reach, once you get here, you'll discover a part of the country that will soon become a firm favorite and keep you returning again and again.
So, where are the best places to stay in Santa Teresa once you become a trendsetter and visit? The best thing about the area, in our opinion, is that it's so boutique. Outside of the Selina brand of hostels, you won't find any name chain hotels in Santa Teresa, no high-rise resorts. Instead, the whole vibe is laid back, relaxed, low key. Think barefoot luxury with a nod to surf culture and wellness.
If you seek a large resort, parts of Costa Rica can accommodate you, and we'll undoubtedly help you with that. But if you're coming to Santa Teresa, it will be small.
There's nothing better for families visiting Santa Teresa than renting a home. Ditto groups of friends. One great thing about the Santa Teresa is the multiple options available for a beachfront home rental, where you can enjoy the privacy of a rental home just steps from the Pacific Ocean. Contact us for information on beach rentals in Santa Teresa.
Couples also have plenty of options for them in Santa Teresa. Unique and boutique hotels like Nantipa, Latitude 10, Casa Chameleon, and the ultra-romantic Florblanca are perfect for couples seeking an upscale getaway on a beautiful beach.
Groups of friends, especially surf groups, will find a home away from home on the beach in Tropico Latino, a friendly and comfortable hotel that's also great for families.
Whatever your reason for coming to Santa Teresa, whether you've heard good things or the surf or are interested in real estate in the area, or simply seeking a beach community with great vibes to vacation in, let us help you. We'll discuss your accommodation options with you, plus the easiest ways to get to and from Santa Teresa. And we'll also help fill your time while here!
We love Santa Teresa, it more than lives up to the hype it receives! And we know you're going to love it too.

FAQ About Places to Stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Is Santa Teresa Costa Rica touristy? 

Because of the surf, Santa Teresa is on the map, and it's a tourist town. But it's a lot more low-key than many other beach communities in Costa Rica, with less development.

Which part of Costa Rica is the best to stay in? 

That depends on what you're looking for In Costa Rica. If you're looking for rainforests and nature, then the Osa Peninsula, southern zone, or Manuel Antonio are best. If you seek activity and adventure, then the Arenal Volcano area works. And if you want a perfect beach community, then Santa Teresa is ideal for you.

Where do you fly to for Santa Teresa, Costa Rica? 

The closest international airport is Guanacaste Airport near Liberia, although it's still a few hours away… Santa Teresa is remote. There's no significant difference in travel time between Guanacaste and San Jose airports, although coming from San Jose requires a ferry ride across Nicoya Gulf. You can also take a domestic flight from San Jose to Tambor Airstrip, close to Santa Teresa.

Do you need a car in Santa Teresa? 

Although many people in Santa Teresa rent quad bikes to get around on, not necessarily. That's the most popular mode of transport in the region. If you're coming to surf, you might want a vehicle to get around and check out different beaches. On the other hand, you can walk around easily if you're hanging out in Santa Teresa.
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