Monteverde Hotels and Lodges

Peaceful Comfort at the Best Hotels in Monteverde

From small family-owned lodges to more luxurious options, there's something for everyone in Monteverde. Most of the hotels here are charming, rustic, lodge-style buildings, even the high-end properties. 
If you’re looking for an all-inclusive or extra lavish resort, you won't find any. And that's okay! The hotels in Monteverde are, for the most part, operating as eco-lodges and smaller boutiques. Each with unique, delightful amenities and beautiful landscapes. The properties in Monteverde will truly make you feel one with nature with their strong commitment to the environment.
If you can't get enough of nature’s sights and sounds, Monteverde is the perfect place for you. Many hotels offer on-site nature trails through the cloud forest for you to check out the flora and fauna in this unique part of Costa Rica.
Senda Monteverde is located at the foot of a mountain in the cloud forest and offers its own sustainability tours to anyone who's interested. 
Hotel Belmar is a family-owned eco-boutique sitting on some nine acres of the cloud forest complete with trails, streams, waterfall, pond, and lookout point. 
The cozy Poco a Poco Hotel is another option offering a family-run boutique ambiance, popular with birdwatchers.
Few places in Costa Rica are as beautiful as Monteverde, the country's most well-known cloud forest destination. 
The hotels in Monteverde offer a perfect mix of natural splendor and luxury amenities, perfect for the best ever cloud forest experience.

Monteverde Cloud Forest - A Birders' Paradise 

Monteverde is a paradise for naturalists and birdwatchers, full of exciting flora and fauna
Most of the area is protected in some way or another, with the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the Aguti Wildlife Refuge, the Curi-Cancha Reserve, and the Children's Rainforest (to name a few) full of exciting trees, plants, mosses, and flowers. The area hosts over 200 species of birds, both local and migratory.  
Monteverde is also home to over 120 amphibian and reptile species, 100 species of mammals, and tens of thousands of insects including 490 butterfly species. Some of the larger animals here include tapirs, wild pigs, agoutis, coatis, and ocelots.
And then there are the orchids. Monteverde has more types of orchids than anywhere else in the world. The Orchid Garden gets you up close and personal with these plants to learn more about them. 
Monteverde is also an adventure hotspot. It’s behind only Arenal and Manuel Antonio for adrenaline activities in Costa Rica. 
It’s an excellent place for horseback riding or zip lining. The original, longest, and highest zip line in Central America is here. Hanging bridges, a Tarzan swing, rappelling, and hiking are all activities to enjoy.
Whether you come here to experience the sights and sounds of the cloud forest or the exciting thrills of an adventure tour, you're in for a treat in Monteverde. 

Getting to Monteverde 

The roads to and around Monteverde aren't the best, so we highly recommend using private transfers. Spending hours driving on rough roads isn’t everyone's idea of a good vacation. 
Our drivers, however, know the area well. They can get you to Monteverde safe and sound, allowing stops whenever you want, and giving you a journey where you can sit back and relax. 

What to Know about the Monteverde Cloud Forest before You Visit

Santa Elena is the nearest town (more of a village, actually) to Monteverde, sitting some 4,600 feet above sea level. It has all the essential services, shopping, and restaurants you need. 
Check out the quiche at Stella’s Bakery and the ravioli at Tramonti, an excellent Italian restaurant.
“Eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are watchwords in Monteverde, arguably considered the spiritual home of Costa Rica's eco-tourism concept. If pristine nature in the cloud forest is something you want to experience, then this is the perfect place to come!



FAQs About a Stay in Monteverde, Costa Rica


What is Monteverde known for?

It’s best known for being a cloud forest. People hear “Monteverde” and picture walking across hanging bridges and looking down at the clouds. It’s also known for sightings of the resplendent quetzal, a beautiful bird.

Is Monteverde worth visiting? 

It should be on your bucket list if you’ve never been to a cloud forest. Monteverde is all about hiking through pristine nature reserves and experiencing nature. 

How many nights do you need in Monteverde? 

Three nights would be a reasonable amount of time to spend in Monteverde. You’ll want to explore the cloud forest and take some adventure tours, like zip lining and hanging bridges. 

Do you need AC in Monteverde? 

Nope! You’ll likely need a blanket instead. Bring a jacket and rain poncho. The area’s beauty is thanks to the cool, wet, cloudy weather.

How much does it cost to stay in Monteverde? 

There are options from hostels to luxury hotels and everything in between. There’s undoubtedly an option that fits your budget and needs.
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