Costa Rica Travel Tips for Families with Kids

Costa Rica is an excellent destination for families with kids. It offers a range of exciting activities for children of all ages, including exploring nature, learning about wildlife, and having fun at the beach.
However, like any other vacation, traveling to Costa Rica with kids requires some preparation and precautions. In this article, we provide you with some helpful tips to ensure you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Costa Rican family vacation.
Costa Rica is a safe country for travelers of all ages, but it's always best to take precautions. 
Here are some safety tips for families with kids:

Apply Sunscreen Liberally

Costa Rica is a hot and sunny country, and the sun can be harsh, especially on fair skin. It's crucial to protect your kids from early sunburns by applying sunscreen liberally. It's recommended to bring decent sunblock with you as it can be expensive in Costa Rica. Keep your children covered in sunscreen at all times, especially if they're in or on the water. You may also want to consider buying SPF shirts for yourself and your kids to play freely on the beach.

Mind the Big Waves & Currents

Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world, but even on these beaches, you should never be complacent about your child's safety. Keep a watchful eye on them at all times, and if they're not strong swimmers, don't let them enter the water unaccompanied. Look out for signs about rip tides and crocodiles, and if in doubt, ask a local. It's essential to note that lifeguards are nonexistent on Costa Rican beaches.

Food & Drinks for Kids

Costa Rican food is healthy, nutritious, and delicious, but your child's more sensitive stomach may feel the effects of eating something different. Any initial reaction to the new food should dissipate in a day, but it's always best to bring something for an iffy stomach. The water in Costa Rica is generally safe to drink, but different microbes may catch up with your kid. Bottled water is available everywhere.

Protect Against Bugs & Mosquitoes

Costa Rica is home to many insects and mosquitoes, which can be a nuisance for kids. Bring repellent and apply it in the evenings once you've washed off the sunscreen from the day. Long sleeves and bug spray will also help avoid mosquito bites.

Play the Animal Game

Costa Rica is famous for its wildlife, and playing the animal game with your kids is a great way to explore the natural wonders of the country. Create a list of animals for them to find in Costa Rica, and whoever gets all the animals on the list will win a prize that you will provide for them or a unique tour that the whole family can enjoy.
Need help on the start of the list? Here you go! 
  1. Sloths
  2. Jaguar
  3. Toucan
  4. Monkey
  5. Scarlet Macaw
  6. Coati
  7. Hummingbirds
  8. Resplendent quetzal
  9. Panamanian White-faced Capuchin
  10. Bottlenose Dolphins
  11. Turtles
  12. Humpback Whales
  13. Crocodiles
Traveling with kids, you always want to be prepared, so we hope this information can help you make your trip to Costa Rica enjoyable with your family. 

FAQs for Travel Tips for Families Heading to Costa Rica


Is Costa Rica good for families?

Costa Rica is a great place to bring families. There are many opportunities to explore and teach your kids about nature. It can start from the beaches to volcanos and the rainforest.  

What should I know before traveling to Costa Rica?

With the information above, along with talking with your travel consultant with Costa Rican Vacations, we will provide you with a lot of information. First and foremost, ensure that everyone’s passport is up to date. Prepare for a long travel day for the first day, and provide you have games and an iPad charged to help you and the family out. 

What should I avoid in Costa Rica?

As a family, you may want to avoid the party towns of Costa Rica, such as Jaco, and Tamarindo, for example. 
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