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Every Type of Hotel and Hotels for Every Budget

Costa Rica is famous not only for its tropical beaches and lush rainforests, but also for its luxurious hotels. You'll find eco-lodges, all-inclusive resorts, boutique inns, family-oriented places, and hotels for specific niches (surfers, anglers, birdwatchers, etc).
Whatever you're looking for, chances are Costa Rica has it.
Costa Rica has hotels to fit any budget, but it's natural for wanting to get the best possible deal. And that's where we come in. We can help you get some impressive discounts and deals with your hotel in Costa Rica.

What Goes into Discounts?

When looking for a deal, it's worth knowing why a hotel would offer a discount in the first place. After all, isn't Costa Rica a popular, high-demand destination?
Well, yes it is, but there are mitigating factors, the main one being the time of year you're traveling. This directly affects occupancy rates and prices. Below, we'll take a look at the types of deals that hotels offer (free nights after paying for a certain number, for example) and what's available this year for you.
We maintain close relationships with our partner hotels to ensure the best discounts and special promotions. Working with us helps to ensure a good deal with some hotels that you won't find alone. The reason for this is that we work with these hotels all the time and our business is valuable to them. They want us sending our clients (you) to them and can offer us discounts to ensure that happens. It's another reason to work with us instead of figuring it out alone!
Also, please remember, date restrictions and other restrictions may apply depending on hotel or season. Always consult your travel agent when in doubt.

Best Times for Costa Rica Hotel Deals

Hotel discounts and promotions are most common during the rainy season, from May to October.
For example, it's popular to offer promotions like Stay Four Nights, Pay Three or variations of. If you can travel in May and June, you'll find the best deals. July and August are not so good for deals, because of the school summer holidays. 
September, October, November, and early December are also good.
You may encounter some rain, but you'll have a unique, exciting time and get to see the rainforest at its most lush. The rainy season brings out the best of the greenery and is definitely the best time for spotting wildlife.

Most Expensive Months in Costa Rica

If you're a budget, late December through April may not be the best times to travel to Costa Rica. This is the dry season - the best weather - and also peak holiday time (Christmas and Easter). That said, our travel consultants do sometimes hear of last-minute deals! So don’t be afraid to ask.

Last-Minute Costa Rica Hotel Deals

Hotel deals often change, so sign up for our email newsletter, which features specific properties on a monthly basis.
While it’s generally best to plan ahead, if you're coming to Costa Rica soon, we can help find any possible last-minute deals that hotels sometimes offer to fill their last few open rooms.

Current Deals and Discounts on Costa Rica Hotels in 2023

Green Season Specials

These specials vary: stay three nights, pay for two (3x2); stay four nights, pay for three (4x3); stay five nights, pay for four (5x4), etc.
Arenal History Inn (3x2)
A small hotel in the Arenal Volcano area. With ten rustic cabins, it offers a cozy and comfortable stay close to everything in the adventure capital of Costa Rica.  
A rustic resort fantastic option for couples, families, and groups. It provides on-site private hot springs and great Arenal Volcano views.  
Arenal Kioro combines elegance with stellar service to create the trip of a lifetime for couples, families, and groups who want world-class service and Arenal Volcano views.  
Rustic cabins perfect for nature lovers, couples, and families with older children looking for value and relaxation.  
Fantastic Arenal Volcano views, good dining, and various on-site pools and hot springs.  
A luxurious glamping experience in front of the Arenal Volcano.  
A rustic eco-hotel in the Monteverde cloud forests of Costa Rica. Ideal for those seeking a comfortable and friendly boutique hotel as their Monteverde base camp.  
A luxury boutique eco-hotel near the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, perfect for nature-loving guests who enjoy the good things in life.  
Perfect for families, groups, and couples seeking to experience the Monteverde cloud forest in a convenient and budget-friendly destination.  
A family-friendly boutique resort in the heart of Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific coast.  
This luxurious, boutique hotel features incredible views of the Manuel Antonio coastline.  
The best beachfront option in Manuel Antonio, ideal for anyone looking for understated luxury in Costa Rica.  
A secluded, upscale eco-sanctuary with a fantastic spa and great food tucked away on its own private, cloud forest reserve.  
Sleep under canvas on a private island in the Gulf of Nicoya. A paradise for nature lovers.  
Tropical bungalows on a pristine, Caribbean beach in Costa Rica.  
A luxurious and boutique hotel in the rainforests of southern Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  

Early Booking Discount Deals

Secrets Papagayo (up to 10% off early booking bonus for fall, winter, and Christmas/New Years)
An adults-only all-inclusive resort on the beach in Guanacaste.  
W Costa Rica (up to 20% off early booking bonus)
Excellent for couples and families who want to experience beachfront luxury with the attention of a boutique hotel.  
Dreams Las Mareas (up to 20% off spring/summer early booking bonus)
Dreams Las Mareas is a luxurious resort perfect for those seeking to enjoy a tropical beachfront vacation in style.  

FAQs About Best Deals 

What are the best travel deals in Costa Rica? 

There are often great deals like paying for two or three nights and getting an extra night free. Occasionally, a hotel will offer a specific amount off per night. For instance, The Westin is currently offering $150 off per night.

What is the best time to go to Costa Rica? 

Go to Costa Rica during Green Season, May through October, for the best travel deals. However, the very best deals are often found from May to June, which coincides with the most rain but gorgeous greenery throughout the rainforest.

Which part of Costa Rica is the best to stay in? 

This depends on many aspects of what you dream about for your ideal vacation. Some popular options include the Arenal Volcano, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, Santa Teresa, Nosara, and Monteverde.

Where should I stay in Costa Rica for the first time? 

To get a good feel of the country, we recommend staying in two or three different locations, perhaps in the capital, near a volcano, and at a beach! 

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