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Don’t let guesswork play a part in your planning Costa Rica vacation packages. Whether you are seeking boutique hotels, eco-lodges or all inclusive resorts, we have something for all tastes.

Eco Destination That Stays True to Its Principles

Costa Rica hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from boutique hotels and B&Bs to large, all-inclusive resorts. There are also a plethora of unique jungle lodges and eco-friendly hotel properties that are managed with great passion by their environmentally conscious owners. One unique statistic is that over 80% of hotels in Costa Rica are under 30 rooms, making it one of the few tropical destinations that still maintain a very authentic and original vibe. In order to find the right Costa Rican hotel, it’s important that you answer a few questions: first, you should know the core purpose of your trip. Are you looking for relaxation, romance or perhaps to immerse yourself in nature?

A Costa Rica Hotel That Matches Your Personality

The hotels, resorts and lodges that we offer here as part of our Costa Rica vacations have a very distinct personality, so it’s important that you find a property whose ambiance matches the feeling and mood that you are seeking on your special trip. Another consideration is the type of location you are seeking. Do you want beachfront or towering ocean views?  Lastly, what type of amenities and services do you expect? Are you looking for a true jungle experience that’s rustic and authentically Costa Rican, or are you looking for something more refined and with modern amenities and sophisticated service? Perhaps you need a hotel that caters to a specific audience, such as birders, yoga enthusiasts, golfers or divers? Costa Rica has become a popular family destination, in which case you may require a property that is kid-friendly.

Costa Rica has just about something for everyone, but it cannot be stressed enough the importance to really know what you are seeking and why, so that we can match you with what we believe will be the perfect fit for you and your fellow travelers.  In our experience, an unhappy review of a hotel is very often simply the case of a traveler ending up at a property that just wasn’t right for them.  Travel with us and we’ll make sure you avoid this common mistake!

Our Top Tip

In our experience, for a seven-day trip, we recommend visiting two destinations. If you plan to stay longer than that, you can enjoy three or even four destinations. Take a look at our Country Guide below to see which locations suit you best.

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