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Costa Rica Hotels

Some people think of Costa Rica as very small and imagine going to a hotel on “the” beach. When they start to investigate, it gets overwhelming. Which hotel? On which beach? Of which ocean? There are many provinces in Costa Rica, each one with something to offer tourists.

We are between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Both coasts are extremely different. Even the beaches up and down either coast vary. There are different colors of sand, shades of water, and types of surf. Do you want a swimming beach or a surfing beach? White, pink, grey, black, or tan sand? Should it have tons of seashells or some volcanic rocks? Should it be a man-made one that looks perfect?

With so many areas in Costa Rica and so many hotels and resorts in each one, how on earth are you to know which one to pick? You are not alone in this fear. We can help you figure out which area and lodging option is right for you and your fellow travelers. Don’t let guesswork play a part in planning a Costa Rica vacation package.

Whether you are seeking boutique hotels, eco-lodges, or all inclusive resorts, we have something for all tastes. We pride in the expertise needed to guide you toward the type of hotel you are looking for. We’ll find the best of that type, in an area suited to the kind of vacation you have in mind. Be it surrounded by nature, all about relaxation, near a tourist hot spot, or full of adventure.

There are so many vacation options, from seclusion in the Osa area, to nightlife in Tamarindo, hiking around a volcano, fishing and golfing, or scuba diving, and everything in between.

Best Costa Rica Hotels

Costa Rica hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Choose anything from boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts to unique jungle lodges to huge, all-inclusive resorts. To start narrowing the search, consider the type of property you are seeking. Cute and rustic? Modern and sophisticated? Do you want beachfront or towering ocean views? A jungle hideaway or a view of the volcano?

Jungles, Volcanoes, Infinity pools, and More

With such a unique geography and climate(s), you can find astounding properties in Costa Rica. Hotels with volcano views, direct beach access, infinity pools overlooking the ocean, or giant windows into the jungle.

Costa Rica Hotels Near a Volcano

Almost all of the hotels we recommend in La Fortuna and near the Arenal Volcano have volcano views from the property. Some even have them from the rooms. There’s nothing like sitting in a rocking chair on your patio watching the clouds move slowly behind the volcano.

Lomas del Volcan offers rustic mountain cabins with volcano views. With an on-site restaurant and hot springs on the property, what could be more convenient and relaxing?

Another option of a hotel with volcano views and on-site hot springs is the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. This is a family-friendly hotel and has a spa that has won not one but dozens of awards.

Costa Rica Hotels in the Jungle

Want something a bit different? Why not try glamorous camping at the Nayara Tented Camp? This unique and luxurious hotel provides extravagant tents with beds, a bathroom, and a private deck complete with a plunge pool! Water is–of course, heated by the volcano. There are daily yoga classes and there is a complimentary birdwatching tour in this jungle hideaway.

How about a place only accessible by a raft, or a helicopter? Being that remote in the jungle is an amazing experience. The Pacuare Lodge is a member of “Unique Lodges of the World.” It’s completely secluded in the jungle, a place to disconnect. There are 850 acres of rainforest to immerse yourself in. The hotel consists of bungalows along the river. From there, you can hike to a local indigenous village. Massage treatments add to the relaxation. Dinner is served 20 meters up in a treetop. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.

Costa Rica Hotels With Infinity Pools

The one to beat in the infinity pool category is called Three Sixty Hotel. It’s infinity pool is extra special because of the wide view it gives of the ocean. The hotel is on top of a hill and thus gives a complete 360 degree view of the forest and ocean. It’s comfortable, intimate, and adults-only. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Kura Design Villas has an infinity pool that appears to drop from high above all the way down to the ocean. There’s also an impressive underwater sound system to enjoy. Forbes called this place “the most glamorous, romantic resort in Costa Rica.” With a reputation like that, who wouldn’t want to see it firsthand?

Do I want an All-Inclusive Hotel in Costa Rica or a Boutique?

We can help you find your answer but it’s your honest answer that matters. To find the right Costa Rican hotel, it’s important that you answer a few questions. First, you should decide the core purpose of your trip. Are you looking for relaxation, romance, or perhaps to immerse yourself in nature? Are you planning to spend most of your time at the hotel or be out and about on tours?

All-inclusives offer a great option for those who want everything all in one place. A dependable budget, and extras on-site, like many restaurants, a golf course, a kid’s camp, a fitness center, and a spa.

Many of our travelers prefer to smaller boutiques and the option to eat wherever they are between tours and adventures. Boutiques also give a more personalized service and a glimpse at the local culture. Staying at one also feels good because you are supporting a family run business.

A unique statistic is that over 80% of hotels in Costa Rica have under 30 rooms. Costa Rica is of the few tropical destinations that still maintain a very authentic and original vibe.

Eco-Destination That Stays True to Its Principles

There are also a plethora of eco-friendly hotel properties. Costa Rica has a system of certificates in sustainable tourism for hotels. And another ecological program, Blue Flags, for beaches in communities that take great care to keep them free of contamination. More than 25% of Costa Rica is protected land.

There are biological corridors and 5% of the world’s species here. Many responsible hotel owners take care to use practices that sustain the wildlife around them. From recycling bins to solar power, rainwater collection to on-site wildlife refuges, each little bit helps and your visit supports their mission and the environment.

Many boutique hotels in Costa Rica are sustainable and some resorts are too, like the Westin Resort and Spa. This all-inclusive on the beach boasts a level five (highest level) Certificate of Sustainable Tourism. It’s quite easy to spot wildlife there. You may see (or hear) howler monkeys, tropical birds, iguanas, and coatis. Additionally, this hotel offers so much, such as pools for kids, adults only section, dining options catering to dietary restrictions, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, bikes, a tennis court, and even an 18-hole golf course.

A Costa Rica Hotel That Matches Your Personality

Alright, so you’ve decided on the beach or mountain, and boutique or resort. Now for personality. The hotels, resorts, and lodges that we offer here as part of our Costa Rica vacations each have a very distinct personality. It’s important that you find a property whose ambiance matches the feeling and mood that you are seeking for your special trip. Are you looking for a true jungle experience that’s rustic and authentically Costa Rican? Or are you looking for something more refined? Something with modern amenities and sophisticated service? Or you need a hotel that caters to a specific audience, such as birders, yoga enthusiasts, or fishermen? Costa Rica has become a popular family destination so there are also many hotels that are kid-friendly.

Which is the best way to travel?

Once you tell us about how you like to travel we will share our recommendations on the best of the best Costa Rica hotels in each category to help you out. When planning a trip, it’s always wise to involve the local experts. We have seen the places firsthand and know which ones live up to the image they portray and which ones do not.

Costa Rica has something for everyone! It’s important to us to understand what you are seeking. This will help us match you with what will be the perfect fit for you and your fellow travelers. In our experience, an unhappy review of a hotel is very often simply the case of a traveler ending up at a property that wasn’t right for them. Travel with us and we’ll make sure you avoid this common mistake!

Our Top Tip

In our experience, for a seven-day trip, we recommend visiting two destinations. If you plan to stay longer than that, you can enjoy three or even four destinations. Take a look at our Country Guide below to see which locations suit you best.

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