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Costa Rican Vacations started in 1999, with two 25-year-old ExPats connecting via a ‘roommate wanted’ ad. The rest is history! To date, we've planned over 65,000 trips for happy clients.

Our Story

Above is out team from 2018.
The year was 1999. Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” ruled the airwaves. That’s when two young gringos, via a fateful “roommate wanted” ad, met in Costa Rica. From our tiny apartment with dial-up internet, we began planning trips to Costa Rica for visiting family and friends. Soon after, we got the idea to start a business. With little experience and less money, we launched what would become one of Costa Rica’s first online travel agencies.
After 20+ years and over 65,000 vacations planned, we’re still finding ways to improve, always listening to client feedback. Travel is a constantly evolving ecosystem, so we adapt our process and product offering accordingly. Two decades later, one thing remains unchanged: our passion for creating lifelong memories through the joy of travel.



Our Process

Did you know the average person spends 40 hours planning a trip?
Let our Experts save you time & stress! We believe that planning a vacation should be fun. But the internet is a jungle of information, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our Experts will help you cut through the noise and design your tailor-made trip of a lifetime. 
Our process has been refined over the last two decades. Here’s how it works:


1) Discovery 

It all begins with a conversation with a local Expert. We will take the time to listen to your needs and discover your unique travel personality. We want to understand how you want to explore the country, the important boxes to check, and the travel preferences of the members of your group.

2) Trip Design

Next, we create a digital first draft of your customized travel itinerary. This draft is based on what we know about you, your fellow travelers, and your goals for this particular trip. We adjust and refine that itinerary until you are thrilled.

3) Book

When you are 100% satisfied with the trip we’ve designed, you simply click “Book Now.” From there, we take care of all hotel, tour, and transportation reservations for you. 

4) Travel

Our team will answer any last-minute questions you may have, right down to what to pack. Once your flight lands, we will meet you at the airport. Our representative will guide you through customs and make sure you get to your transportation. While in-country, our service team is on call throughout your stay. If you need a restaurant tip, to change a tour time, or run into a snag, our team is here to assist. We want you to maximize your vacation time and minimize worries.
Our process has been refined for over 20 years. We are confident that it’s a winning formula. But don’t take our word for it… hear it from our clients.



Why Us?


Maximize Your Memories

We take trips from Good to Great by personalizing your vacation experience. Get the maximum value for your travel time and money.


We make planning a vacation fun and worry-free. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the jungle of information. Let our Experts guide you.

Superior Service

Upon arrival, our service team is on-call to assist with whatever you need: a local tip, a restaurant rez, or a travel emergency. Many travel agencies claim to offer great service, but we actually guarantee it. We also have thousands of happy customers who agree.



Our Values

 Above: Our management team from Christmas 2022.

Time Is Precious

Vacation time is precious and deserves to be handled with great care. When you entrust us with such an important investment, we want you to feel that you’ve been treated as family. 
When you arrive, we are available 24/7 to resolve any issues. We’ve recovered lost wedding dresses, passports, and too many cell phones to count. We’ve handled medical emergencies and rental car crashes. We hope that you don’t need us, but if you do our team springs into action. Bottom line: we want your vacation time to be enjoyable, not stressful. 

Every Traveler Is Unique

We aim to design and deliver a vacation that is as unique and special as you are, maximizing every moment. We will take the time to understand you, your needs and customize an experience that fits you like a tailor made garment.


A great travel experience can be life-changing. While this may sound high-minded, delivering you a life enhancing vacation is our goal. We want you to return home thinking, “that was the best vacation ever”. This phrase is one we enjoy reading regularly in our client feedback.

Fair Trade

The vacations we design feature providers committed to fair trade between the traveler, locals, culture, and nature. We believe that fair trade in travel is the heart of Costa Rica’s famous “Pura Vida” expression. We also make recommendations based on our first-hand experience. Before we recommend a tour, an accommodation, or an attraction, we must see, do, and experience it for ourselves. If we don’t love it, we don’t offer it.



Our Guarantee

Your vacation time is valuable. You work hard to earn time off, so your vacation should be easy & enjoyable. Our commitment is to deliver the vacation of a lifetime full of fantastic memories. Our Promise to You is Simple: If you run into any issue during your vacation, we guarantee the issue will be resolved to the best of our ability within 24 hours. If we fail to meet this commitment, you will receive a full refund for the unsatisfactory services in your vacation package.
But don’t take our word for it! Check out the thousands of client testimonials we have amassed over 20 years. Some of our favorite stories involve situations where the vacation didn’t go perfectly, but our team resolved it in a way that exceeded client expectations. In the simplest terms, our guarantee allows us to demonstrate the core value of our service -- to be here when you need us, ensuring that you have a wonderful trip. 
See our Guarantee Terms & Conditions for more info.

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