The Best Arenal Volcano Hotels and Resorts

What Are the Best Places to Stay Near Arenal Volcano?

Guest looking at Arenal Volcano in the distance from their hotel pool
Arenal Volcano is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Costa Rica. The area's hotels, lodges, and luxury resorts are as diverse as the region's landscapes. Among the best hotels near the Arenal volcano, you will find upscale, all-inclusive, 5-star resorts in the form of luxury bungalows and resorts and more rustic, eco-friendly hotels in and around La Fortuna. Our team has selected the finest for each budget and taste in terms of service and facilities. It's time to plan your next vacation to Arenal, Costa Rica!

What's the Best Luxury Hotel Near Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica?

Let's start our tour with the best luxury hotel. Arenal is home to some of the best hotels in Central America, and you don't have to take our word for it. Nayara has repeatedly been voted the number one hotel in Central and South America and even number 4 globally by reputable travel magazines! From your first hour there, you will understand why travelers rave about Nayara. 
Luxurious personalized service like no other goes hand-in-hand with the seclusion of Nayara's "casitas," or bungalows, sprinkled among lush tropical gardens with excellent volcano views and intimate outdoor jacuzzis.
What more is there to ask for? There's also exquisite dining, a wine bar full of fine worldwide selections, and an indulgent spa experience to take all your cares away! Nayara is the place to get pampered!
Nayara Springs is for adults only. You'll have a private host there to help you with anything you wish for, such as spa services or complimentary laundry. You'll stay in a hidden villa with a private terrace and a plunge pool with spring-fed thermal water. Pleasure is in the details there. For example, there are towel warmers and indoor and outdoor rain showers. Extra touches like free yoga classes and live music are added in too. Couples enjoy cushy lounge beds for two on the deck and a covered terrace. Fitness enthusiasts love the floor-to-ceiling volcano and rainforest views from the gym.
Nayara Gardens does allow kids and it's a fun place for families seeking to indulge. This hotel is a luxurious place to slow down, stay awhile, and make some memories. Connect with the rainforest as you reconnect as a family.
Nayara's newest and most luxurious option is the Nayara Tented Camp. Although a name can insinuate some possible discomforts that accompany your regular camping, Nayara tents go way beyond any other glamping option. The combination of accommodation, natural setting, and level of service is unparalleled. Each tent has a private deck with direct views of the towering volcano and a natural thermal water plunge pool. Any modern comforts you can wish for are probably there, an outdoor shower and i-Home studio system. You name it; they have it. Nayara is, by far, the best luxury hotel in La Fortuna.

Hotels With Onsite, Private Hot Springs and Luxurious Spas

Couple sharing a quiet moment in the hot springs pool surrounded by nature
Next on our list are The Springs Resort and Spa, Arenal Kioro, Royal Corin, and Tabacon. They offer on-site, private hot springs set among stunning tropical gardens, relaxing and soothing spa experiences, and unique international dining options.
The Springs Resort and Spa is "The number one relaxation spa hotel in Central and South America" and "One of the seven resorts globally with the most spectacular views." It's also a favorite among celebrities, so keep an eye out. "The Bachelor" was hosted there twice!
The Springs combines upscale luxury with endless adventure.  So much is offered on-site, from five cocktail bars to fine dining and horseback riding to kayaking. There's tubing, mountain biking, a giant waterslide, and fishing, something for every family member.
And for the wildlife lovers… you'll find rescued pumas, monkeys, sloths, turkeys, scarlet macaws, margays, jaguarundis, and ocelots at The Springs' own wildlife reserve. 
Arenal Kioro has well-maintained gardens and seven on-site hot springs. It's eco-friendly and known for its spectacular service. In addition, it's positioned to face the iconic volcano
The Royal Corin has a more contemporary resort ambiance, which you will find elegant, upscale, and zen feels. In addition, the top floor has a fantastic panoramic view.
Tabacon offers a range of accommodations to suit many budgets. Tabacon won awards for Best Luxury Spa Day and Best Luxury Mineral Spring Spa. Treatments are done in private ranchos, with the sounds of the jungle to help you relax. We recommend the volcanic mud wrap.

Budget-Friendly Options Among Hotels in Arenal Costa Rica

Family, budget-friendly options among hotels in Arenal with include Arenal Manoa, Arenal Springs, Volcano Lodge, and Lomas del Volcán.
Mountain Paradise features uninterrupted panoramic views, a pool and wet bar, and complimentary transportation to La Fortuna and the hot springs.
Arenal Manoa is a charming place. It even has a small on-site farm that young children adore. Suites come with modern amenities yet have a rustic charm, and you can see the volcano from the bed! Honeymoon suites have Jacuzzi-style hot tubs. Get a massage in your room or check out the restaurant for gourmet international cuisine paired with some of the best wine in Arenal. This hotel prides itself on its Level 3 Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.
Arenal Springs has on-site cold and hot springs, spa services,  a yoga pavilion, and a full-service fitness suite. The rustic resort uses solar panels and has excellent views from each room. It's a rustic resort with great views from each room. 
Volcano Lodge is another affordable option. It has gorgeous botanical gardens with exotic plants, nature trails, a small playground, a pool with a sunken pool bar, thermal hot springs, and a spa. 
Lomas del Volcán has rustic cabins in the volcano's foothills and has a volcano view from a private terrace. There are 1.5 miles of nature trails and a pool and Jacuzzi. 

Arenal, the Adventure Capital of Costa Rica

Whether you prefer an eco-friendly boutique, a family-friendly one, or even the most luxurious hotel stay of your life, we've got you covered. Any stay in Arenal, Costa Rica, will be full of adventure or relaxation as you desire and tons of volcano views from your hotel, restaurants, pools, and zip lines. 
Speaking of zip lines, did you know that Arenal is the adventure capital of Costa Rica? As wonderful as your hotel may be, leave a few times to go on excursions like rappelling, hanging bridges, birdwatching, and nighttime wildlife tours. There's also tubing, whitewater rafting, ATVs, mountain biking, fishing, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. 
Take a guide with you on your hikes so they can point out easy-to-miss wildlife. Keep binoculars close because you never know when a squirrel monkey will show up close to the hotel pool. Likely when you least expect it. In Arenal, learn to expect wildlife sightings daily, hourly even. Be on the hunt for new creatures from your hotel window, outdoor shower, and thermal pool to complete your Arenal, Costa Rica experience.
Trying to figure out which hotel is best for you by looking at these photos and descriptions can be tricky. However, our travel consultants know them and will gladly help you pick out what's best for your travel personality!

FAQs about the Best Hotels & Resorts near Arenal Volcano

What are the best luxury resorts near the Arenal Volcano National Park? 

Tabacon, The Springs Resort and Spa, and Nayara Resort are some of the most luxurious resorts in the Arenal area. 

How many days do you need in Arenal, Costa Rica? 

Many people like to stay 5-7 days, but you might choose to stay just three and combine Arenal with another excellent tourist destination, getting two vacations combined.

Can you go to the top of Arenal? 

Unfortunately, it's not legal because it's not safe. However, an extinct volcano, Cerro Chato, is right next to it, and you can climb that one, although it's difficult and takes about half a day. You can also go on more accessible hikes around the Arenal Volcano National Park, going through the rainforest and over lava fields from past eruptions, with great views of the volcano.

Is La Fortuna touristy? 

It is touristy because it has a lot to offer tourists. Many workers speak English well, like drivers, tour operators, and waiters. There are a ton of tours and activities available and restaurants and hotels that are up to an international standard. It's not touristy in the sense of being overcrowded.

Is Arenal Volcano safe to visit? 

Arenal is used to having tourists, and everyone keeps an eye out for one another. It's one of the safest parts of Costa Rica; still, you should always keep an eye on your belongings anywhere you travel.

What towns are near the Arenal Volcano? 

Combining Arenal with either Monteverde, Guanacaste, or Jaco is common. These are easy to get to, and each location has something different to offer, such as a cloud forest, golden beaches, and excellent surfing and nightlife.

Can you swim in Lake Arenal in Costa Rica? 

Yup! It's pretty clean. You can splash and swim right from the shore. But, unfortunately, some others end up swimming when they try to stand up paddleboarding or another water sport and fall into the fun of swimming in Lake Arenal.

At what resort was "The Bachelor" filmed in Costa Rica? 

It was filmed at The Springs Resort and Spa, a hotel we highly recommend.
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