Tips for Planning Your Group Trip to Costa Rica

Horseback riding in Guanacaste

Considering a Trip to Costa Rica with Your Group?

Costa Rica's small size, range of activities, well-developed tourism infrastructure, different accommodation choices, and ease of access make it a great destination for groups of all kinds, from family reunions, wedding parties, and groups of friends, to students, corporate retreats, and special interest clubs.
But where to start? When considering and then organizing a group trip to Costa Rica , it is important to first establish priorities, budget, and travel objectives you all have. Otherwise, the whole process can get messy and feel like herding cats. Does the group want an active adventure focused on exploring and plenty of activities? Or is relaxation and rejuvenation the primary aim? Maybe a mixture of both, which we highly recommend. Determining what you want as a group will guide decisions around destinations, accommodations, and activities.
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