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Cities & Towns

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Costa Rica’s capital city of San José is the nation’s political and cultural center, but most tourism bypasses the concrete jungle en route to the real jungle. (Or rainforest, or river ravine, or beaches, or volcanoes, or …) But the nation’s cities and small towns are the heart of Costa Rica, and host the infrastructure, hotels and restaurants that make travel so convenient. Life here is tranquil, and the pace slows even more in beach towns and other tourism hotspots. Nevertheless, the nearest town is never far away, so even when you’re traipsing through dense jungle, your next meal, medical facilities and a warm bed are always easy to find.

  • Puerto Jimenez

    Puerto Jimenez

    Puerto Jimenez embodies the relaxed atmosphere particular to this stunning region of Costa Rica. The main beach is tranquil and ideal for watersports, making the town a perfect starting point for travelers embarking on scuba diving...

  • Golfito


    Golfito is located in the Southernest part of Costa Rica, on the eastern side of Golfo Dulce, close to Panama. The port enjoyed prosperity at the beginning of the 20th Century with the United Banana Company, and was the only port of any...

  • Zarcero


    Zarcero´s beauty is related to its particular microclimate, and therefore the different vegetation of the area. The town is known between locals as a cold and foggy city, but also as wonderful place to purchase different types of...

  • Town of Montezuma

    Town of Montezuma

    The southern Nicoya Peninsula possesses two jewels – the beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa and the community of Montezuma. Both are reached the same way, ferry and car or by plane to Tambor, and both take up the tip of the peninsula,...

  • Cartago


    Cartago is a Costa Rican city that serves as capital of the eponymous province. Founded in 1565 by Spanish settlers, the city served as the first capital of Costa Rica until the year of 1823, when the national government was transferred...

  • Turrialba


    Turrialba will offer you with the true essence of Costa Rica. The vibrant green pastures and magnificent scenery will transport you to a world of simple beauty and serenity. It is the only place of the country where a cheese bearing its...

  • Puntarenas


    Puntarenas is a city and province in Costa Rica. The province consists of the southern two-thirds of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, from the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and

  • Liberia


    Liberia is the capital and largest city in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste and is home to the country’s second largest international airport, Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR). Because of its location, it’s...

  • Golfo Dulce

    Golfo Dulce

    Those seeking lush pristine rainforests, monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, ocelots and many big cats, as well as anteaters and sloths, to name just a few, should most definitely have Golfo Dulce on their list.

  • San Isidro

    San Isidro

    San Isidro is an ideal place to start when venturing into the stunning Talamanca mountain range. Several national parks are located a short drive away from San Isidro, making it the perfect destination for travelers who want to explore...

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