The Best Places to Stay in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Destinations in Costa Rica

If there's one thing (aside from gorgeous tropical beaches and spectacular nature) that Costa Rica is famous for, it's the cloud forests. 
Of course, cloud forests are all over Central America - you'll find them in every other country in the region - but there's still something quintessential about them in Costa Rica. It could be because cloud forests are at the vanguard of ecotourism in Costa Rica and are home to some of the most beautiful reserves in the country.
And then there are the hotels. Costa Rica's cloud forest resorts are some of the best in the country, from cozy boutique affairs, intimate and upscale, to more rustic eco-lodges and bungalows. So if you're looking for a place to stay while you experience the magic of the cloud forest in Costa Rica, let us help you.
Our expert travel advisors know their way around every inch of Costa Rica, including the country's various cloud forest regions. 
They've stayed in all the best cloud forest resorts in Costa Rica and can give you the best advice based on your travel needs, from the type of hotel you like to the things you want to see and do, your budget, your room requirements, and more.
Let us guide you around the cloud forests of Costa Rica and help you incorporate these unique ecosystems into your customized vacation itinerary.


Monteverde is the most famous cloud forest area of Costa Rica, consisting of large, protected zones of pristine forests full of birds and nature. 
Eco-tourists have been visiting Monteverde for years to hike, birdwatch, spot orchids and amphibians, and enjoy adventures like zip lining and hanging bridges. Monteverde is one of Costa Rica's original eco hotspots.
Because of this, it's in Monteverde where you'll find most of the cloud forest hotels in Costa Rica. The village of Santa Elena is home to many of them, from charming bed and breakfasts to more upscale and luxurious offerings. 
If you're interested in a few nights in Monteverde, you have many hotels to choose from, and our travel advisors can help you make the right decision. 
Just be aware that this part of Costa Rica is cooler than many other places and, as such, many hotels in Monteverde don't have swimming pools.

San Ramon

The cloud forests of San Ramon lie in a perfect spot just outside the Central Valley, and within easy access to the Pacific coast, the Arenal Volcano area, and San Jose
This makes the location much more convenient for travelers than Monteverde. It's a great stop at the beginning or end of your vacation.
There's a great hotel here, the boutique eco-lodge Villa Blanca, set on a 2,000-acre private reserve and surrounded by the best of rural Costa Rica. 
While Monteverde sees many tourists on the cloud forest trails, Villa Blanca and the cloud forests of San Ramon see far fewer. 
It's a perfect spot to experience the cloud forests in peace.

San Gerardo de Dota

You'll find the cloud forests of San Gerardo de Dota in the south of Costa Rica, below San Jose, on the route to San Isidro and the southern Pacific coast. 
To get there, you need to pass through the Cerro de Muerte and the high, cool cloud forests on the other side of this mountain pass.
Here, you'll find pristine forests where, if you're lucky, you'll spot resplendent quetzals and other exotic birdlife. This whole area is famous for the quality of its bird-watching and fly fishing in the Rio Savegre, which forms here before flowing to the Pacific.
There are several inns and eco-hotels in San Gerardo, including the Savegre Lodge, which sits on its own 1,000 acres of nature reserve comprising pristine cloud forests, waterfalls, and rivers.
These are the leading cloud forest areas you'll find in Costa Rica, and indeed the cloud forest areas with the best hotels. 
Whatever kind of Costa Rica cloud forest resort you're looking for, allow us to help you with our suggestions and ideas.
Contact us today, and we'll have you staying in some cozy cloud forest accommodations before you know it, where you'll experience some of the most beautiful nature Costa Rica has to offer.

FAQs About Best Places to Stay in a Costa Rica Cloud Forest

Can you stay in the cloud forest in Costa Rica? 

Yes, you can stay in the cloud forest in Costa Rica. You'll find hotels of all sizes and price ranges in Costa Rica's cloud forest regions. So let us give you a hand with that!

What part of Costa Rica is the cloud forest?

Cloud forests are high-elevation rain forests, cloud-covered most of the time (hence the name), humid, and cool. You'll find cloud forests in most higher-elevation parts of Costa Rica, although Monteverde is the most famous one.

Where is the best place to see the cloud forest in Costa Rica?

Monteverde is the most well-known cloud forest area of Costa Rica, with the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offering miles of trails to hike through and experience nature.
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