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Costa Rican Nature & Wildlife

We love Costa Rica for the same reason any nature lover wants to come for a visit here. Costa Rica nature vacation packages are the pride and joy of our business! Remember, every one can be customized.

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Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. Long before it became a tourism hot spot, the country was frequented by scientists of various disciplines. Later on, it opened up to nature enthusiasts through careful, unobtrusive planning. Progressive environmental polices are are a hard promise to maintain, but Costa Rica is doing its best to do so.

Nowdays vacationers can witness exotic flora, fauna and wildlife of Costa Rica, while staying at an eco resort or jungle lodge. These accommodations are built to seamlessly immerse you in the tropical rainforest!

Costa Rica has developed Certificate of Sustainability, a program that proposes balance in using natural resources in the field of tourism. Many Costa Rican hotels are certified with CST, and follow on the country’s goal to establish good environmental practices.

Staying in such accommodations will help you get close to, if not even literally stay in unspoiled natural habitats. You will be able to experience undisturbed harmony of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, knowing that your support of eco hotels has helped local communities achieve their altruist goals.

Picking the Right Destination in Costa Rica

Apart from densely populated Central Valley, the whole country is teeming with great spots for a nature vacation. Picking the right one depends on your preferences and expectations. This tiny country has 12 distinct climates! And the diverse flora and fauna is painting beautiful, high contrasts across all those different landscapes. So, which one of the Costa Rica vacations packages would be good for you?

Cloud Forest: A Paradise for Birders

Avid birdwatchers will enjoy highlands and cloud forests of Monteverde. Another great spot for bird watching is the secluded sleepy village of San Gerado de Dota. It’s set high in the mountains of the Cordillera Central, two hours going south from San Jose. Both these areas are fairly accessible, with somewhat rugged roads. The accommodations range from basic to modest luxury.

Untamed Depths of the South Pacific

The most famous destination for Costa Rica nature vacations is Corcovado National Park. Nested on the Osa peninsula at the south Pacific coasts, it boasts the highest biodiversity rate in the country. This tropical rainforest is home to some of the best eco lodges in the world! Upscale, luxurious but still sustainable accommodations on the verge of the jungle is the motto they run by.

The Caribbean Coast

Lowlands that are popular spots for wildlife watching are Tortuguero National Park and Cano Negro reserve. Both are bordering the northern frontier with Nicaragua. Tortuguero is set on the Carribean coast, while Cano Negro is easily accessible from the Arenal volcano area. Arenal is a well developed destination, offering great array of accommodations.

The majority of them are following a ‘green’ philosophy, and there aren’t any massive resort-type hotels here. Tortuguero is a rather unique place in Costa Rica, accessible only through network of rivers and canals. There are only few hotels that offer more than a basic B&B experience, but those that do, do it well.

Secluded Nature Spots

There are also several secluded nature spots that aren’t found on many travel guides. They are featuring great eco-sustainable programs which highlight both nature and adventure. Inquire with travel consultants for all the details about them!

What ever area you choose to visit, you will fall in love with both nature and your hosts. Lodges are usually run as family businesses, and the personalized service is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Make sure you get the most of your Costa Rica Vacation! When you feel ready, call or email us so we can start planning nature vacation package that’s ideal for you.

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