Costa Rica Nature & Wildlife Vacations

Costa Rica Nature Vacations

Costa Rica is paradise for nature lovers, and these customizable Costa Rica nature vacation packages showcase the pride and joy of the country.

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Vibrant Nature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in Central America, home to about 5% of the planet’s species. Immersing yourself into the heart of the country’s biodiversity is possible with carefully planned, well-researched Costa Rica nature vacations. With an expert guide, you can learn how to best experience Costa Rica’s wildlife.

This incredible treasury of vegetation and wildlife is one of the main reasons visitors come, and one of the aspects that make Costa Rica so unique.

At Costa Rica Vacations we love to share our love for the vegetation and wildlife that populate the country. Our in-depth personal knowledge of the areas and hotels allows you to enjoy the nature vacation of your dreams in a sustainable way.

Get off the grid, surround yourself with singing birds, go sloth-seeing, or visit one-of-a-kind cloud forests where calm reigns. Also, discover different tips on how to safely navigate Costa Rica’s wildlife to make the most of your trip.

Contact us and tell us what you want to do, and we’ll be happy to tell you where to go and when. Take advantage of our expertise and journey into the great outdoors!

Destinations for the Best Costa Rica Nature Vacations

The whole of Costa Rica is teeming with great spots for a nature vacation. Sloths, quetzals, turtles, toucans, sea turtles, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, exotic flowers and lush jungles are just some of the elements you can enjoy in this country.

The trick is to know where to find what in order to maximize your chances of seeing these species in the wild, just as it was intended.

This is why picking the right Costa Rica nature vacation package depends on your preferences and expectations.

There are 12 distinct climates to choose from, diverse flora and fauna, and different landscapes to view. There’s a chance for you to sit by the ocean in a white-sanded beach, or to hike across the canyons of a mountain in search of hidden waterfalls.

This is why each of our Costa Rica vacations packages is customizable to suit your needs and wants.

If you are not sure where to start, there’s no need to worry. Here are some of the best destinations for an immersing vacation into Costa Rica’s nature.

The Cloud Forest: A Paradise for Birders

Avid birdwatchers have a great base in Costa Rica. All kinds of chirping birds and larger predators abound in the air and treetops.

The highlands and cloud forests of Monteverde are a particularly great location.

The cloud forest in this area is home to the elusive Quetzal and a never-ending list of other birds and animals.

A hike, a pair of binoculars, and an expert guide are the best combination to find those hidden in the foliage.

Another great spot for birdwatching is the secluded sleepy village of San Gerardo de Dota. It’s set high in the mountains of the Central Mountain Range, two hours going South from San Jose.

Both these areas are fairly accessible, with somewhat rugged roads that make the trip more interesting. It all adds to the adventure!

The Untamed Depths of the South Pacific

The most famous destination for Costa Rica nature vacations is Corcovado National Park.

Nestled on the Osa Peninsula in the South Pacific coast, it boasts the highest biodiversity rate in the country.

This tropical rainforest is home to some of the best ecolodges in the world. Upscale, luxurious but still sustainable accommodations on the verge of the jungle are the motto they run by.

Here the forests are barely touched by humankind anymore, offering a secluded, private stay in the company of nature.

This is where the real jungle is. Buckle up, escape from the outside world, and enjoy an off-the-grid experience.

Sea Turtles & The Caribbean Coast

The lowlands of the Caribbean may not be as popular as the Pacific coast, yet they are incredible spots to get off the beaten path and go wildlife watching.

Tortuguero National Park and Caño Negro Reserve are two locations in particular where the visit is more than worth checking out.

Here is where the famous massive nesting takes place each year, and lucky visitors may catch a glimpse at the natural wonder with an expert guide’s advice.

Although they are both bordering the northern frontier with Nicaragua, Caño Negro is easily accessible from the Arenal Volcano area.

Tortuguero is also a rather unique place in Costa Rica, accessible only through a network of rivers and canals.

Here it’s possible to disconnect from the outside world completely and allow yourself to experience peaceful beaches, coral reefs, and rich vegetation.

Advantages of Sustainable & Secluded Spots

Going for a smaller, boutique hotel rather than a resort is one of the best ways to experience nature in Costa Rica.

Several secluded nature spots aren’t found on many travel guides, but they provide more contact with the ecosystem around them.

They usually feature great eco-sustainable programs which highlight both nature and adventure.

These hotels are also a great way to help the local communities, as these boutique businesses are usually run by families.

It’s an opportunity to see Costa Rica from the eyes of those who have loved it their whole lives.

Costa Rica’s Sustainability Practices

Nature in Costa Rica is serious business. About 20% of Costa Rica’s territory has been protected by law in one way or another to preserve its biodiversity.

This is why the country is open to careful, unobtrusive planning that showcases its natural resources.

Costa Rica’s progressive environmental policies have become worldwide known. It has obtained several world records regarding its sustainability practices for energy, recycling, and rainforest protection.

Nowadays, vacationers can witness the exotic flora, fauna, and wildlife of Costa Rica while staying at an eco-friendly hotel or jungle lodge.

To make sure business and nature coexist, Costa Rica has developed the Certificate of Sustainability, a program that proposes balance in using natural resources in the field of tourism.

Many Costa Rican hotels are certified with CST and follow on the country’s goal to establish good environmental practices. These accommodations are built to seamlessly immerse guests in the tropical rainforest.

Staying at these hotels is the closest to experiencing unspoiled natural habitats. Head out to enjoy the undisturbed harmony of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, knowing that supporting eco-hotels helps local communities achieve their altruist goals.

If you are a nature lover trying to make lifetime memories into the wild, we’re happy to help. Contact us so we can start planning the nature vacation package that’s ideal for you.

Make sure to get the most of your Costa Rica Vacation, wake up and enjoy nature!

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