Group Travel to Costa Rica

Group Travel Costa Rica

We’ve been designing trips to Costa Rica for over 15 years! We look forward to working with you to customize your group’s vacation. We can design the best packages for any type of group travel: multi-family, incentive, sports, churches, school groups, and more.  

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Costa Rica Group Vacations

Group travel to Costa Rica can make for lifelong memories – relaxation by white-sanded beaches, awe-inspiring views, and adventures in the jungle are just a taste.

Vacationing as a group can also cause a great deal of stress for those planning the trips.

It’s not just about getting 15+ people to agree on the best time to travel or even defining a budget. It’s about knowing how to get the best prices, which hotel to pick, how everyone will get to eat, and how to move around once in the country.

There are many elements to pay attention to, and trying to become an expert on a new location to make sure all the details go well is a hard order to fill.

Whether you’re planning for the extended family, a work trip, or friends, Costa Rica Vacations is here to help. Our experienced Travel Consultants and professional ties will remove all the stress from your vacation.

Leave the planning to us and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits!

Make This Your Best Vacation Ever… You Deserve It!

How to Get Costa Rica Group Travel Right

Costa Rica offers beautiful locations and world-class hotels, and having the right preparation makes for a smooth and hassle-free vacation.

There are safe and successful ways of planning a Costa Rica group vacation even if you are not sure how to start. With the right kind of help and deep local knowledge, it’s easy to ensure the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan in Advance

There’s no need to worry if you simply prepare beforehand. Checking hotels for availability, reserving transportation, organizing tours and securing restaurant space are some of the most important steps.

There are many details to tend to, and booking well in advance guarantees the best possible spots and even early booking discounts. To ensure bedding arrangements are to your satisfaction, it’s also best to make reservations as early as possible.

The same happens with tours or special requests – the sooner they’re requested, the better.

If you are not sure about these details, don’t despair. Enlisting the help of a Travel Agency such as Costa Rica Vacations is a great way to remove stress from the whole experience.

We know the properties personally and can recommend the options that suit your wants and budget.

We Plan the Details — You Relax & Enjoy the Voyage!

2. Be Ready to Provide Details About the Group

Not every group is the same.

Who is coming along and the reason behind your trip to Costa Rica change exponentially the type of vacation experienced. This is why we offer customized attention to every group travel package.

This is also why you should be ready to provide crucial details to your Travel Consultant like:

  • Number of people traveling
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Names of travelers
  • Number of rooms & bedding arrangements
  • Expected tours or activities

This information determines directly the type of hotel and transportation you’ll need, as well as how the total cost will look like. Having all this at hand makes the decisions easier.

A size-fits-all does not apply in group travel, not if you are in search of a once in a lifetime experience. So tell one of our Travel Consultants all these details, and they’ll put together a package that suits those needs.

3. Arrange Private Transportation

Arriving and leaving Costa Rica may offer its own challenges.

All travelers may arrive in the same flight, or if you’re scattered across the country, it may be at different times, even on different dates. And all of you need to get to the same place.

Costa Rica only has two international airports, each closer to some destinations than the other. However, directly traveling from the airport to the hotel will most likely take at least an hour.

This is no problem if you can arrange personalized private transportation. We provide a Meet & Greet service with all of our packages that guarantees guests a successful trip to wherever they need to be.

Having a dedicated private driver can also be a good way to save money, especially if the group goes outside the property in search of activities.

Paying extra for transportation becomes an investment to guarantee you are in safe and experienced hands at all times.

You Will Love Your Holiday with Us, We Guarantee It!

A Travel Agency with Local Knowledge & Added Value

Know the country? Check. Understand the challenges that group travel can create? Double check. Able to provide concrete ideas and professional advice for groups of any budget? Triple check!

There are many advantages to booking your Costa Rica group trip with us. Since we started in 1999, Costa Rican Vacations has helped thousands of people get to know the best parts of Costa Rica.

It’s not just that the hassle goes away while we do all the hard work for you. There is also the added value of our local knowledge.

When organizing a personalized trip like the one you want, knowing all the areas and hotels is key for satisfaction. This allows us to cover everything from special requests to recommendations and reservations.

Let us help you make the right choices according to your needs and desires. Get a free quote from us first, and then feel free to change it until you’re comfortable with it.

Another huge benefit is our 0 interest payment plans. There’s no need to pay the full price in advance, simply secure it with 10% of the total. We don’t charge extra for our services either, and you get a package at the agreed cost without added expenses.

Dedicated In-Country Support for Large Groups

For many group leaders, a big concern is who to contact when in Costa Rica when questions arise or recommendations are needed.

There you are, in another country where you don’t speak the language, and in charge of a group. With Costa Rican Vacations, it’s an easy answer – you call us.

We offer an exclusive in-house Travel Experience Team whose sole job is to take care of current visitors.

This service is already included in each of our packages, and it can be even more exclusive if you feel like that it’s needed.

If you want an exclusive concierge taking care of you on-site or readily available on the phone, look no further. Tell your Travel Consultant on the phone and we’ll gladly arrange a quote for this private service.

Whether it’s advice, last-minute changes or even lost passports, you aren’t alone! Just call or message us, and we will be with you every step of the way.

Lifetime memories shouldn’t come with headaches and frustration. If you want a stay that caters to everyone’s tastes, a location that knows how to handle meals for so many, and organized activities for guests, you’re covered.

The ultimate group vacation package to Costa Rica is only a few clicks away. Contact us today and let us help you design a worry-free trip that you’ll be talking about with family and friends for years to come.

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Group Travel Costa Rica: Benefits for Companies

Work trips are usually about enjoying a well-deserved incentive with colleagues at the most beautiful beaches. And as tempting as it sounds, this type of group travel also has specific needs of its own.

Group leaders may struggle with the sheer amount of people and details to pay attention to.

Room availability, meeting rooms, and large group meals can be some of the trickiest aspects to nail down in a vacation.

This is why our group travel packages offer many benefits, including:

  • Complimentary room for your group leader (based on a minimum room number, hotel choice, and availability).
  • Personalized contract to guarantee success.
  • ‘Meet & Greet’ airport service and transportation.
  • 24/7 in-country support (can be made exclusive as well).
  • Zero interest payment plans.

This is added to the help from your Travel Consultant to make the most of your vacation. Choose between hotels with a boutique feel or large resorts, and book as many adventure tours as necessary with the best providers.

In addition, if you want all guests to share the same table, make sure to get reservations for group meals with enough time. And if a private driver is required to be available, that also can be arranged to be part of your package.

Our Travel Experience Team is also available 24/7 while you are in Costa Rica. If any situation arises, or any extras are needed, we are there to help every step of the way.

This service can also be private if you want. At an additional cost, a dedicated travel expert will be either on-site or just a phone call away to answer your questions.

There are many variables to take into consideration and Costa Rica Vacations is more than ready to lend our expertise to facilitate the journey.

To guarantee the trip is secured, we even can provide a group contract to ensure that what is promised is also delivered. Just because this is a work trip it doesn’t mean it has to be identical to every other. Enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the world and create lifelong memories!

Benefits for Extended Family & Groups

Finally, the dream is coming true! It’s time for some quality time with the whole gang – a vacation full of adventure, relaxation, and entertainment.

Since family should always go first, we at Costa Rica Vacations offer a variety of benefits with our group travel packages, including:

  • Room upgrades for your VIP guest(s) (whenever possible).
  • Private group check-in and check-out.
  • ‘Meet & Greet’ airport service and transportation.
  • 24/7 in-country support.
  • Reserve everything with only 10% down when booking six or more months in advance.
  • Zero interest payment plans.

These benefits are an added value to our personalized itineraries, all with the intent of making your vacation as enjoyable as possible.

An awesome family vacation to Costa Rica is easy with proper guidance. Group travel, especially with a multigenerational bunch, can become more complicated than intended.

Grandma may want to relax by the pool and go birdwatching, while the kids may prefer to have space to be noisy and play. Interests can range from gourmet food and cultural experiences to zip lining adventures or surfing lessons.

Some might prefer to stay indoors, while others want to head out to face up nature or in search of adrenaline.

This is why everything from nannies and decorations to birthdays and group meals needs to be scheduled and booked in advance. If there’s a special celebration at hand, we can help arrange any details for it as well.

If you are still not sure of what you want or you will need, that’s why we’re here for. Lodgings are a usual point of discussion as some people prefer big chain names while others prefer more boutique experiences.

An expert Travel Consultant is more than happy to help with this. They can suggest, depending on your situation, whether it’s better to go with a resort or even staying at a rental home. They can also provide advice on what tours to take, and where to eat.

Budget, tastes, and kid-friendly spaces are all taken into account when putting together a package.

Planning a vacation can be much easier with the help of a professional travel agency that knows the country well. Contact us and let us help!

Group Travel Tips

Getting the help from an experienced, local-based travel agency reduces hassle and makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone.


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