All-Inclusive Vacations to Costa Rica

Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacations

We are a local travel agency with 20 years experience designing all-inclusive vacations to Costa Rica. Explore our customizable trips:

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Costa Rica All-inclusive Vacations

We handle all your travel planning details, from initial planning and assessment of your needs, trip design and reservations of every hotel, resort, transportation and tour that comprises your custom travel itinerary.  And it doesn’t end there.  Once in-country, we’re on call should you need us for a restaurant reservation, a change to your plans or if you just need advice or help.  Our service ensures you have an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to enjoy the very best of Costa Rica.

Our All-inclusive Trips Include:

  • VIP airport ‘Meet & Greet’ — We meet you inside the airport and escort you through customs. This exclusive service gets your trip started right and welcomes you to a foreign land with minimal stress.
  • Transportation — Private, door-to-door transfers between airport and your lodging.
  • Bilingual Drivers — They can give you tips about the areas you visit and because the transport is private, you can ask them to stop along the way for scenic photos or to grab a local snack. This makes getting to your destination fun and interesting.
  • Lodging — All-inclusive resort accommodations or meal-inclusive boutique hotels.
  • Tours — as stated in your personalized travel itinerary.
  • Help-Line — 24/7 In-Country Assistance throughout your stay.

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Where to Experience All-inclusive Vacations?

If you are looking for a worry-free resort vacation experience in Costa Rica, the Pacific coast is the place to start. There are a handful of high quality resort options all over Costa Rica, but not that many are 100% all-inclusive.

Guanacaste: Truly All-inclusive Resorts

For those looking for beachfront resorts, the best option is in the Guanacaste Province. With a diverse selection of resorts offering full, all-inclusive food & drink plans, this is an ideal area to visit.  Another benefit of this region is the Liberia Airport.  Arriving through Liberia versus San Jose can save several hours of travel time to and from your beach hotel.  The gorgeous Pacific Ocean is the backdrop for your worry-free vacation in Costa Rica. Sit back, enjoy the view, and RELAX.

Guanacaste is the only destination in the country with family resorts. It features several renowned, high-end hotel chains. With an international airport under 30 minutes from the coast, it’s a convenient location. Each year a few more hotels open, keeping the competition on their toes.  Diverse landscapes, airport proximity, excellent weather, sandy beaches, and golf courses are just a few reasons that this part of Costa Rica is so popular.

Have as many beverages as you’d like, let the kids run free and play with complimentary beach toys, lounge and relax. Enjoy on-site restaurants and great service all day round. Leave the children at the kids’ club and go dancing. Or, if you’re in the mood, join them in in the gaming area.  Lounging at the pool is always an option, and if you want to stay in your room for a nap, you’ll be comfy as well. As a family resort experience, this is the best the country has to offer. If you want to do this with your partner or a group of friends, it’s enjoyable for adults too!

There are also many tour opportunities offered outside your hotel for all types of travelers. Ride around on ATVs, go horseback riding, and hike on sloth-spotting or birdwatching tours. The waters off the Papagayo Peninsula, provide for great sport fishing and sailing.  Gear up and explore the sea while you snorkel or scuba drive in its waters. If you’d like to try the waves, go surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding. Discover the wonderful Costa Rican ocean and beach and get both excitement and relaxation during your stay.

Besides the great resorts at the magnificent beaches of Playa Conchal and Papagayo, there are also some inclusive options at boutique hotels. They might not include all meals and drinks, but they do offer unique experiences in exchange.  Smaller luxury hotels in Costa Rica can provide a more private, cozy stay. Some of the amenities include adult-only properties, exclusive clubs, and relaxing spas. Just the type of tranquility you and your loved one need!

What Our Experts Have to Say

In this episode, Adam talks to local travel experts Kathleen Hall and Rebecca Males about resort options in Costa Rica. They explain what this means for your vacation and what you need to know about the best options for you!

Kathleen Hall – North Carolina, USA
A born traveler, Kathleen knows the ins and outs of Costa Rica’s most exclusive resorts.

Rebecca Males – Orlando, Florida
A Costa Rica expert for the past four years, she loves sharing its Pura Vida lifestyle.

Our Top Picks for Costa Rica Family Resorts

Different from countries like Mexico or Jamaica that are covered with resorts, there are only a handful of real all-inclusive resorts located in Costa Rica, all tucked up in the Guanacaste Province.
Of the handful of options, there are three family resorts that stand out as our personal favorites. And like the rest of Costa Rica, there is a style to match every traveler. Which style is right for you?

The Westin Resort & Spa

This is by far one of the most popular resorts in Costa Rica and for a good reason. It is located on the beautiful beach of Playa Conchal and it has one of the largest pools in the country, as well as an exclusive adults-only portion of the property that makes it perfect for both families and couples. There are several restaurants on-site that are included that offer a wide range of food, so you won’t tire of the same dishes during your stay. Not to mention, they also have a kids’ club for those families with younger travelers.

El Mangroove Autograph Collection, Panama Beach

This resort offers all meals or breakfast included options. We’re fans of this option because it is a more “authentic” and secluded resort. The beach that it is located on is not as populated as Playa Conchal (where the Westin is), so you feel a little more like a local. The design of the property is subtle, and the beach has beautiful dark sand from the volcanic activity. It tends to have a more “couples” vibe, but is still a good option for families and it is located very close to the Liberia Airport, which cuts down on drive time during your trip.

Margaritaville Beach Resort, Flamingo Beach

Yes, the name sounds a bit cheesy, but this hotel is a great value option! Again, this property offers meals-inclusive or breakfast only options. Playa Flamingo is another beautiful beach like Playa Conchal and the hotel is quite small so you won’t be overwhelmed by the large resort-feel that The Westin can have. It does have fewer options for dining included, but to keep your budget low while still having all the benefits, it is a win-win!

Our Top Picks for Couples Resort Getaways

Couples who like to relax poolside and not worry about where the next meal or beer is coming from will love an inclusive package. And couples who want more personalized attention or to explore the area will likely prefer something more boutique.  For the right couple, it is also possible to have both.

There are indeed some places here that cater to couples, offering intimate spaces, seclusion with ocean views, resort amenities and activities, or simply an escape from screaming kids. It is a matter of deciding what’s best for both of you.  If you want a true couple’s experience, you have various options. From some of the best adults-only resorts to private boutiques, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Besides the Westin at Playa Conchal mentioned above, below is another fabulous property choice for couples.

Secrets Papagayo

This adults-only resort is near the Liberia Airport, and it caters to couples in search of some us-time. With a beachfront location, daily activities, seven restaurants, and a laid-back atmosphere, this full experience can be a romantic escapade to remember.

All-Inclusive vs Meal-Inclusive vs Breakfast Only Options – Which Is Best?

Most people know the what the difference is between the standard breakfast included hotel option or the all-meals included hotel option, but there is a third option here in Costa Rica! It is the “meal-inclusive” option.  So, which of the big three here in Costa Rica is right for you? Take a look below:

Breakfast Included: A Traditional Experience

The good, old standard breakfast included is what most people think of when they see this option. Accommodations offering this include either a buffet breakfast or continental breakfast option to start your day off and the remaining meals would be on your own either on site or at a local restaurant.

When people say all-inclusive, they often think of all food and beverages—including alcohol—in the price for no additional charge throughout your stay. Free-range on food and drink, essentially.
This is a standard for some larger resorts in Costa Rica and great for travelers that like to have some cocktails, wine, or beer, and not worry about the extra tab they are running up.

Meal-Inclusive: Comfort in the Jungle

The third option is what we call “meal inclusive”, which means that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in your stay. This does not mean that alcohol is included.  Meal-inclusive is a standard for more remote hotels that are too secluded for you to find a restaurant near.  Lodges and hotels alike must bring in all the food via boat or raft, so while you are staying there, they provide all your meals which is included in the booking price.

Booking a Trip to Costa Rica

Now the question is: do you prefer to spend your day out and about exploring and eating meals in town or while on your excursions? Or do you prefer to lounge by the pool and have meals and drinks at your leisure all day?  Or do you like to visit remote lodges that are secluded and have a rich atmosphere that you don’t leave and feel like you are “at home” for a few days?

All inclusive Webinar:

Maybe an all-inclusive vacation in Costa Rica is perfect for you.  Or perhaps there’s something that better fits your travel personality. How can you know?

Top Tip

Make sure you get out of the resort and explore! Costa Rica is a country where safety beyond resort’s walls doesn’t need to be on your mind.  There is a myriad of different things to do and sights to see, if you just give them a chance. Pick a day during your vacation and head out to explore nature. You won’t regret it!

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