All-Inclusive Vacations to Costa Rica

Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacations

We are a local travel agency with over 15 years of experience creating personalized all-inclusive vacation packages to Costa Rica. Take a look at our customizable Costa Rica travel itineraries:

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Costa Rica All-Inclusive Resorts & Vacations

Costa Rica has plenty to offer: warm beaches, great volcanoes, and thrilling adventures. Its unique biodiversity and location provide a beautiful backdrop while you enjoy your time. Going on one of our Costa Rica all-inclusive vacation packages is not like any standard travel experience, either. Want a taste?

All-Inclusive Experience in Costa Rica

When it comes to all-inclusive offers, Costa Rica stands out from other areas.

Some all-inclusive resorts have one big attraction: you don’t have to worry about food and drinks. However, sometimes the areas around the hotel are not that appealing, and you expect to get all your fun only within the property.

Not in Costa Rica.

We Plan the Details — You Relax & Enjoy the Voyage!

All-inclusive in Costa Rica means that you are not only booking a room, meals, and drinks at your hotel, but you also get safe access to the incredible natural beauties around it.

All-inclusive resorts are located in soft-waved beaches, with great views of the ocean and many chances for fun and adventure.

You can lounge in the morning at the pool, and after lunch go and dip in a calm ocean. You can play with the kids or sunbathe knowing you are steps away from the comforts of the resort. Go out on a tour and explore the area at your convenience, and return for meals and rest.

It is also important to notice that, at some hotels, all-inclusive means that meals and drinks are included in your fee, but there are limitations to the amount you can consume.

To ensure you have the best trip ever, there’s nothing like enlisting the help from local experts to design a travel itinerary tailored to your travel personality. We’re here to help, and we can reassure you whenever there are questions about this.

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

Costa Rica has many great locations to visit. Whether you want to relax or have adventures, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And if you want to have both, it’s also possible.

It’s a matter of choosing what suits you better, and then simply enjoying the most satisfactory all-inclusive vacation you can get. Let our team of experts help you decide not just the hotel but also the type of fun you want to experience:

All-inclusive vacations can be exactly the type of vacation for you. They can even be varied with other hotel experiences.

To make things even easier for you, we provide a series of Let’s make this an unforgettable time, and discover a whole different side of Costa Rica.

Our Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacation Packages Include:

  • VIP airport ‘Meet & Greet’ service. We will meet you inside the airport and escort you through customs for a great start without stress. Exclusive to Costa Rican Vacations!
  • Private, door-to-door transfers between airport and your lodging.
  • Bilingual drivers. They can give you tips about the areas you visit and you can ask them to stop for scenic photos. Make getting to your destination fun and interesting.
  • All-inclusive resort accommodations or meal-inclusive boutique hotels.
  • Tours as stated in your personalized travel itinerary.
  • Private transfer back to the airport.
  • 24/7 In-Country Assistance throughout your stay.

Where to Go on a Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacation?

If you want the best all-inclusive experience in Costa Rica, the Pacific coastline is what you’re looking for. However, there are also other great options across the country, even if they are not all-inclusive. Take a look!

Guanacaste: Truly All-Inclusive Resorts

For those looking for big beachfront resorts, the best option is in Guanacaste. With a diverse selection of restaurants and only some restrictions on their inclusive food and drink plans, this is the area you want to visit. The gorgeous Pacific ocean is the backdrop for your worry-free vacation in Costa Rica. Sit back, enjoy the view, and let others do the work.

Our 24/7 In-Country Service Will Solve Any Snags

Guanacaste is the only destination in the country with true all-inclusive family resorts. It features several world-renowned high-end hotel chains you can choose from. There is also an international airport just 25 minutes away from the coast. Every season a few more hotels spring up, keeping the competition on their toes. Only a few of these are true all-inclusive hotel options, but those that are, do it well.

Vegetation, sandy beaches, and golf courses are some of the scenes you get to play in. Here you can relax, without the worry of running up a bill, simply enjoying your Costa Rica all-inclusive vacation package.

Have as many smoothies as you can, or let the kids run free and play with complimentary beach toys. Enjoy on-site restaurants and great service all day round. Leave the children at the kids’ club and go dancing. Or, if you’re in the mood, join them and play table games.

Lounging at the pool is always an option, and if you want to stay in your room for a nap, you’ll be comfy as well. As a family all-inclusive experience, this is the best the country has to offer. If you want to do this with your partner or a group of friends, it’s enjoyable for adults too!

Outside your hotel there’s chance to go on tours and experience both nature and action. Run around on ATVs, go horseback riding, and hike on sloth-spotting or birdwatching tours. The waters of Papagayo bay are a good opportunity for sportfishing, so if you want to hop on a boat and go sailing you can also do it here.

Gear up and explore the sea while you snorkle in its waters. If you’d like to try the waves, go surfing or paddling with your group. Discover the wonderful Costa Rican ocean and beach, and get both excitement and relaxation during your stay.

Besides the great resorts at the magnificent Conchal beach and Papagayo bay, there are also some inclusive options from boutique hotels. They might not include all meals and drinks, but offer unique experiences in exchange.

Smaller luxury hotels in Costa Rica can provide a more private, cozy stay. Some of the amenities include adult-only properties, exclusive clubs, and relaxing spas. Just the type of tranquility you and your loved one need!

Arenal volcano: Thrills & Adventure in the Forest

Although the only true all-inclusive resorts are located in Guanacaste, other areas in the country offer thrilling experiences that are harder to get at a resort. Some eco-sustainable boutique hotels have a range of accommodations with some meal-inclusive options.

In addition, you get tours that bring excitement, flora, and fauna that are not found at the beach. Once you measure what you gain from a boutique experience it’s easy to see why all-inclusive is not necessarily the only way to enjoy the country.

The Arenal volcano area, for example, is the most popular destination in Costa Rica. Here you can find different types of hotels, ranging from medium-sized resorts to boutique accommodations.

In these hotels you can enjoy some amenities like breakfast buffet, on-site tours, and free access to hot springs. Hotels in the Arenal area offer exquisite service and often feature great restaurants, so meals and comfort are not a problem during your stay.

If your stay is combined with adventure and nature tours—a must when visiting certain areas of the country—you are almost always taken care of. Most importantly, you get to feel Costa Rica’s rich variety.

Staying at a smaller hotel for your vacation in Costa Rica can be a great option. Discover the country in the unique sensations and experiences each hotel and location provide. Mountains, volcanoes, jungles, canyons: Costa Rica’s unparalleled biodiversity brings nature, fun, and wonder into your stay.

You Will Love Your Holiday with Us, We Guarantee It!

The Arenal volcano area also features famous hot springs and several adventure activities. Zip lining or whitewater rafting are some of your options. Tours to protected areas of stunning forests are also a great activity for those who love nature and animals. Experience a wide range of species first-hand in a safe environment.

Consider combining your hotels to create unique memories. Travel to Arenal and then to a resort in Guanacaste to discover an incredible vacation full of both adventure and all-inclusive comfort. Your travel consultant can help you. Ask about how to best combine the activities and accommodations you want, so you remain stress-free and pampered throughout your stay.

Osa: Jungles across Costa Rica

An inclusive vacation should have a little bit of everything, and Costa Rica has plenty of diversity. Toward the south of the country there are also many opportunities for luxury, family fun, and relaxation.

Costa Rica’s more remote areas are perfect spots for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. Due to the secluded location and lack of infrastructure, many hotels in the these distant places offer meal-inclusive plans. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t variety every day. Quite the contrary!

Osa Peninsula is famous for its upscale boutique eco-lodges that include meals in your stay. Days filled with diverse activities will work up your appetite, and your hosts are well aware of that. Menus are extensive and varied, offering several courses for each meal, with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available throughout the day.

After a good breakfast, go out and explore. There are outstanding rainforests in national parks a few steps away from you. Keep your eyes open for all kinds of monkeys, macaws, and sloths peeking from the trees.

Horseback riding, surfing lessons, and hiking are just some of the adventures waiting for you. Impressive primary and secondary forests surround the beaches where you stay. Explore Drake bay, where pirates once visited the country, or admire Dulce gulf from a soothing infinity pool.

Osa is certainly a whole experience of its own. Don’t miss it!

Ready for a Costa Rica All-Inclusive Experience?

Planning all-inclusive travel packages to these areas is not impossible. Enjoy very active days, wonderful meals, and a sunset drink (or two). Whether you are traveling with your family, your friends, or an important companion, there are all-inclusive options for everyone.

Think a Costa Rica all-inclusive vacation might be the thing for you? Call or message us, and one of our travel consultants will get right back to you. Ask questions, discover your options, and begin planning your Costa Rica vacation package today!

All-inclusive Webinar:

Maybe an all-inclusive vacation in Costa Rica is perfect for you, but perhaps there’s something that better fits your travel personality. How can you know?

Watch our webinar with one of our experienced Travel Consultants as we discuss all-inclusive vacation packages here in Costa Rica, and the main things you should consider when planning a getaway like this.

Top Tip

Make sure you get out of the resort and explore! Costa Rica is a country where safety beyond resort’s walls doesn’t need to be on your mind.

There is a myriad of different things to do and sights to see, if you just give them a chance. Pick a day during your vacation and head out to explore nature. You won’t regret it!

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