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Who doesn’t like a good deal? How about a once-in-a-lifetime good deal?

Given that you found this webpage, I assume that you are clued into the fact that we are rapidly approaching what could be tourism Armageddon in Costa Rica. This has opened a unique window of opportunity for savvy investors to snap up prime real estate assets at great prices.

Are you looking for Costa Rica hotels for sale pre-bankruptcy? Or maybe you are searching for distressed luxury, multi-room Costa Rica villas and beach condos for sale? There are billions of dollars in luxury real estate in Costa Rica that will likely become increasingly distressed in coming months.

When Lewis & Clark made their expedition to the great American West, they would have likely failed had they not stumbled upon helpful native guides. We want to be your native guides in this jungle. Before you dive headlong into a major real estate investment in Costa Rica, you should understand the tourism and investment landscape. Let us provide you with a master class in Costa Rican tourism, calling on our 20 years of leadership in the field.

Featured Listings

3 bed/2 bath Condo in Gated Resort – Fully furnished!


This second-floor unit has views of the Pacific Ocean, golf course, and lush tropical gardens. Located in the exclusive Los Suenos Resort, you’ll be surrounded by a world-class marina, common area pools, a spa and restaurants. $409,000

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4 bed/3.5 bath Home Close to the Beach – New construction!


This private home is located in a 5 acre resort with hiking trails, social areas, pools, a gym, tennis and more! The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath layout is spacious and modern – perfect for a family beach house and working remotely. $249,000

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We offer vast depth of knowledge, in both Costa Rica tourism and hotel investment. Call on our experience to plan your own success.

  • Research & Investigation: We use the data we have on customer demand to provide you with visibility into demand for a chosen location and product.
  • Feasibility Studies: Already have a big idea? We’ll stress-test it.
  • Business Plans: Need to flesh out your idea with expert advice? We’ll help you craft a plan that works for the Costa Rican market.
  • Buyer’s Agent Services: The Costa Rican real estate market doesn’t enjoy the same control or oversight as the U.S., Canada and Europe. Don’t get duped. We’ll make sure you avoid the common and hidden traps.
  • General Advice & Counsel: Need a great lawyer? Want to better understand the process? Need to run your due diligence? We’ve done this before and have no skin in the game. We speak only the truth.
  • Connect You to Trustworthy Professionals: Leverage our network and work with the best, the most trustworthy in the business. 
  • Post-Purchase Guidance: We’ll help you before, during and after you invest, to maximize ROI.
  • Fractional Ownership/Investment Fund: Gain access to use our portfolios properties, as an element to your return on investment.

When it comes to Costa Rica hotels for sale and other investment properties, one mistake could cost you millions of dollars, lawsuits, time and energy. Let’s avoid that. We know the common pitfalls, the toxic properties (and people), and where the hidden gems are buried. 

We’ll help you make a great investment, at a unique moment in history.

  1. Don’t Know Hotels: No two hotel markets are alike. With two decades of experience, $30MM in 2019 vacation sales, and two of our own successful hotels, we know what works (and what doesn’t) for Costa Rican hoteliers and vacationers. 
  2. Don’t Know Costa Rica: The most beautiful hotel in the world won’t fill occupancy, if it’s not located in the right location or the right market. We parlay our experience with satisfied Costa Rican travelers, to help you choose the right property. 
  3. Absentee Owners: If you don’t plan to reside in Costa Rica full-time and manage your property in person, then your pool of potential purchases narrows drastically. Or, it should. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.
  4. No Insider Knowledge: Costa Rica still operates a sophisticated whisper network – secret histories, private warnings, murmured advice, and info shared only with those in-the-know. Luckily, we’re in-the-know.
  5. Not BusinessMinded: It’s easy to fall in love with a property, but when you’re not tuned into Costa Rica tourism and the legalities of local business, bad investment can follow.

For two decades, we have successfully operated one of the top travel agencies in the region. In addition, we understand the brick-and-mortar side of tourism: We built and manage two of our own hotels and we know all sides of the Costa Rican tourism industry, including construction, banking, legal, permits, sales, marketing and maintenance. Our resume, in brief:

  • Launched as a two-person startup in 1999
  • Grew to a 100+ person organization in under 10 years
  • Expanded to Panama in 2006; we now offer travel to all Central America
  • Sold over $30MM in vacations in 2019
  • We built one of Central America’s top-rated Luxury Boutique Hotels
  • We have access to the country’s best property management services, rental pools, and affiliate properties.

About the Author

About the Author

Justin DeBoom

I first came to Costa Rica in 2004 with some friends. Being from Florida, this was an easy trip and after my first trip down, I started coming back a few times a year. In 2009, I closed down my business in the states and decided to move to Costa Rica and learn Spanish for a year. Here it is a decade later and I am still here. I guess I am a slow learner.

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Contact me at or give me a call at +1 855 869 7390. Looking forward to helping you navigate Costa Rica hotel and rental ownership space.

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