There’s nothing like scheduling in some pampering for your vacation – leisure tours that force you to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your downtime. Here, leisure is easy.

Relaxation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica lulls you with its natural soundtrack: the melodies of rainforest birdlife, the crashing surf, hooting howler monkeys, and the rumbles of active volcanoes. Add to the equation scenery that begs for relaxation, like powdery beaches and dense jungle, solitary mountains and misty cloud forest. Here’s it’s easy to relax; the only challenge is choosing the when, the where, and the how often?

That’s where Costa Rica’s leisure tours step in, making it simple to schedule some indulgence. These tours tap into the nation’s incredible settings, therapeutic aromas, and calming harmonies to create the ultimate in relaxation. Start with a spa treatment, Costa Rica-style: your pampering takes place in the rainforest; your mud wrap incorporates local clay; locally harvested coconut oil accompanies your massage; and essential oils are crafted from Costa Rican vanilla and ylang ylang.

Varied Relaxation Options

If you prefer more active leisure, the nation’s yogis welcome you to challenging sessions – beachfront on silken sands, in the silence of the mountains, or with a volcanic backdrop. Golfing is prime, too, and several courses, championship included, dot Costa Rica’s landscapes, cozying up to the coast and sprawling over the Central Valley.

One of the nation’s greatest leisure offerings are its natural hot springs, which dot the landscapes surrounding active volcanoes. Heated mineral waters, mud baths, and thermal hot springs are as secluded or convenient as you please. Choose from isolated springs surrounded only by lush gardens, or opt for amenities like waterslides, spring-front restaurants, and swim-up bars. Your natural whirlpool awaits!

Whatever your relaxation style, these leisure tours will wrap you in indulgence and pamper you stress-less.

Relaxation Top Tip

To make the most out of travelling between locations, ask your Travel Consultant about Adventure Connection tours. This way you break up the ride with a tour!

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