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No matter what kind of board you like to ride, what wave you like to surf or what level you’re skills are at, Costa Rica delivers and we can create a surfing vacation to match.

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Costa Rica is famous the world over as one of the top destinations for surfing. Year round warm water and consistent waves make it a draw for people seeking all manner of surfing vacation package.

The variety of coastline offers up a myriad of options for anyone looking to enjoy the thrill of riding waves in Costa Rica. There are soft beach breaks for beginners and barrelling point breaks for more advanced wave riders.

No matter what kind of board you like to ride, what wave you like to surf or what level your skills are at, Costa Rica delivers and we can create a surfing vacation package to match.

The North Pacific

The waves of Northern Guanacaste were made famous in the Endless Summer movies and many people flock to the beaches of Tamarindo, Playa Grande and Langosta each year. Day boat charters will take you to Ollies Point and also Witch’s Rock and you can even meet the legend, Robert August, at his shop in the town of Tamarindo.

We offer a number of great beachfront hotels in the area and work with reputable surf instructors who can help you make your first pop up, or guide you to the break of your choice.

Nicoya Peninsula

The Southern end of Nicoya is a mecca for surfing and yoga, with towns like Nosara and Mal Pais featuring prominently in travel publications over the years. This is the part of the world were Tom Brady, Giselle and Mel Gibson come to holiday! The waves are not bad either.

Many truly beachfront accommodations dot the shoreline and the long, open beaches offer plenty of opportunity to grab a peak alone. However, the main spots do get crowded during high season.

Central and the South Pacific Coast

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica provides some of the heaviest waves in the country but also a few surprises. Right at the port of Caldera is the almost a mile long left-hander known as Boca Barranca. This wave is particularly great for longboards. Its ease of access does mean it gets crowded and the flow from the Barranca River can be both a little cold, and also a little dirty.

Further south you can find the more famous breaks of Jaco and Hermosa. Separated by only a few minutes of road the waves are hugely different. The horseshoe bay of Jaco provides a much softer and easier wave, good for beginners at the Southern end. It can close out though, and more advanced surfers will find more fun elsewhere.

Hermosa is a long, black sand beach which offers a genuine board breaking wave. Fast and with plenty of barrels to catch some shade from the sun, this is one of Costa Rica’s premiere waves.

As you travel south from here, the beaches are less crowded but offer excellent surfing. Esterillos, Bejuco, Dominical and onward provide endless empty waves.

The South of the country is home to two of the best waves, Pavones and Matapalo. Both long and one going left, the other right, these waves are a little hard to get to, a little more fickle but will reward the adventurous traveler.

So, contact us today and let us help you plan the ultimate surfing vacation package to Costa Rica.

Top Tip:

If you have never visited Costa Rica before, find a good local guide to surf with. You don’t want to end up surfing a few hundred yards from the best break on that beach, just because you didn’t know about it.

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