Jaco Beach Hotels

Jaco, situated on the central Pacific coast, is Costa Rica’s largest beach town. Jaco beach hotels offer tourists the chance to surf and sunbathe while being close to great food and nightlife.

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Jaco Beach and Nightlife

As a black sand beach, Jaco bay is not renowned for its beauty. Although its palm-fringed sand and jungle backdrop are stunning, it is more known for being the “tourist town” of Costa Rica.

Here there is no end to the nightlife; restaurants and bars line the main street and compete for space on the many side roads leading to and from the beach The service industry is well developed and you can find banks and internet cafes as well as souvenir and surf shops.

The beach itself is a good place to learn to surf, the shallow slope of the bay and direction it faces offer more mellow waves than some of the surrounding surf spots. However if you know your way around a board then you can easily access some of the more experienced breaks such as Hermosa and Bejuco just 10 and 20 minutes south, respectively.

Nightlife in Jaco

The town is popular with expats, fishing groups and more and more with groups of students and party goers. While families are welcomed and will find plenty to do during the day, it is worth taking note of the fact that Jaco does deserve its reputation for its more nocturnal activities.

This should not put you off considering it as a great place to base your Costa Rica vacation around and Jaco hotels are definitely worth thinking about. As mentioned, the town has great amenities and restaurants and from here it is easy to access tours, national parks and other activities. The roads around Jaco tend to be of decent quality.

Hotels in Jaco

Our favorite hotels actually located in Jaco are the Club del Mar and the Club del Sol. Club del Sol is more of a fully serviced rental than a hotel and is great for small groups.

Club del Mar is one of Jaco’s most exclusive resorts. Featuring a spa, restaurant and beautiful gardens right on the beach, this hotel is a real favorite.

Our other two hotels in the area are situated outside Jaco in Herradura. The los Suenos resort is a stunning modern resort and marina featuring rentals and a hotel. A little further on from Los Suenos is the 5 star Villa Calletas. Situated 1150 feet above the Pacific Ocean this luxury hotel features everything any world class luxury hotel would as well as some of the most incredible views in the country.

So there you have our favorite hotels in Jaco, Costa Rica. If you would like more details then please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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