Costa Rican Vacations Travel Awards

From travel experts to other travel experts, these awards are to celebrate our community for all the work they do.

Aerial view of Casa Chameleon, overlooking the ocean during a sunset
Here at Costa Rican Vacations, we've been exploring and checking out the best hotels, tours, eating spots, and other tourism-related businesses and services since 1999. That's well over two decades of enjoying all the perks of Costa Rica travel in order to pass on our experiences and recommendations to you.
But after years of being pampered in some of the top tropical hotels, resorts, and eco-lodges in the world—while getting our adrenaline pumped with the best outdoor activities known to humanity—we decided it's time to give back. Time to acknowledge the best of the best when it comes to Costa Rica tourism. Time to show our appreciation for the travel industry in this country and to show the world just how great it is, as well as how wonderful the hardworking men and women in Costa Rican tourism are.
So we decided to inaugurate our very own Costa Rican Vacations Travel Awards! Yes, starting in 2023, we will spread the love and honor the best this beautiful country has to offer.
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