Sports Tours

For those who love to compete or thrive on physical activity, Costa Rica’s exciting sports tours are the perfect fit.

Sports Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s sporting activities are both thrilling and challenging, encouraging you to test your limits and improve your personal bests

Take to the high seas to catch the next record billfish, or gallop down a secluded beach at sunset. Challenge yourself to tackle a frothing rapid without capsizing your raft. Learn the basics of balancing on a longboard, or tackle the nation’s biggest surfing waves.  Dive deep into aquamarine worlds of underwater riches.

Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Perhaps the most famed of all the nation’s sports tours is its deep-sea fishing, which takes you offshore to reel in yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, monster tarpon, and wahoo. Inshore fishing is also popular, introducing you to the delicious world of snook, grouper, snapper and jacks. It’s an incredible feeling when your line bends with the first fish and you strap into the chair, ready to reel in the next Big One!

Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing is another iconic Costa Rican sport, thanks to decades of killer waves, surf championships, and a developed surfing culture. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers will all find their place here, as the Caribbean and Pacific coasts offer both perfect three-footers and gargantuan breaks – and everything in between. And if you’re craving a slower pace, check out the nation’s golf courses – a leisurely sport, but a serious challenge. Pristine greens dot the Pacific Coast and cut inward toward the Central Valley, and several championship course promise seriously demanding conditions, like sneaky sandtraps and the biggest water hazard of all – the ocean!

White-water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, and sea kayaking are some of Costa Rica’s other sporting tours, where you can combine physical challenges with awe-inspiring scenery and memorable experiences. What are you waiting for?

Top Tip for Sports Tours

To make the most out of travelling between locations, ask your Travel Consultant about Adventure Connection tours. This way you break up the ride with a tour!

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