Deep Sea and Offshore Fishing

Deep Sea and Offshore Fishing

Are you ready for some offshore fishing in Costa Rica? You are offshore once you hit 30 meters in. Here the boats get more robust, the fish harder to reel in, and the equipment more sturdy. Once you trade the small motorboat for a larger fishing vessel or a charter, you know you’re up to some serious fishing.
Offshore boats are generally much larger than inshore boats, and may need to be moored in a marina. They are sturdily constructed so they can brave the weather and water conditions encountered in open waters. It’s safe to say that offshore has more of the unknown and thus, more variables to consider.
This is why such activity requires more knowledge in navigation and safety precautions. Therefore, offshore fishing is usually targeted to more experienced anglers. Overall, offshore fishing is more physically demanding. If you imagine a long, relaxing day at the shore – you’re in for a surprise!
Costa Rica provides one of the world’s best fishing experiences at just roughly a 2½-hour flight from most southern U.S. cities. It is also an excellent billfish destination and you can easily catch them in the dozens on a great day.
In our offshore fishing trips you’ll usually troll around 10-20 miles from the shore. At this distance, you’ll have excellent chances at catching marlin in the 250-700lb range or sailfish in the 100-250lb range. So, if getting hold one of these great beasts has always been on your bucket list, we have a large variety of packages for you.
There has been a lot of buzz about marlin fishing in Costa Rica. Over the past three years, many private boats have been traveling to the offshore seamounts here and raising unheard of numbers of blue marlin. From December to March, and even well into April and May, you’ll get excellent bite.
Our elite charter fleet is now offering these trips to travelers as well. If you are eager to know why Costa Rica has given one more claim to fame in the fishing world, book with us and find out why!
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