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Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast is worlds apart in terms of atmosphere and culture from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Vacation rentals are the perfect choice for tourists who want to sample the unique culture of this fascinating part of the country firsthand.

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Rentals in the Caribbean

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is home to some of the country’s most charming, if somewhat neglected towns, including Puerto VIejo, the most popular tourist destination in the area. Here, you can sample delicious cuisine inspired by the fusion of Spanish and Caribbean foods, dance the night away at one of the many beachfront nightclubs that line the shore, or simply kick back and relax on the golden sand.

With a fascinating past and some of the most stunning scenery in Central America, this stretch of coastline is the ideal destination for visitors who want to experience the melting pot of cultures that cannot be found anywhere else in Costa Rica. With so much to see and do,Caribbean vacation rentals are perfect for lengthy stays, family getaways and anyone seeking to escape the drudgery of everyday life and lose themselves in a tropical paradise.

Tree House Lodge

There are a lot of options out there, but for the true Costa Rica nature experience we recommend stay at Tree House Lodge, in Punta Uva. This property is practically a part of national reserve of Gandoca-Manzanillo National Park, on the very south of the country. Main hub in the area—Puerto Viejo—is just a short ride away.

Surrounding paths are full of wildlife, and you’ll most likely encounter iguanas, howler monkeys, sloths and exotic crabs daily. With rich and elegant woodwork in every suite, spacious rooms and bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen to keep the budget on the friendly side and very helpful and hospitable staff—everything’s all set for a worry-less vacation full of adventures and relaxation.

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