Osa Peninsula Hotels

Osa Peninsula, located on Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast, is one of its most biologically diverse spots. Still wild and untamed, it is home to some of the most unique lodgings in all of Costa Rica.

Best Places to Stay in Osa Peninsula

Many wonder if the Osa Peninsula is the right choice for them. By the way, it’s totally fine if it’s not. There are so many amazing locations for Costa Rica vacations. Just hearing the word “Osa” invokes a mysterious feeling, likely because the Osa Peninsula is still largely unknown to most visitors to Costa Rica. Even many locals are unfamiliar with this remote location. Those who do know it, however, rave about it endlessly, and many go back year after year after year for an experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

So, what is it about this place? What draws people to Osa? In short, a chance to really be in the middle of, and at one with, the jungle. This is very unlike a tourist city with a few trails in a nearby forest. There are absolutely no cities nearby and exploring the jungle can take days, months even, if you have the time! Osa is home to Costa Rica’s largest national park and it draws scientists and nature enthusiasts of all kinds.

There are various large populations of endangered species to be spotted, both on land and at sea. All trips to Osa require binoculars and amazing cameras.

Is Osa Peninsula the right choice for me?

Before traveling to Osa, ask yourself a few questions. Will I be scared if I see a puma? Can I deal with bugs? It is a remote rainforest with humidity and bugs to deal with. It’s worth it, for the chance to see spider monkeys, tapirs, whales, and a Collared Peccary, among others.

Your housing choice in Osa will also be at one with the environment. The Osa Peninsula beach hotels and eco-lodges all pride themselves in keeping the environment intact. They have developed remarkable sustainable systems to achieve a perfect equilibrium of making both the environment and the guests happy. The comfortable accommodations with (almost) all modern amenities are made available while still keeping their immediate surroundings unspoiled so that visitors can continue marveling at the wonders there, in the wildest part of Costa Rica, for many more generations.

With the dense tropical jungle encircling each really remote property and luxury hotel, it’s no easy task to accommodate every client’s whim, yet these hotels go above and beyond to do so, and succeed at it. Our clients who visit the area give these boutique properties top ratings and they keep returning.

Outstanding service in the middle of the jungle is certainly something to be thankful for. Keep in mind that, because of the remote location, you should let them know of any special dietary needs ahead of time. They would be happy to oblige but need notice to bring in specific ingredients. While having no TVs in the rooms can be seen as a drawback by some, these hotels know what their clients really want—a true jungle experience- sans TV. Most of them offer WiFi in some or all areas, in case you need to stay in touch, and one even has a business center, but we advise you to make the most of your time in the jungle by staying in a technology-free frame of mind as much as possible.

Best hotels in Osa Peninsula pride themselves in keeping the environment intact. They have developed remarkable sustainable systems to achieve a perfect equilibrium of comfortable accommodations with (almost) all modern amenities at hand. All while still keeping their immediate surroundings unspoiled!

With the dense tropical jungle encircling each remote property, it’s no easy task to accommodate every client’s whim. Yet these hotels go above and beyond to do so, and succeed at it. Our clients that visit the area—year after year—give these boutique properties top ratings. Outstanding service in the middle of the jungle is certainly something to be thankful for. And while having no TV sets in the rooms can be seen as a drawback by some, these hotels know what their clients really want—a true jungle experience.

Hotels in Drake Bay Area

The three best hotel options in the Drake Bay are all perfect for observing nature and wildlife and participating in numerous rainforest and marine activities.

Anyone looking for a slightly more luxurious arrangement (such as A/C in their rooms) will prefer the Indonesian-style treehouses and genuinely friendly and helpful staff at Copa de Arbol. These are not your childhood treehouses. We’re talking luxury meets romance, seclusion meets comfort. Each has its own stunning bathroom and serene sitting area. Part of the fun is that the property is only reachable by boat… What a great way to start your jungle adventure off right. Keep in mind this property allows guests age four and older. Another detail to keep in mind is that it’s remote. It’s an hour domestic flight from an international airport followed by a half hour drive to the bay and then the boat ride. Getting there is fun for adults and older children, but it’s not suited for young children.

Aguila de Osa, besides equally great service as Copa del Arbol, offers a bit more authentic, Costa Rican lodging. It has natural wood furnishings and basic amenities. What makes it stand out is that the suites overlook the stunning bay from the cliff side. WiFi is available but TV and air conditioning are not. This is an meal-inclusive hotel, with all meals provided. There are also complementary kayaks and hiking trails for guests to enjoy.

Hotels in ‘Dulce’ Gulf—Golfo Dulce

A short boat ride away from Golfito or Puerto Jimenez, Playa Cativo is one of the very few Osa peninsula beach hotels. Tucked away on a private cove, it’s perfect for those looking for privacy in the middle of a natural area. A scenic boat ride takes you to a 1,000-acre private reserve, where you are virtually guaranteed to get up close and personal with Costa Rica’s famous wildlife.

Once there, the hotel will provide you with a cold drink and then binoculars to use from your room and on hikes. You’ll find the rooms to be elegant and inviting. Once you settle in, you can decide if you’d like to visit the spa, check out the farm, take a yoga class, or maybe you’d prefer a glass of imported wine or the mixologist’s special of the day.

Take a dip in the pool or enjoy one of many watersports, as the hotel provides kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment. You can also take some time to explore Piedras Blancas, a national park with all the same animals as Corcovado but with fewer human visitors, making animal sightings even more likely.

Lapa Rios, on the southern part of the peninsula, is another great option for staying at while visiting the area. This eco-sanctuary is frequently, and rightfully, praised as one of the top eco-destinations in the world! Its sustainability program is an example to many other hotels, which strive to emulate it in their own environment.

The lodge features open-sided, thatched roof bungalows, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It offers full immersion with nature unfiltered. You will enjoy outdoor showers, patio gardens, the sound of the ocean from your hammock, and an endless array of wildlife. Vacation packages include many on-site tours, filling your days with amazing activities. There are nine tours available, including early-morning birdwatching, a night walk tour, a sunset tour, and a sustainability tour. Ask about transplanting a seedling for reforestation purposes.

The lodge provides boots and walking sticks to make your adventurous hikes more comfortable. Meals and snacks made from locally sourced ingredients are included. Many like to take binoculars to the bar and admire the creatures that pass by, including sloths, toucans, and monkeys. Going from there to the national park, where you may see tapirs and anteaters, is a breeze.

What can I do in Osa Peninsula?

The Corcovado National Park, a dream destination for many nature enthusiasts, is set on the southwest part of the Osa Peninsula. Hotels there can be reached from two gateway destinations, the Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez. The Drake Bay is on the north side of the peninsula and Caño island, the second major attraction in the area, is just under an hour away by boat. The tiny town of Carate, near Puerto Jimenez, serves as the southern gateway to visit the park.

Across the Golfo Dulce is another important, albeit not as popular, national park, Piedras Blancas. With rugged mountains, breathtaking forests, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches, this is a one-stop shop for much of what makes this country so special. Flora and fauna abound, including some of Costa Rica’s rarest species, like the jaguar. Access is through the small town of La Gamba, just 20 minutes from the Golfito airstrip.

If you choose to have your Costa Rica vacation on the Osa peninsula, we promise it will be a vacation of a lifetime!




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