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Options are abundant. For adrenaline seekers, there are various experiences, all from whitewater rafting to outdoor excursions. And if you are looking for a more relaxing Costa Rica family vacation, there are pools and volcanic hot springs where you can lounge in peace or let the kids play.

Check out our sections on the best beaches in Costa Rica for families, our top 3 kid-friendly activities to do during your trip, how to travel easy with teenagers, the best places to stay in Costa Rica for families, safety tips while in Costa Rica, and more!

1. Professional Travel Advisers Share Their Opinion on Family Travel

In this episode of Frog Pod, local travel experts and resident moms Jamie Looper and Anastasia Maddaloni talk about all things family-related. Discover the best hotels in Costa Rica for families, how safe Costa Rica is when traveling with kids, and more.

It’s an important topic so that we can help you and cover all those concerns or questions you might have when taking your family to Costa Rica!

Anastasia McCulloch

Anastasia McCullochRaleigh, North Carolina

I'm a new mom who loves running and adventuring around the country.
Jamie Looper

Jamie LooperFort Worth, Texas

Fun, outgoing, and spirited, I was raised in Costa Rica and I love sharing the best of my home with travelers.
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There are some great beaches in Costa Rica for families and kids—if you know where to look.

It’s no secret that many beaches in Costa Rica cater to surfers. Many worry this means big waves and strong currents along both Pacific and Caribbean coasts. But the truth is there are several options to choose from for a trip with travelers of all ages.

Below I’ve listed my best beaches in Costa Rica for families, where I love to hang out with my kids. I’ve also listed some of my favorite family hotels on the beach.

These are places I’ve stayed in with my own children, and know firsthand what a good experience they can be!

Best Family-Friendly Hotel on Conchal Beach

In the northern province of Guanacaste, Conchal Beach is a top favorite for my family.

Tiny crushed shells—not sand—make up Conchal Beach, making the beach gleam white from a distance. That means this beach is perfect for those little sweets who don’t like to get all sandy!

The shells don’t stick to you like sand does, and it’s easy to clean up afterward.

Conchal is also great for swimming and snorkeling, as it has gentle waves and a sandy (okay, “shelly”) bottom.

Best Resorts for Kids on Flamingo Beach

North of Conchal Beach is Flamingo Beach, also in Guanacaste.

With a soft, sandy beach, Flamingo is perfect for building sandcastles and angels.

And while the kids are playing and running around in the sand, you can enjoy a cold drink and a stunning sunset. Flamingo is one of Costa Rica’s top sunset beaches, as it directly faces West.

A Luxurious, Kid-Friendly Option on Papagayo Bay

Also in Guanacaste, farther North than Conchal and Flamingo is Papagayo Bay. For many reasons, this is a truly special spot.

First, the calm waters offer a perfect beach experience for the little ones. There’s no need to worry about waves knocking them over or pulling them far. Papagayo Bay resembles more a lake than an ocean.

Because it’s so calm, older kids looking for activity and adventure can snorkel, kayak, and SUP board.

The rainforest views from any part of Papagayo Bay are beautiful. You have trees and wildlife, plus great shady spots to enjoy. No need to sit in the tropical sun here, worrying about reapplying sunblock every 20 minutes!

Top Hotels for Families in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is another beach on Guanacaste, and it’s perhaps the most kid-friendly one of all!

Tamarindo is excellent for those older kids to practice surfing, or for the youngsters to enjoy little waves. Plus, it’s walking distance to tons of places to eat, shop, and play!

Best Family Resorts in Manuel Antonio

In the Central Pacific zone, Manuel Antonio offers fantastic beaches for the whole family. There are water activities for the adventure-seekers, relaxing waves, and nature and wildlife to spot. Simply head to the right location!

The main Manuel Antonio beach, Espadilla Beach, has lots of activities for all ages and small fun waves to play in.

Biesanz Beach, another beach in a very calm bay, is also excellent for smaller kids. It’s easy to find kayaks and snorkel gear that older kids and parents can use to enjoy their day by the ocean.

South of Manuel Antonio, in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, Ballena Beach is a unique national park. It has a natural coastal formation in the shape of a whale’s tail which you can explore.

The flat sandy beach makes running and playing so much fun along with the whale’s tail, and is a good spot to snorkel from. The amount of wildlife here (monkeys, macaws, whales, iguanas, and more) is also an amazing addition!

Some kid-friendly hotels near these locations are:

Ready to plan your stay?

Different from countries like Mexico or Jamaica that are covered with all-inclusive resorts, there are actually only a handful of real all-inclusive family resorts located in Costa Rica. They are all tucked up in the Guanacaste region of the country as well, so they are pretty specific.

It’s also important to know what all-inclusive means in Costa Rica for families to make the right choice.

Of the handful of options, there are three family-friendly all-inclusive resorts that stand out as my personal favorites. And like the rest of Costa Rica, there is a style to match every traveler. Which style is right for you?

When it comes to bringing children under 10 to Costa Rica, opinions differ. There’s a solid school of thought recommending to wait a while, until the kids are older before coming down here. You’ll see that opinion expressed all over the internet.

But I disagree. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a wonderful family vacation with your younger children here.

So if you have young children and don’t want to wait, you don’t need to. Sure, your little ones won’t be rafting class IV rivers, rappelling through waterfalls, or surfing the wildest waves.

Instead, they will search for wildlife, learn new abilities, and explore some of the most biodiverse areas in the country while their eyes open to the whole wide world.

There are plenty of activities for children under 10 in Costa Rica to enjoy. Here are some of my favorites.

Sloth Spotting Among the Leaves

One thing my clients with small children nearly always ask me about is sloths.

“Can I see sloths?” “Where’s the best place to find sloths?” “My little girl is desperate to see a sloth!” These questions are common. And as a mom of small children myself, I get it. My kids love sloths, too.

What’s not to love? A survey I’ve must made up says the reason most people bring small children to Costa Rica is to see sloths.

Although not rare, sloths aren’t exactly super-common either. You won’t see them everywhere like, say, geckos or dogs. And they can be hard to spot, sitting up there doing nothing in the trees.

This is why some reserves in our country provide safe spaces for both sloths and kids to hike and learn about them, like in our sloth spotting tour.

And when your kids actually see a sloth, it’ll make their day and they’ll love you forever for giving them the privilege. That’s the idea, anyway.

Surfing Waves for Beginners and Pros

Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise, but it’s not only for the experts. Sure there are big waves unsuitable for small kids, but smaller waves with nice beach breaks also exist. So it’s possible, if you surf yourself, to enjoy some quality time in the water with your younger children.

You can give your kids surf lessons. If you can’t teach them yourself, use an expert! The best beaches for children to learn to surf are Tamarindo in Guanacaste and Espadilla Beach in Manuel Antonio. Both beaches are safe and sandy and perfect for beginners.

If your small kids start young, they might well discover a passion for the ocean to last their entire lives.

Nature Walks for All Ages

If you’re with small children, it’s likely you’re not going to get into any extreme hiking or mountain climbing with them. It’s better sometimes to not get too far off the beaten track.

Luckily, here in Costa Rica, you don’t have to. So many hotels have their own nature trails on their grounds, places where you can search for sloths, tropical birds, and other animals. A nature walk with the kids is easy and some places have their own naturalist guides, too.

Lots of kids love insects and spiders as well, so try out a night hike to check out tarantulas and other nocturnal critters. Night starts at 6:00 PM here, so it’s not past anyone’s bedtime, either!

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It’s one thing to talk about all the amazing beaches for children in Costa Rica, and the awesome hotels for families to stay in. But Costa Rica is more than the beach.

When coming to Costa Rica, you also want to introduce yourself and your children to the rainforest.

There are quite a few excellent jungle hotels for families that will provide the perfect family jungle experience. Yes, monkeys included. Here are my top picks among Costa Rica family resorts set in the lush rainforest:

Although sloths are not the official “national animal” of Costa Rica, they might as well be. Pretty much everyone thinks they are, which might well leave the actual national animal, the white-tailed deer, feeling a little unloved.

Sloths are the most asked-about animal in Costa Rica, at least among my clients. Everyone tells me their kids want to see sloths, and they all are hoping to get a good picture of one hanging upside down or munching on a leaf. This is why we even have vacation packages aimed for sloth-lovers!

If sloths are one of the highlights for your Costa Rica vacation, there are ways to get close to them to snap that photo and learn more about them and their habitat. So where are the best places to check out these cute creatures?

National Parks & Nature Reserves

Like monkeys, sloths are not rare in Costa Rica, so it’s not very hard to see them if you’re in the right place. Both the Manuel Antonio and Arenal areas are famous for having sloths in their rainforests.

The problem is that they don’t move much, making it easy to miss them. This is why it’s always worth taking a national park or nature reserve tour with a naturalist guide in Costa Rica. These guys are expert sloth spotters and will find them for you.

Private Rescue & Preservation Centers

There are also rescue centers for sloths in Costa Rica. The most famous is the Sloth Sanctuary, in Cahuita on the Caribbean coast. This place has been rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned sloths for over 20 years.

Also on the Caribbean side is the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo. They do the same sort of work as the Sloth Sanctuary and also have their own release center nearby.

In addition, the Arenal Volcano area has another private sanctuary run by a local family. This property protects a forest in La Fortuna where travelers of all ages can visit and walk its paths in search of sloths.

Non-Profit Research Institutes

In Manuel Antonio, there’s the non-profit Sloth Institute, which is more about research and rescue. They are not open to the public, but they do run guided sloth tours in the grounds of the Tulemar Resort, which is where they release many of their sloths.

Hanging Around in the Trees

Outside of the parks and nature reserves, I’ve seen sloths in many places. After all, they live in the country, and they might show up in unexpected or less secluded areas.

The Parador Hotel in Manuel Antonio, for example, has sloths living in its grounds, as does the Nayara in Arenal. You’ll find sloths all over the place in the Caribbean towns of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, too. I’ve even seen sloths in San Jose, in the Escazu Mountains!

Can I Hold a Sloth When I Visit Costa Rica?

I get a lot of people asking me about holding and cuddling sloths.

I get it. Sloths look super cute and cuddly. They are gentle, peaceful creatures who love eating and sleeping. There’s a lot to love.

Keep in mind, however, that these are still wild animals. They are not dangerous, but touching and holding sloths stresses them out a lot. It terrifies them, in fact. It’s cruel to pick up sloths for the sake of a selfie.

In addition, it’s also safer for you to admire them from a distance. They’re full of algae and insects that lay eggs in their fur. This is all good for them, as this is their natural condition, but for little kids, it might be better not to risk that contact.

Take photos and admire them from afar, and please avoid any institute or guide that allows you to pick up and touch sloths.

Costa Rica is a very safe country for travelers of all ages. As with any other vacation, a family trip to Costa Rica requires you to take the usual precautions.

You know: don’t have valuables on you, don’t wander around at night, and all that. But if you have kids with you, you’re likely not going out partying every night. You’re likely not getting yourself into “situations”.

So what are some more safety tips in Costa Rica applicable for children? We have a few things to keep in mind to ensure you and your family have a safe and stress-free Costa Rican family vacation as possible.

1. Apply Sunscreen Liberally

Costa Rica is a hot sunny country near the equator. The sun can be brutal, especially on fair skin.

Bring decent sunblock with you (it’s expensive in Costa Rica) and keep your children covered in it at all times, especially if they’re in or on the water. Better to keep them covered in a t-shirt, too.

2. Mind the Big Waves & Currents

We already talked about some of the best beaches in Costa Rica for kids, but even on these beaches, don’t be complacent when it comes to your child’s safety.

Keep a watchful eye on them at all times and if they’re not strong swimmers, and don’t let them enter the water unaccompanied. Look out for signs about rip tides and crocodiles, and if in doubt, ask a local. If no-one’s swimming on a beach, or if people are only surfing, there’s a reason why.

Also, be aware that lifeguards are nonexistent on Costa Rican beaches.

3. Food & Drink for Kids

Costa Rican food is healthy, nutritious, and delicious. But that doesn’t mean your child’s more sensitive stomach might not feel the effects of, well, eating something different. Any initial reaction to new food should dissipate in a day or so, but bring something for an iffy stomach nonetheless.

The water in Costa Rica is fine to drink for the most part, but again, those different microbes might catch up with your kid. Bottled water is available everywhere.

4. Protect against Bugs & Mosquitoes

Bring repellent to Costa Rica and slap that on your kids in the evenings, once you’ve washed off the sunscreen from the day.

Being eaten alive by mosquitoes is miserable and they love young, fresh Gringo flesh! The chances of picking up a serious mosquito-borne disease are small. But even so, if your child is itching and complaining during the vacation, it’s not nice for them or for you.

Long sleeves and bug spray will help avoid that too.

Mary O'Donovan | USA
Sept 2019

“I cannot possibly express what a wonderful time we had. The trip that you put together for my family will stay in our hearts and minds forever... Our 7-year-old laughed and screamed all the way through the waterfall rappel. We saw sloths, toucans, monkeys, frogs, tarantulas, butterflies and so much more... All of it has stayed with me and I find my mind wandering back to our trip while I'm at work each day.”

About the Author

About the Author

Rachel Peck

I moved to Costa Rica over six years ago. I love to travel, even if it’s not too far away, and I love exploring this amazing country and love being able to plan trips for people, making really unique experiences that make for the most memorable trip!

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