Monteverde Tours

This is a naturalist and outdoor lover’s dream destination, as Monteverde’s tours and activities revolve around one thing: nature.

Tours in Monteverde

The cloud forest is a sea of green with its verdant rainbow shrouded in a blanket of white mist… until BAM! The mist evaporates in an instant to make way for a zip-line adventurer, who flies through the air with an ear-to-ear grin. Or, perhaps the mist hides the ascent of an aerial tram or a suspended rope bridge. Or maybe there is no mist, and Monteverde’s famed cloud forests are alive with a kaleidoscope of brilliant butterflies, jewel-toned hummingbirds, and neon dart frogs.

Cloud Forests, the Jewel in Monteverde’s Crown

The Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena Cloud Forest are the area’s greatest attractions, drawing visitors with promises of resplendent quetzals, two-toed sloths, and howler monkeys. Guided day hikes through reveal a world of brilliant green epiphytes, orchids, and wildlife, while night tours introduce you to Monteverde’s nocturnal residents.

Myriad nature exhibits dot the road from Santa Elena to Monteverde, offering opportunities to get up close and personal with the region’s iconic wildlife. Stop in at the butterfly garden, where you’ll meander through multiple habitats and, if you’re lucky, even release a newly emerged butterfly. At the famed frog pond, you’ll learn all about Monteverde’s incredible hoppers, from massive bufo toads to the red, green, and blue poison dart frogs that sprinkle the forest floor.

Monteverde’s great outdoors may lull you to zen, but if you’re itching for an infusion of fresh adrenaline, the town is also home to one of the fastest zipline canopy tours in the country. Climb up sky-high towers and zig-zag over the mountain. All around you, the cloud forest brims with life and in the distance, panoramic Pacific views paint the horizon. But chances are, your eyes are focused only on the next platform, as you fly down the mountainside in a coordinated dance of speed and agility.

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