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Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is an ideal location for exploring marine life. You can dive, snorkel, and kayak in intricate waterways, offshore islands, and reefs.

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Marine Tours in Costa Rica

If Costa Rica’s coastal towns are on the itinerary, you’re probably not asking yourself, what to do? so much as, how to do it all in so little time? Because everything you’ve heard is true: Costa Rican beaches are beautiful. They’re clean. The Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea are warm. And oh-so-inviting. The surf is challenging. The fish are rainbow-colored. And the sun – well, it’s just perfect.

Pick your Favorite Kind of Marine Tour

There is much to do oceanside, from splashing in the waves to testing your mettle aboard a surfboard. Most of these activities happen by the sea or in the sea, but marine tours offer a little something extra: they take you out onto the sea. They’re the perfect addition to your Costa Rican vacation – and a dream come true for closeted seafarers. So grab your sunglasses, lotion up, and say hello to your sea legs: it’s time to take to the open ocean to seek out your version of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Depending on the towns you visit, available marine tours may include sport fishing, banana boating, jet skiing and similar pursuits. Thrill-seekers, in particular, will love trying their skill at windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), which both require a delicate balance of physical prowess and steely reserve to conquer challenging waves.

One of our favorite ocean excursions is a catamaran cruise. These leisurely daytrips depart from several points off the Pacific, and usually combine a few hours of sailing with snorkeling and spectacular sunset views. (You can also charter the boat for private parties, celebrations, and personalized tours.) Most cruises offer a buffet spread, to boost your energy after a long snorkel, and a handful have been dubbed booze cruises – boisterous party rides for the adult-only crowd.

Whales and Dolphins and Orcas, Oh My!

But our favorite experience on these tropical waters is a whale-watching tour. Costa Rica is home to more than a third of the world’s dolphin and whale species, including orca (killer) whales, spinner dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, and humpback whales. Even more exciting, the country’s southern Pacific coast is home to the longest humpback-whale season in the world – you can spot these marine giants for more than eight months a year! There’s nothing quite like having a dolphin leap through your boat’s wake, or having a whale breech close enough to send sea spray your way.

Marine Tour Top Tip

To make the most out of travelling between locations, ask your Travel Consultant about Adventure Connection tours. This way you break up the ride with a tour!

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