Marine Wildlife Tours in Costa Rica

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Marine Wildlife Tours in Costa Rica

If you're staying at the beach in Costa Rica, you might think of doing nothing apart from, perhaps, surfing, or snorkeling. Maybe some SUP paddle boarding or even jet skiing. But not much more than that, as you might have already done all the rainforest tours and activities elsewhere. And the beach is for relaxing, right?
But before you give up all your time to the surfboard, sun bed, and poolside cocktails, know that there's plenty more tours you can do to experience the stunning nature and biodiversity of Costa Rica. And have a bunch of fun doing them, too.
Yes, the surf is great, the snorkeling is fun, and the diving - if that's what you're into - is spectacular. And did we mention fishing? The inshore and offshore sports fishing in Costa Rica is incredible.
But there's more than these to get your teeth into. Especially if you're looking for marine wildlife in Costa Rica. (Well, divers will experience more marine wildlife than anyone, of course, but you need a PADI certification for that.)
How about marine wildlife tours available for everyone who wants to get out into the ocean?

Catamaran Cruising

One of our favorite ocean excursions is a catamaran cruise. 
These leisurely day trips take place in many beach communities on the Pacific coast. They usually combine a few hours of sailing with snorkeling and spectacular sunset views. You can also charter the boat for private parties, celebrations, and personalized tours.
Most cruises offer a buffet spread, to boost your energy after a long snorkel, and a handful are your archetypal booze cruises -boisterous party rides for the adult crowd.
Whether you're looking for a quiet snorkeling tour, checking out hidden beaches to enjoy, or a party boat cruise, Costa Rica can accommodate. And you'll get to see marine life like turtles and dolphins, too!

Whales, Dolphins, and Orcas

And talking of dolphins, our favorite marine wildlife tour is a specific whale- and dolphin-watching tour.
Costa Rica is home to plenty of dolphin and whale species, including orcas, spinner dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, and bottlenose dolphins.
Humpback whales migrate to Costa Rican waters twice a year, creating the longest humpback-whale season in the world. It's possible to see these marine giants for at least eight months per year, especially off the southern Pacific coast.

Mangroves and Kayaks

Another way to get to know the watery habitats of Costa Rica is from a kayak. Enjoy a full workout with some solid ocean kayaking where you can discover hidden beaches and rock formations unreachable by land.
Or head into any one of Costa Rica's many mangrove habitats to see birds, crocodiles, turtles, and other creatures within. Your guide will inform and entertain as you learn about the importance of mangroves.

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