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If a hotel or resort is not quite what you are looking for, then you might consider a Costa Rica rental home. There are some unique and exquisite rental homes to be found in the Central Pacific coastal town of Jaco.

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Rental Homes in Jaco

A Costa Rican vacation rental offers something a little different. One concern when planning a trip is finding accommodation that will keep everyone happy, especially if you are traveling in a large group. A rental can solve a lot of these issues.

One of the most popular reasons customers ask us about vacation rentals is when planning activity based vacations. This is especially true of vacation rentals in Jaco.

Typically it is fishing groups who like the flexibility, comfort and uniqueness of a rental around Jaco but groups of people surfing, diving or in Costa Rica for special occasions all show an interest in booking rental homes for their stay.

There is room for everyone in a vacation rental with the bonus that you are able to prepare your own meals in a full kitchen and also to do washing and drying. Another reason people enjoy a rental is it can give them a more authentic vacation experience. Sure you have to do more yourself, but that is part of the charm.

Jaco is also something of a party town and being able to enjoy a night out and return to your own rental home at any hour can be a real blessing. Just be sure to respect the neighbors!

Also Jaco’s situation on the central pacific coast means that a group renting a house can take advantage of the good road connections to strike out and see other nearby attractions such as Manuel Antonio, take a day trip into the central valley or any of the nearby national parks and adventure tours.

The rentals we offer at Costa Rican Vacations are all of the highest quality and most feature services such as daily cleaning.

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique way to experience Costa Rica then please give us a call.

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