The Best Places to Stay in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Best Places to Stay in Montezuma

Sandy beach at Montezuma
Montezuma is a laid-back beach community with a true hippie vibe in the far south of the Nicoya Peninsula. It's perfect for an authentic Costa Rican experience with a dose of pura vida.
In Costa Rica, few beach towns are as good as Montezuma for an off-the-grid vacation. Combining a friendly atmosphere and distance from all the main tourist areas of the country, Montezuma provides a getaway ideal for nature lovers and wellness seekers. If you want a serene retreat, a place to surf, or simply to immerse yourself in the artistic and bohemian lifestyle of an authentic Costa Rican community, Montezuma is for you.
There are various ways to stay in Montezuma, especially for those who want a vacation to recharge surrounded by nature. There are tree houses and glamping options, as well as hotels and rentals for various budgets. We suggest hotels like Nya, where a wellness-oriented ambiance allows you to commune with the surrounding trees while enjoying the benefits of modern comforts.
This is where you find world-class relaxation, natural beauty, and yoga sessions all in one. It’s a space to rediscover yourself while encountering Costa Rica’s vibrant culture. Within walking distance are the town’s main attractions, and there are hidden waterfalls and sandy beaches to explore as well.

Hippie Vibes and Happy Visitors in Montezuma

The Nicoya Peninsula is a treasure cove of secluded beaches and unique experiences. It’s a little off-the-trodden path, and that’s what makes it great. When you visit, you’re certain this is how the town actually is every day.
Montezuma was founded when groups of artists, hippies, and individualists were searching for an alternative lifestyle. They settled at the very bottom of the peninsula, with views of the Gulf of Nicoya at the front and green hillsides at the back. This area is less developed than other tourist areas in Guanacaste, but it has plenty to offer.
For those eager to explore the outdoors, surfing is one of the main activities of the town. The beach is a short walk from most hotels and it’s easy to find like-minded people riding the waves. A good beach to try if you’re a beginner is Grande Beach. It’s a little away from the town but worth checking out.
Other nature-focused activities include hiking to waterfalls, canopy zip lines, horseback riding through the countryside, and a butterfly garden. There are three main waterfalls everyone should visit in the Montezuma River. The tallest one has a 79-foot fall, and you can swim in the natural tad pools at the bottom. If you’re most at ease when nature walking, visit Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. It’s around 5 miles from the town, and it was the first nature reserve ever created in Costa Rica.
Culturally, there is also a lot to do. The local restaurants and bars are teeming with music, dancing, and good conversation. The sense of community is strong, and there is a craft market you can’t miss for souvenirs. There is also the Saturday farmer’s market, where you can meet the locals and get the freshest fruits and snacks.
Those who want to focus on wellness will have a good time here too. There are many locations where to enjoy yoga and relaxation treatments. Peace is easy to find in Montezuma, where the laid-back atmosphere makes it easy to meditate and reconnect with yourself and the wider world.
Aerial view of people enjoying the beach and a catamaran trip in Montezuma

What to Know about Montezuma Before Visiting

Montezuma is a small town in an underdeveloped area. You’ll be expected to walk or get your own transportation to most of the activities you can do here. It’s idiosyncratic and it’s best for travelers who really want to disconnect from their daily lives to dive right into the town and all it has.
Getting to Montezuma is an adventure in itself. The closest international airports are more than four hours away through a scenic ride. Often, a ferry is involved too. Most people arrive at the San José International Airport, spend a night in the city, and then take a trip to the Puntarenas port. Here, the ferry picks them up and delivers them across the gulf to Paquera. Paquera is five miles away from Montezuma. We recommend booking a private transfer for this trip since the driver’s expertise will give you both worry-free transportation and more insight into this beautiful part of the country.
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