Isla Chiquita Glamping Resort

Upscale Tents, Beachfront Location & Seclusion in a Tropical Island.



Rate per night from $215

‘Isla Chiquita’ is perfect for:

Nature loving couples or small families who want to relax in a secluded location.

Get off the beaten path and experience beachfront glamping as it should be. With the jungle and calm seas as the backdrop to your adventure, stay in an island where the only human inhabitants are visitors and staff from the hotel.

Isla Chiquita is a quiet boutique establishment surrounded by water and wildlife, perfect to get away from the world. Its warmth and welcoming staff make camping on a tent feel like a staying at a beach house.

Its privileged location make it ideal to explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica and its culture. Go on a unique bioluminescence tour to see a one-in-a-lifetime event, snorkel above reefs full of colorful fish, or jump on a small boat to learn fishing the way locals do it.

Isla Chiquita has a lot to offer if you want to disconnect from the world in an island where there are no shops or cars. Come glamping Costa Rica style!

What to Expect

  • Beachfront location. Tents are perched on a hill surrounded by the forest and in front of the beach.
  • Secluded environment. Access to the island is only via boat. The island is very small and the only buildings here belong to the hotel.
  • Dedicated service. Staff is able to provide a more personalized service in this boutique hotel.

What NOT to Expect

  • Upscale luxury. The accommodations cover your basics, but there is no A/C or pool on the island.
  • On-site entertainment. There are several nature activities to do on the island, but facilities only consist of the hotel, its restaurant and bar. There is no live entertainment either.

If you enjoy privacy and nature, Isla Chiquita is a great place for you. The hotel’s name means Tiny Island, due to its 30 ha. of tropical dry forest and sand. This idyllic location is a breath of fresh air from overcrowded destinations.

Located in the Nicoya Gulf, Isla Chiquita is a 5-minute boat ride from Paquera’s ferry pier. This Costa Rica glamping paradise is a three hour drive from Liberia’s international airport or an hour and half drive and a ferry ride away from San José’s international airport.

Surrounded by palm trees and exotic animals, Isla Chiquita is the way to go camping without the hassle of being cut off from modern comfort. The bays in the Nicoya Gulf are the perfect setting to sit back, soak in the beauty around you, and unwind.

Camping with Glamour in Isla Chiquita

Glamping means camping with amenities, and this is exactly what Isla Chiquita provides. Each tent has the comforts of a modern hotel room while keeping the excitement of camping outdoors. This means the trees and shrubs loom over your room, but it also has wood floors and an en-suite bathroom.

In addition, rooms provide guests with different hotel amenities, like fully equipped en-suite bathroom, sunscreen, insect repellent, and aftersun. However, the lack of A/C or TV ensure you can listen to crickets and frogs singing at night from a comfy bed.

All tents have spacious, shaded balconies with ocean views and lounging chairs. Enjoy the spectacles of nature while sipping a refreshing coconut with the fan on during a leisure afternoon.

Both the forest and beach are right on your doorstep. Watch the howler monkeys growling and playing on the trees in the morning on your way to breakfast. Or take a short walk down the hill and reach the ocean to swim, practice water sports, and sunbathe.

Isla Chiquita also takes good care of the environment and the wildlife of the island. The property is well-kept and peaceful, balancing both guests’ and wildlife’s needs with environmentally friendly practices. In fact, the hotel only uses reusable forms of energy, most of it coming from the its solar panels.

If you want extra relaxation, the private massage area is also open for a relaxing session, Jacuzzi included. It also boasts panoramic views of the Nicoya Gulf and the nearby coasts. If you feel adventurous, the on-site boat service will take you back and forth from the mainland for your daily excursions.

Isla Chiquita is a great place for travelers who want to connect with nature in a cozy environment, with a little bit of modern comfort and pampering. Its privacy and seclusion make it ideal for couples who want to get a little us-time and spend a vacation in intimacy with nature. However, small families can get their fix of adventure too.

Small Island, Great Diversity

Wake up to the sounds of soft bird songs and waves. Wildlife and nature are the true stellar protagonists of your stay in Isla Chiquita, and the hotel showcases it with dedication.

One of the great perks of staying at Isla Chiquita is the calm ocean around it. Use of kayaks and paddle boards is free. Hop into one to venture into the sea and explore the rich coast along the island. Try to spot as many birds and fish as you can on the mangroves.

The sea also has ideal conditions for fishing, which is one of the main activities in the area. Take an artisan fishing tour to learn how the locals do it and bring back your catch for dinner at the restaurant. You might get a nice snapper all for yourself!

Soak in the gentle beauty of this place by going on different tours. Dark nights are ideal for a bioluminescence tour. This is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy this event. Observe this unique phenomenon from a first-class view with the help of an expert nature guide. Admire the microorganisms lighting up the darkness like blue stars in the sky.

Alternatively, head to the mainland to explore Curú Wildlife Reserve. There is chance to spot iguanas, raccoons, and white tailed deer as you hike through the jungle. If you are a beach lover, take a tour in which you’ll get to explore several parts of the coastline, get awesome views, and enjoy water and vegetation like never before.

Dining while Glamping Costa Rica Style

Glamping doesn’t just mean enjoying a good location with top notch activities, but excellent food as well. Isla Chiquita has a restaurant and a bar to showcase the best of Costa Rica’s seafood and coastal cuisine with modern twists.

Enjoy Tía Nora’s Restaurant (Aunt Nora’s) all day from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Named after one of Costa Rica’s sport fishing pioneers, the restaurant delights with a menu that explores the area’s most popular flavors along with international favorites. Enjoy meals prepared with locally sourced food or request the chef to cook the fish you caught earlier that day.

For refreshing drinks, head to Harry’s Bar, located on the main lobby area. Take some snacks on the deck surrounded by Costa Rican almond trees. Make sure to request one of their frozen lime drinks to fight the heat. It’s also a great place to hang out after dinner while sipping on a cocktail. Harry’s Bar is open every day from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Come glamping Costa Rica style and enjoy a secluded boutique hotel that takes you out of the extraordinary. Experience comfort and nature all in one, explore the Nicoya Gulf and learn about the natural wonders of one of the most biodiverse countries in Central America.

Your Costa Rica vacation can be both an exciting and calming retreat, all in one. Simply contact us, and we can gladly help!

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