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Adults-Only Resorts & Child-Free Vacations to Costa Rica

Searching for your next child-free vacation package to Costa Rica can be hassle-free if you know where to look. By now you probably figured out there are many questions that pop into your head.

If this looks like you…

What are the best adults-only all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica? What about small, secluded hotels? Maybe those are a better match for me? I don’t want it to be too noisy, but I don’t want to miss out on fun stuff in a big resort either. There are so many choices! And they all look great online. But which one is the best option for my Costa Rica vacation?

… then you’re spending a lot of time thinking about the Costa Rica adult-only experience, and just getting more and more overwhelmed. This is because, I’m afraid, you got yourself a case of the big, ol’ FOMO. How does one ever make a decision while sitting thousands of miles away from it all?

Well, you can put your deep-seated FOMO to rest. I’m sharing tips on the best Costa Rica all-inclusive adults-only resorts and other hotels that suit travelers who want to be in a kid-free environment.

Why take my word for it? Easy. As an independent Travel Consultant, I’ve seen them all and know their strengths and weaknesses. And my only mission here is to share that knowledge with you, so you can make a better decision for your own Costa Rica vacation.

Over the past five years, new Costa Rica adults-only resorts and hotels have been popping up all over the country. The concept of catering to travelers that want a complete calming experience, uninterrupted by happy screaming of a random five-year-old—two feet from your pool chair—proved to be a great success. Who knew?

And as more and more hotels are adopting the adults-only philosophy, it’s harder for them to stay on the top! The adult-only game is strong, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Costa Rica is also very safe for all types of travelers, even solo ones, which makes it even a more attractive adult-only destination.

Discover which adult-only stay is the best for you, as well as a variety of topics that interest the child-free traveler like the perfect romantic escapade, activities and tours for those who want to take it easy, and my top picks of adult-only hotels so you can make an informed decision. Everything goes!

1. Listen to the Experts Discuss the Adult-Only Scene in Costa Rica

In this episode, Luke Angus and Victoria Rosado talk about all things adult-only in Costa Rica!

It’s a fun topic and we cover everything you need to know for how best to escape the kids, find some real peace and quiet, and be treated to some high-end luxury in little-known boutique hotels and resorts that cater to the adult-only experience.

Luke Angus

Luke AngusSunderland, England

Always in search of hidden gems and looking to spend time in the ocean.
Victoria Rosado

Victoria RosadoMiami, Florida

Born in the States but raised in Costa Rica, I'm passionate about sustainable travel.

Costa Rica offers a select set of options for all-inclusive hotels. That means looking for a Costa Rica adults-only all-inclusive resort turns up a shorter list that some might expect.

This also means each resort has its own unique atmosphere that you must take into account to make the right choice.

When you think of adult-only in Costa Rica, think more about being free from kids running around everywhere rather than the whole Jamaica-style, clothes-off Hedonism scene.

It’s worth mentioning in case that’s what you’re looking for. Even if it is, Costa Rica is still a world-class destination for those in search of romance, privacy, and high-end dining without children around. That’s the adult-only all-inclusive Costa Rica resort experience.

Of the handful of all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica, there are two that are adult-only.

Secrets Papagayo and the Occidental Grand Papagayo are close to each other, around the Papagayo Bay in Guanacaste, with easy access to Liberia International Airport.

Other All-Inclusive Hotel Options for the Adult Traveler

There are also a couple of honorable mentions to discuss here. One is an all-inclusive resort with an adult-only section, and the other is a meal-inclusive, adult-only boutique option.

Costa Rica is a romantic paradise. Swaying palms, green mountains, volcanic hot springs, and tropical sunsets bring out the lover in us all. Not to mention that sultry Latin vibe. You know, the sounds of salsa music and the warm nights covered in moonlight.

Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive, adults-only honeymoon, or a personalized experience that specializes in intimacy, there is something for everyone.

With all the hardcore adventure activities available in Costa Rica, you’d think this country is only for the young.

Not only would that be ageist, it would be wrong. There is plenty for senior citizens to do in Costa Rica. After all, there is a reason many pensioners move here.

First, if you’re over-60 and still fit and healthy, there’s nothing stopping you from whitewater rafting or doing any of the energetic and adventurous activities that Costa Rica is famous for. If you can hike, swim, or climb, you’ll have a blast here the same as any younger person.

In addition, part of Costa Rica lies in a Blue Zone. That’s one of those areas where people live much longer than average. Many Ticos are in their 80s and 90s or hitting the big 100 and still fit as fiddles. So if you are too, don’t let age stop you from trying anything.

If the years have caught up with you and you can’t move around as much as you used to, don’t worry. Costa Rica is not off-limits. You can still have a wonderful vacation. And we can plan some great trips for you to give you the best impression of Costa Rica.

Let us know about any physical limitations you have and we’ll tailor a perfect vacation package for you. There are hotels without steps and staircases, and there are tours that give you a great impression of the country, even if a little less high-octane.

junglelover65 | USA
Oct 2019

“We had spent the better part of a year trying to decide on our group vacation (4 adults)... I was elected to put the trip together and had become quite frustrated with the process of being an unpaid travel agent. I started looking at Costa Rica on the advice of a friend and then stumbled upon Costa Rican Vacations. I sent an information request and was contacted in short order... The trip was in a nutshell PERFECT! ”

About the Author

About the Author

Luke Angus

Senior Travel Consultant | Luxury Travel

Traveling off the beaten path is one of my passions, and Costa Rica has provided me with plenty of opportunities to do so. I’ve been exploring the country for over 15 years, living here for five, and as a family man (with three kids) I know the importance of both quiet and fun times. Spotting wildlife and spending as much time as I can in the ocean with my three kids are some of my favorite pastimes.

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