Costa Rica Charity Work

We believe in giving back to the community and organizations that have helped foster our success. Every year, we allocate 2% of our profits toward charitable organizations that are selected by our entire staff. We have attempted to maintain a balance between organizations that focus on assisting People, Wildlife & Nature when selecting charities each year.

Do you also believe in Social Responsibility? Maybe you should consider becoming part of our team! See what jobs are available.

Here are a few of the nonprofits we sponsor:

Tacos 4 Ticos

This nonprofit organization was brought about when some Namu Travel employees saw the amazing impact that donating some soccer uniforms had on young Ticos (aka Costa Ricans). They decided to do more. Now we collect and distribute used soccer cleats (“tacos” in Costa Rican slang) and other essential soccer gear to underprivileged youth soccer leagues year round.

In addition, some of our staff volunteer as soccer coaches for the at risk youth every week and mentor students in their last year of high school as they prepare for university. Find out how you can help Tacos4Ticos.

Manos Abiertos (open arms)

If you ever start to lose faith in humanity, you need to pay a visit to the incredible facilities of this organization.  A nonprofit institution dedicated to the caring and attention of children, adolescents and adults with physical and mental ailments. They help people with chronic sicknesses, cerebral paralysis, cancer, AIDS, and other terminal conditions. All patients are extremely impoverished or are in a state of abandonment.

This group of incredible individuals takes care of those poor souls who are too great a burden for even the Costa Rican public hospitals. What was once a very humble facility has, through generous donors from around the world, grown into a full-scale hospital that gives quality medical care, attention and love to those who would otherwise be forgotten. Along with a financial contribution on behalf of the company, our staff donates time, clothing and other needed materials several times each year. Visit the Manos Abiertos Website.

Los Jaguares FC of the Educación Plus Program

–The Costa Rican Vacations, part of the NAMU Travel Group have sponsored a local football team that are part of the Educación Plus Foundation, a local charity that works to get kids off the streets from the poorer areas around San José.

It was started in 1994 by a British ex-pat Kieth Holder. Until recently a dream was realized when the program was able to start a Football Academy back in 2012. The academy offers something fun for the kids to look forward to each week and encourages leadership through football, so far the results have been very positive. Visit the Educacion Plus website and check out this video for more info.

The Billfish Foundation

–is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations around the world. A three tiered strategy of research, education and advocacy is employed by TBF in order to create marine conservation strategies that benefit oceanic resources while also empowering the recreational fishing community. We believe in the importance of protecting Costa Rica’s marine population from commercial fishing and, therefore, make a donation each year to TBF. Find out more about The Billfish Foundation.

Amigos de los Parques

–an organization that helps to fund and protect the national parks of Costa Rica. The parks are often under-funded and are regularly being infringed upon by poachers and unscrupulous land developers, so they need constant vigilance and support from the for-profit community that benefits from their existence. We are proud to be associated with this organization and their bold efforts to maintain Costa Rica’s excellent nature preserves. Amigos program page.


Give A Day Global

When the Costa Rican Vacations team “gave” a day to a non-profit here in San José, we were hooked! Give A Day Global is based in San Francisco, but they have a vetted network of nonprofit organizations in Costa Rica and beyond. International travelers can volunteer for a day for a fun and meaningful experience. Give A Day Global is guided by the belief that all people should have access to safe water, healthy food, medical care, education, economic opportunities and a thriving natural environment.

By connecting travelers with nonprofit organizations who pursue these same goals, they aim to engage more people in making the world a better place, one day at a time. Check out the Give A Day Global website for more info.