The White-Nosed Coati

In the heart of Costa Rica's forests, there's a special animal called the coati, or coatimundi, also known as "pizote" in Spanish. It's curious, with a striped tail and a cute face. You can actually find coatis all over Costa Rica, from the coast to the mountains to the city. They roam free, bringing joy with their playful antics and fun personalities.
Coati smiling for the camera while it sits on a trail in the rainforest

Getting to Know the Costa Rican Coati

Coatis come in four varieties, found only in the Americas: the ring-tailed (or South American) coati, the white-nosed coati, the eastern mountain coati, and the western mountain coati. The eastern mountain coati is particularly rare and endangered. These mammals are native to Central and South America as well as some parts of the southwestern US.
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