Costa Rica's Anteaters: Your Ultimate Field Guide

Tamandua anteater inspecting a branch on a tree
Anteaters are unique mammals known for their long snouts and sticky tongues, perfect for slurping ants and termites. They come in different sizes and live in various habitats, from forests to grasslands. In Costa Rica, an anteater is called oso hormiguero, which literally translates to “ant-eating bear.” Anteaters are an integral part of the ecosystem, with each species adapted to its own niche in the environment.
Let's take a closer look at these intriguing animals which will delight any nature-lover in Costa Rica .

Costa Rica's Anteater Trio

Costa Rica is home to three types of anteaters, with the lesser anteater being the most commonly spotted in our national parks. Here's a quick recap of each species.
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