Vegetarians and Vegans: Costa Rica Food and Restaurants

Table laid out with lots of vegetarian friendly dishes
With its stunning landscapes and strong focus on environmental preservation , Costa Rica shines as a destination for those who love nature. But did you know that it’s an equally fantastic choice for vegetarians and vegans, thanks to its rich variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains?
As a lifelong vegetarian (and a part-time vegan), I can tell you that Costa Rica is a surprising gem! Even 20 or so years ago, when I first arrived in Costa Rica, I found that following a plant-based diet here was both easy and satisfying, maybe even more so than back at home. For example, I quickly stopped asking if my favorite, sopa negra, had chicken stock, a question I’d always ask in the USA and Europe. A kind elderly server chuckled “Meat is expensive, we don’t put it where it’s not needed.”
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