The Real Jurassic World (36 pics)

To celebrate the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises, we thought we would bring you the REAL Jurassic Park, as it’s right here in Costa Rica! This photo gallery brings Jurassic Park to life, take a look!

How to Visit the Real Jurassic Park

Even though dinosaurs don't exist outside of the movies, Costa Rica is very real. This country is home to some amazing destinations as well as flora and fauna that would fit in nicely into Steven Spielberg’s epic dino thriller.
We all remember the infamous error of San José appearing as a beach town at the start of the film! So hopefully this blog shows the real Jurassic Park in Costa Rica.
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Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Costa Rica Jurassic Park.jpg
Take a step into our Real-Life Jurassic Park!
In Jurassic Park, Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco was filmed for the intro sequence as the ‘Isla Nublar’.       
Costa Rica has many beautiful islands including this one above: Isla Tortuga, Turtle Island.

Costa Rica has many waterfalls like the one above at Rio Celeste, much like the landing bay in Jurassic Park which was filmed at Coco Island.
Welcome to the Visitor Center! The Aguila de Osa hotel looks much like the set from the film.
The tour begins! In our case, up on the hanging bridges of the Monteverde cloud forest.
Where is that T-Rex? The American Crocodile can be spotted around Costa Rica and can stay hidden underwater for up to an hour to cool off under the hot sun.
Meet our Triceratops! If you're lucky you can spot Baird’s Tapir around the Osa Peninsula in the south.
A storm is coming! Costa Rica’s tropical climate means exciting, powerful weather is never far away.
Birds share many unique skeletal features with dinosaurs. Moreover, fossils of more than twenty species of dinosaur have been collected with preserved feathers.
Rest in the rain forest. According to the U.N., around 2.6 million hectares of Costa Rica is forested.
Life finds a way. Leatherback, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Pacific Green & the Green Sea Turtle are all turtle species found on Costa Rica’s coastlines.
Our Velociraptors are the Green Iguanas. However, these reptiles are mainly herbivores & quite common all over Central and South America. Nor are they nearly as fast as raptors!
It’s only fitting that our climatic action shot is that of a Hump Back whale jumping on the Pacific coast.
Our Jurassic adventure would not be complete without a stunning Costa Rican sunset over the Pacific.
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