Sober Travel in Costa Rica

Group crossing a hanging bridge in the rainforest

Sober Travel in Costa Rica

Sober travel is a growing trend where individuals choose to travel and vacation without consuming alcohol. Especially popular among millennial and Gen-Z travelers, who generally drink less than previous generations, sober travel can involve various aspects:

1. Destination Selection

Travelers seek destinations with less emphasis on alcohol-centric activities, focusing on cultural experiences, nature immersion, wellness retreats, or adventure travel. Destinations with limited alcohol availability due to cultural or religious reasons might also be popular choices.

2. Activity Planning

Instead of pub crawls and bar hopping, sober travelers tend to prioritize activities that enhance well-being and connection, including outdoor adventures (hiking, water sports, etc.), cultural immersion (museums, historical sites, language classes, etc.), wellness activities (yoga retreats, spa treatments, etc.), and volunteering opportunities.
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