Pura Vida, Mae, and Costa Rica Lifestyle: Learn Some Tico Slang for Your Trip

Travelers holding a Pura Vida sign in Arenal Volcano area

¡Pura Vida! Costa Rica Lifestyle

Heading to Costa Rica? Get ready to immerse yourself in the local culture, starting with the language. Understanding the slang, or “Tico Talk,” can help you connect better with locals, understand what they are talking about, and maybe, just maybe, find the confidence to join in!

Tico Talk 101: The Essence of Pura Vida and Ticoisms

You'll hear Pura Vida (poo-rah vee-duh) a lot. More than just “pure life” in its literal English translation, it's the quintessential Costa Rican phrase. It's a lifestyle, a feeling, a perspective, encapsulating how Costa Ricans cherish life's simplest pleasures and find joy in the little things.
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