Vibrantly colored, Costa Rica flora is definitely some of the most beautiful in the entire world.
Some of Costa Rica’s plants, like coffee and orchids, get all the attention. But the truth is, the bushes, flowers, and trees that cover the nation’s vast landscapes are all incredible. From rainbow-colored heliconias to the emerald-green epiphytes that drip from cloud forest trees, Costa Rica’s vibrant colors are owed in part to the nation’s spectacular plant life. The weather here makes an excellent home for plants from all over the world and apart from their beauty, plants growing in Costa Rica have long been sources of traditional remedies.
Whether you're a seasoned biologist, a photographer, or simply a nature enthusiast, you'll be captivated by the beauty of the majestic landscapes, the beautiful trees, plants, flowers, and animals found in Costa Rica. All regions of Costa Rica offer a richness of natural attractions where you'll be able to enjoy the plant life. From nature hikes and horseback rides to walks along hanging bridges and underground cave excursions.
Come with us on an exploration of some of Costa Rica’s most iconic and unique rooted species.
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