Most Creepy Places in Costa Rica: Ghost Stories & Urban Legends of Haunted Places

Would you believe that a paradise like Costa Rica, famous for its lush rainforests and beautiful beaches, also has a spooky side filled with eerie tales and ghostly encounters? Yup! The country’s haunted history mixes folk legends, colonial stories, and modern urban myths passed down through generations. From ancient spirits lurking in dense jungles to restless souls wandering old colonial buildings, these ghost stories are an essential part of Costa Rican culture. Even the famed Ghost Hunters International team couldn't resist investigating some of these spooky locations!
Folklore and ghost stories are important in Costa Rican society. They help keep the country’s rich cultural heritage alive and bring communities together, especially during festivals and family gatherings, where tales of the supernatural are shared to both entertain and teach. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, exploring these haunted places and hearing these chilling stories adds an exciting twist to your Costa Rican adventure. Ready to uncover the spooky side of this country? Let’s explore the most creepy places in Costa Rica!

The Haunted San José

San Juan de Dios Hospital, San Josė

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