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Costa Rica is a spectacular wonderland of powdery beaches, ethereal cloud forest, belching volcanoes, and dense rainforest. The country’s diminutive size keeps the best of Costa Rica accessible, so you can breakfast beachfront and then spend the evening dining in the shadow of an active volcano. 
Modern cities are sprinkled throughout the Central Valley and a few coastal hotspots, and dusty towns pick up the slack elsewhere, offering easy access to all the amenities you’ll need during your vacation around Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica is a small country, at just 19,653 square miles (51,100 square kilometers), but its varying elevations give birth to rolling valleys, tropical beaches and sky-high mountain peaks. This diversity of terrain and landscapes…

Costa Rica’s Best Beaches

Nearly 800 miles of coastline and 300 beaches border Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, tempting travelers with a spectacular parade of black, pink and white sands. Costa Rica’s beaches offer something for everyone, from…


Costa Rica’s volcanoes are part of the Pacific Ring Fire Circle and include more than 200 volcanic formations, some of which are more than 65 million years old. The majority of Costa Rica’s most visited volcanoes are caldera…

National Parks & Wildlife Reserves

More than 25% of Costa Rica’s terrain is contained in national park, reserves, and refuges, protecting the country’s diverse wildlife and preserving the nation’s ecological heritage. Currently, 25 national parks, 58 wildlife…

Cities & Towns

Costa Rica’s capital city of San José is the nation’s political and cultural center, but most tourism bypasses the concrete jungle en route to the real jungle. (Or rainforest, or river ravine, or beaches, or volcanoes, or… ) 
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